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Hướng dẫn chơi Binomo Forex trên điện thoại [Mới nhất 2019] - Binomo Việt Nam

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Dec. 7. Qunacy Roundup. Great Currency Reset schedule. Putin & Dolly Parton slam Satan, whose rule is actually collapsing. Electric cars sterilize fetuses. Proof that JFK Jr. is alive. Queen Romana is in good health, thanks for asking.

As usual, anything in brackets [] is my comment.
Judy Byington of Dinar Chronicles summarizes the current GREAT Current Reset goalposts. She even gives her sources. (Note the similarities to the; last 87865 goalpost announcements. Will probably be moved by the time I post this.)
Lost tribes of Israel and space Nazis come out of closet as Satanic rule collapses. There can be no doubt the planet earth is going through changes that are beyond biblical in proportion. That is why an ancient secret society -with roots going back to the biblical Jacob in Egypt- as well as space Nazis on flying saucers are coming out of the closet. This is happening because an esoteric war that has been raging for thousands of years is coming to an end. What we are witnessing is an end to millennia of Satanic rule on this planet.
Let us start with events in China because they hold the key to so much else that is happening and is about to happen. China was touted by top Satanist Klaus Schwab Rothschild (Rothschild=red shield of satan) as the model for their digital human animal farm New World Order. he plan the Satanists had for this planet was to genetically modify every human into farm animal-type obedience, microchip their brains and control every aspect of their lives through constant, intrusive digital surveillance. In other words, literally, turn the planet into a giant human farm. [China implemented all this, blah, blah blah]
Well, the Satanists underestimated the Chinese. Chinese history shows that people will put up with a lot, but, when a certain point is reached, they simultaneously explode into rebellion. That is exactly what happened last week after Asian secret societies mobilized. First, top enforcer and former Chinese President Jiang Zemin died suddenly “after a long illness.” Following that, police and soldiers moved in and started dismantling PCR testing facilities and arresting the white-suited zombie enforcers.
The Asian secret societies are also aware the so-called pandemic was a combination of a 5G electromagnetic attack with the release of viruses by Rothschild-controlled laboratories in China. It is no coincidence that Klaus Schwab Rothschild was spotted at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Washington DC last week.
Putin And Dolly Parton Slap Down Satan As West Realizes Russia Will Never Run Out Of Ammunition. An intriguing new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting President Putin signed into law a bill passed unanimously by the Russian Parliament completely banning LGBTQ propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations, gender reassignment and pedophilia on social networks, in the mass media, films and advertisements, says at near the exact same time this bill was signed into law yesterday, ...but joining President Putin to defend Christianity against socialist Western colonial demonic ideology, world-renowned American music legend Dolly Parton performed her hit song “Go to Hell” during a leftist NBC special programme, where she rebuked the Devil on prime-time television, proclaiming “Satan is real” and warning “He is trying to destroy everything good and beautiful”. [And a bunch of stuff about Western colonial bloodlust & Russia wonderfulness]
Inside Biden’s Billion Dollar, Drunken Gala Dinner [for French President Macron]. Thursday night’s liberal lollapalooza at Tyler Perry Studios’ “White House” was a farrago of drunkenness, paranoia, chicanery, pomposity, and alcohol-fueled rage toward Donald Trump and Elon Musk...Pelosi was tipsy when she arrived at the feast and sauntered to an open bar replete with scintillating bottles of pricey liquor–Clase Azul tequila, 50-year-old Appleton Estate Rum, Macallan Sherry Oak whiskey, and, to top it off, Chateau Margaux grand vin. Chilled decanters of 1959 Dom Perignon sat in ice buckets at every dinner table. As guests donned in tuxedos or ballroom gowns funneled inside the imitation White House, Pelosi lingered at the bar, heartily sampling various liquors while the bartender stared at her in dazed bewilderment...Meanwhile, Pelosi continued indulging in drink and, therefore, losing her inhibitions. At one point in the evening, she made a comment so cringeworthy that those within earshot feigned deafness or simply distanced themselves. Her speech slurred, she said she had “the best and biggest boobs in the House, better even than,” she added with distaste, “AOCs or MTGs.”...Later in the evening a splenetic, irascible Biden was overheard saying that “I need my candy,” after which his personal physician, Dr. Kevin O’Conner, escorted him from the banquet hall to a private room. Biden reappeared 20 minutes afterward, rejuvenated and refreshed, and loquaciously touted his “accomplishments” to rapturous applause. “Candy is Biden’s codeword for Adrenochrome,” our source said. “He was going downhill, so got his shot or infusion, then came back to serenade his sympathetic audience.
[As previously reported, Pelosi was arrested after the banquet & hauled off to Gitmo] AG sources told Real Raw News Saturday morning that Pelosi has been charged with multiple counts of treason and seditious conspiracy—coincidentally, perhaps, the very same charges she told the Department of Justice to level against Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes, [also] The United States Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps has released the name of a Hollywood producer who was arrested after attending the criminal Biden regime’s banquet last Thursday evening. That person is Eli Roth, an American film director, screenwriter, producer, and actor whose name is synonymous with torture-porn: Roth is best known for directing the film Hostel, a ghoulish fright-fest in which attractive, scantily clad young women lure horny college boys to an industrial warehouse owned by a secret society...According to a military arrest warrant reviewed by RRN, Roth’s snuff flicks weren’t entirely fictional. The document alleges that Roth sought to make his films as realistic as possible; Before principal filming began on Hostel, Cabin Fever, and The Green Inferno, Roth rented property in Bilisht, Albania, and used his underworld connections to hire members of the Albanian mafia to torture and murder people in ways that would eventually appear in the films.
Not to be confused with the Ark of the Covenant, which houses the two stone slabs of the Ten Commandments, the Ark of Gabriel, which is not mentioned in the Christian Bible, is a mysterious device, a secret weapon that many people are only beginning to learn about. Its legend has been perpetuated by the havoc it has wreaked over the centuries, as well as its potential to be unleashed upon the world.
Wild rumours that a fabled device or weapon called the “Ark of Gabriel” has been found under the Masjid al-Haram Mosque – the holiest site in Islam – are sweeping across the darker corners of the internet.
Legend tells the Archangel Gabriel – who told the Virgin Mary she would give birth to Jesus and dictated the Koran to the Prophet Muhammed – also entrusted an ark or box of “immense power” to the founder of the Muslim faith.
Muhammed was told to bury the ark in a shrine at a “place of worship” – for it to be brought out as the end of the world approaches.
Paranoid survivalists believe Saudi Arabia has uncovered the ark during a major construction project at the Grand Mosque – and handed it to the Russians.
They claim the Russian military is taking the ark to the Antarctic – possibly to a former Nazi UFO base.
...[An] attempt to remove the ark on September 24 caused a massive “plasma emission” that resulted in more than 4,000 deaths – Sorcha Faal claims. More than 2,000 were indeed killed in Mecca on that date – but the deaths were blamed on a stampede during the Hajj pilgrimage...
On hearing the news, Russian president Vladimir Putin reportedly dispatched the naval research vessel Admiral Vladimisky to collect the ark from the Saudi port city of Jeddah – the gateway to Mecca – and take it to the Antarctic. Two Russian battle satellites were launched to protect the Admiral Vladimisky and its precious cargo and a fleet of Russian warships, a salvage tug and oil tanker – carrying out manoeuvres in the Indian Ocean – have been ordered to rendezvous with it.
In other news
JFK Jr.: Most Convincing Photograph That He’s Still Alive And Is Q, Is This!! For me this is the most convincing photo proof that JFK Jr. is still alive. Notice a portion of the US military and others not in uniform… there’s the grey haired fella at the bottom of the Q wearing a dark suit… JFK Jr.? This is a photo of JFK Jr. with the Q team? Sure seems like it don’t it. This photo needs to be shared widely… it needs to be debated… it needs widespread presence on social media. Are we all in this together or what? I do believe so. It’s time we got more familiar with those protecting us.
The people in this photograph are the masterminds and higher levels of the greatest military intel drop in the history of the world, with the founder and original editor of George Magazine… who knew he would have to go away, to be part of the secret mission to not only save America, but also save humanity.
Short note on Queen Romana. She has been under the weather, but treated herself with roasted garlic. She got better "after a visit from BLUE Light Beings/ Friends on her Temples" and has been photographed "out grocery shopping [in Newfoundland] and showing We The People that there is no food shortage." New convoy member Leona. Posting some hard core antisemitism from her followers, not to mention pro-Putin stuff. Also pics of "our Earth Alliance SSP - Solar Warden Space Fighter Crafts".
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Reserve Bank of India has released a list of 34 forex brokers; which has been declared illegal

List of unauthorized forex trading apps and websites - RBI

Friends, recently the Reserve Bank of India has released a list of 34 forex brokers; which has been declared illegal.
Before releasing this list, RBI had done all checks regarding all transactions of all those forex brokers since February this year. Maybe this doesn't matter to you; Nevertheless, you should definitely check this list once.
So see if your forex broker is not on this list!
👉 Here's a full list of unauthorized forex trading apps and websites
  1. Alpari
  2. AnyFX
  3. Ava Trade
  4. Binomo
  5. e Toro
  6. Exness
  7. Expert Option
  8. FBS
  9. FinFxPro
  11. Forex4money
  12. Foxorex
  13. FTMO
  14. FVP Trade
  15. FXPrimus
  16. FXStreet
  17. FXCm
  18. FxNice
  19. FXTM
  20. HotFores
  21. ibell Markets
  22. IC Markets
  23. iFOREX
  24. IG Markets
  25. IQ Option
  26. NTS Forex Trading
  27. Octa FX
  28. Olymp Trade
  29. TD Ameritrade
  30. TP Global FX
  31. Trade Sight FX
  32. Urban Forex
  33. Xm
  34. XTB
Thanks for Reading.
Please share your take on this.
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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Fed - a Bearporn Saga

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Fed - a Bearporn Saga
tl;dr Short-Term Doom, Long-Term Prosperity
I will start with energy, because that is where the economy starts. Everything is energy. All production, all consumption. Debt is just a claim on future energy/resources, and is typically purchased on the expectation of repayment of principal/interest (money is just tokenized energy), based upon an expectation of real economic growth of the debt issuer (assuming interest rates are positive). When you live in a world where everyone has more energy to use and consume on an annualized basis, economies see real growth. The opposite also usually holds true, absent financialization tricks to mask the decline. So, where are we today? Conveniently BP has excellent data on this stuff going back to 1965, and keeps it here:
You can download a spreadsheet there called “Statistical Review of World Energy – all data, 1965-2021.” It has a handy tab called “Primary Energy – Cons capita,” which tells you what the annual per capita consumption of energy is in gigajoules, broken out into various geographic groupings. Here is what that looks like for roughly the first decade of data:
Notice how energy consumption per capita is trending upwards from 1965 to 1973? Those were pretty good times. America had cheap and abundant domestically produced conventional onshore crude oil, and a massive manufacturing base that thrived off of it in the glory days after WWII when we dominated pretty much every market that existed. Unfortunately, in 1973 this thing called an energy crisis happened, as our conventional production was going into decline, and Europe, Japan, and other economic competitors were back on their feet after WWII and seeking to increase their share of the economic pie (using energy).
Note the consistent declines in global energy consumption per capita and OECD consumption per capita during 1974 and 1975. So, what did the S&P 500 do in 1973 when this energy crisis suddenly arrived on the market?
From January ’73 to October ’74, the S&P 500 lost about half of its value. Business plans, debt, and earnings all ran into the hard wall of an energy crunch and reset market expectations as inflation driven by energy shortages reared its ugly head. The E on the P/E side of the equation changed suddenly, and anything based on TTM or pre-crunch estimates was total garbage.
Around this same timeframe, some relevant events also happened. In 1971, Nixon took us off the gold standard and ended the monetary system (Bretton Woods) that had existed since WWII ended. Prior to that dollars could be exchanged for gold at a set rate, but some stagflation in 1971 made the whole system unstable and unworkable for America, so it had to go. By the time the energy crunch hit in 1973, the US knew it needed to do something to stabilize its supply of energy, its global reserve currency, and its access to real assets to fund future growth. So in July 1974, Nixon sends his new Treasury Secretary, former Salomon Brothers bond trader Bill Simon, to Saudi Arabia on a top secret mission. Bloomberg learned about it from a FOIA request decades later, and wrote a cool article about it:
Here’s the tl;dr on the article, from the article itself:
“The basic framework was strikingly simple. The U.S. would buy oil from Saudi Arabia and provide the kingdom military aid and equipment. In return, the Saudis would plow billions of their petrodollar revenue back into Treasuries and finance America’s spending”
That word petrodollar is also important. In early 1945 FDR entered into an alliance with Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia agreed to sell and price oil in dollars. Most other oil producing nations of the world quickly joined the club, and we liked this. If countries outside of the Soviet system needed energy to grow their economies, they needed reserves of dollars, and debt denominated in dollars. We will return to this topic later.
So, we had obtained a fat stack of funding from the Saudis to dig our way out of this energy crisis thing. The process was pretty rocky, resulting in the 1970s, but eventually this nice man named Paul Volcker ratcheted interest rates high enough so that the stagflation could be beaten into submission, while around the same time enough capital had reached E&P companies to enable capex to flood the market with new cheap energy, turning boomtowns of the 1970s like Houston into ghost towns in the 1980s. Newly developed offshore fields in the Gulf of Mexico and North Sea pumped energy like it was going out of style, and the market had a really good time for about 20 years.
Since all of that energy came online in the early 1980s, global consumption per capita has generally trended upwards every year until 2018. We kept finding new ways to economically pull oil and gas out of the ground (new fields, deepwater, fracking shale), and get it into the hands of consumers so they could use more of it to grow the economy. This lifted billions of people out of poverty, allowed the agricultural revolution to feed them with nitrogen fertilizers made from natural gas feedstock, and provided predictably priced (mostly) inputs for heavy industry. This was an all around great thing for business, and American Boomers as a group made a metric fuckton of money riding the wave during the entirety of their working lives.
So, what does the most recent decade of BP per capita energy consumption data look like?
Pretty much a plateau globally from 2011-16, small increase in 2016, top in 2018, and downwards trend since (with 2020 being a big down anomaly for obvious reasons). There’s variation around that whether you look at OECD, EU, Non-OECD, but the peak for all of them is 2018. People have less energy to work with today than they did four years ago.
Unless more energy gets injected into the system, it is very hard to stimulate real growth, and financial instruments (like bonds) that track anticipated real growth reflect that with high prices and low (or even negative) interest rates. In a world where everything is growing, I want my loans to at least reflect the real rate of economic growth, otherwise I am losing money. Looked at bond yields over the past decade lately? They didn’t seem to be pricing in a lot of real growth at any duration. Why do you think that is?
People can argue about the definition of peak oil all they want, but 2018 appears to be at least a localized peak when scaled to global population. The key to reversing this is producing enough energy at a reasonable price, so that people can start using more of it. That would reflect an economy that is growing in real terms. That takes lots of money. Which brings us to the next chapter of this story, a very brief overview of geopolitical stuff that happened from the fall of the Soviet Union to the recent start of World War III.
The year is 1991, the Soviet Union falls and this country called Russia suddenly has a lot of available energy reserves that previously weren’t getting a lot of circulation outside of the walled-off Soviet Sphere. These abundant energy reserves were recognized immediately for what they could be: a giant engine of additional economic growth to fuel the 1990s and beyond. That’s what happened. A country in Europe called Germany had this bright idea to build out a massive heavy industrial and manufacturing base, fueled by cheap Russian natural gas, which could easily be pipelined in from the fields in western Russia and eastern Ukraine. The plan worked, and Germany became an economic powerhouse with a massive trade surplus. Germany did not control the energy it used, though, so its position was precarious. To make matters worse from an economic perspective, over time Germany decided it did not like cheap energy due to environmental concerns, and had this very intense political aversion to nuclear power (another cheap, energy-dense method of generating baseload electricity). So, Germany decided to get rid of its nuclear reactor fleet, reduce its number of coal powerplants, and replace them with natural gas power turbines for baseload electricity generation, supplemented by semi-reliable solar and wind power, which is not suitable for baseload generation.
Eventually this brutal mafia boss named Putin takes over the country, and becomes President for Life of Russia’s energy reserves. He does not care for America, has actively sought to collapse us for decades, did not like the fact that he was forced to sell oil in dollars, and would do anything he thought he could get away with to make Russia strong vs. its competitors, especially America.
Fast forward to his invasion of Ukraine earlier this year. The U.S./Eurozone/Allied response was to hit Putin and Russia with sanctions. Much like prioexisting sanctions on Iraqi or Iranian oil, these sanctions did nothing to actually keep his oil and gas off the market. Putin did not like the sanctions or Allied support for Ukrainians, so he decided to weaponize his most strategic resource: natural gas flows to Europe. Eventually we got to here, where Germany’s 30-year economic miracle died almost overnight:
That is decades of GDP that just got wiped out, on top of all sorts of weird multi-sigma anomalies like $1.5 Trillion margin calls in European electricity futures markets. None of the stonks you own have priced in this reality. Not even remotely. Bonds have seen a ton of volatility (check the MOVE index), and it is really hard to find buyers for treasuries with this much uncertainty around future real economic growth prospects, while this thing called the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates, and starting to sell lots of bonds into this market.
There are billions upon billions of dollars of formerly productive assets sitting in Europe now, completely cut off from reasonably priced energy supplies that allow those assets to be economically competitive. Capitalism really does not like these sorts of inefficiencies, and is designed to fix them, so that costs of production can be as low as possible and competitive. It takes staggering amounts of resources and capital to just move production like that from where it is no longer competitive, to areas where it can be (like on the opposite side of the Atlantic, close to America’s and Canada’s abundant energy resources). Russia probably wouldn’t mind buying that stuff at firesale prices and building out a manufacturing economy of its own next to its own energy resources, but America really would not like that, and the existence of sanctions makes that maneuver pretty difficult. As far as America is concerned, we paid for all of that stuff through an investment called the Marshall Plan about 70 years ago, specifically so that Russia could not have it.
And now we come to the Federal Reserve and the Petrodollar. The federal reserve has only two priorities: (1) full employment; and (2) price stability. Employment is currently close to all-time highs. Price stability is at a place not seen since the 1970s. As we have reached the edge of our petri dish during a supercycle of energy and economic growth, the fuel is dwindling, from both natural (depleting reserves) and unnatural (war) causes. The show simply cannot go on at these levels. We are constantly bumping up against the limits of energy, and it is creating chaos in the availability of reasonably priced energy, which affects commodities and food, which causes inflation, and which restricts real growth. The energy crunch is here.
You can’t just print more dollars and create more energy instantaneously. Europe is about to try by printing Euros to provide subsidies for energy that it doesn’t produce, which isn’t priced in Euros, alongside price caps over the world’s most essential commodity, which it doesn’t control. The UK is getting in on this act, too. This will cause two things: (1) hyperinflation; and (2) energy shortages and rationing.
Meanwhile, that Putin guy is now demanding payment in Rubles for his oil and gas. He wants valuable real assets (foreign currency, hard assets, technology transfers, whatever) for his stuff, just like America gets from the Petrodollar. He is also refusing to sell it to anyone who tries to cap the price of his stuff. This, more than the Ukraine invasion itself, has caused World War III. It is a direct attack on the supremacy of the Petrodollar, which America cannot abide. The Petrodollar is central to our national security strategy. Recently Saudi Arabia has entered the chat, and agreed to sell its oil to Europe and Asia at reduced rates (not fully priced in dollars). It is not clear to me at this point if this is a temporary relief valve to our allies to relieve forex pressures, or if the Saudis have allied with Putin. The fog of war is real, and events are unfolding in real time, but markets hate uncertainty.
Turning back quickly to the hyperinflation issue, what will be the effect of the European countries printing not-dollars to subsidize energy they don’t produce or control in sufficient quantities to meet their needs? The hyperinflation will definitely affect citizens and some businesses quite harshly (Goldman Sachs says 20%+ in the UK, and a government spokesperson affirmed that this was a reasonable estimate). It will also have the effect of concentrating national wealth in a handful of energy production and distribution related industries that are vital to the national security of those countries. Enter the Federal Reserve and America’s greatest weapon (we actually use it, unlike our nuclear stockpile): interest rates and the Petrodollar.
Used properly interest rates and the petrodollar become a many birds with one stone solution to a lot of nagging problems. One, with recent large pro-Putin protests in the Czech Republic, Germany, and other Eurozone countries facing staggering and bankrupting energy bills, there is a risk that these countries could leave Team America, and try to cut a deal with Putin. It would take a while to get past the sanctions, but where there’s political will there’s a way. This outcome is unacceptable to America and can never be permitted.
As the Federal Reserve raises interest rates and sells its massive bond stockpile to combat inflation arising out of the energy crunch, much like it did in the 1970s, all sorts of second and third-order effects start happening, like sovereign debt crises. Countries keep reserves of dollars to buy energy, and as a result of regularly needing to transact in dollars, issue dollar-denominated debt. As interest rates in the US rise and bonds are sold, the global supply of dollars decreases. It is harder to get dollars, and foreign currencies dependent upon a stable or growing supply of dollars depreciate. They need to use more of their own currency to get the same amount of dollars that they used to. Much like the energy situation, a supply/demand imbalance arises. Also, quite a lot of the record high levels of corporate debt around the world are priced in dollars. That debt was also issued predicated upon growth assumptions that probably did not include an energy crisis, World War III, and stagflation. As you might imagine, this can cause a lot of problems.
Why then, do you ask, would America keep raising rates and selling bonds when markets are screaming “hey guys, big energy crisis over here, maybe turn on the liquidity a bit more”? Well, the amount of liquidity it would take to patch the gaping hole in German GDP is beyond anything we can reasonably do. That would lead to hyperinflation in America, which can never be allowed. The only thing that truly threatens the accumulated wealth of a nation (which the Federal Reserve protects in America) is hyperinflation. It killed the Weimar Republic, and it will kill what we currently recognize as the European economy. The wealthy and wealth of this country can survive market crashes, but not hyperinflation. Hyperinflation is an economic weapon of mass destruction, and you just can’t predict the outcome with any reasonable certainty (other than real bad).
Also, we are kinda tapped on liquidity after the Covid money fountain, and finding ourselves at the end of a business/debt cycle while we bump up against the chaotic limits of available energy. So, what happens when the Federal Reserve raises interest rates and sells bonds to continue tightening liquidity into this mess? Something in the global economy pops, starting in Europe (remember that $1.5 Trillion margin call in electricity futures). Hyperinflation destroys their economies, and they need a bailout/reset. In return for the bailout, we can give them the dollars they desperately want (we can create them at will). In return we only ask for all of their critical, national-security adjacent energy assets, which American capital can then operate for them starting from Europe’s new, lower baseline of reset economic growth. Some of the plant and equipment (natural gas turbines, very nice), along with intellectual property, can also be used to develop a more robust manufacturing economy here in America, close to comparatively cheap and abundant supplies of energy. We have done this with our allies before. In March of 1941, before America entered WWII, we sent the UK about 40 mothballed, decrepit destroyers from storage, and all we asked for in return was postwar dissolution of the British Empire and control over the global monetary system. It was a really amazing deal for America. We have profited immensely.
The other part of the puzzle is the staggering amounts of capital that will be needed to properly invest in energy and manufacturing infrastructure in America over the next decade. We basically have to onshore Germany, and replicate their trade balance that just vanished, plus some if we want actual growth. That is just a crazy amount of money, but we have to do it. The problem is that a huge chunk of our economy’s money is tied up in the stonks you retards have been buying hand over fist at a time when bond yields were screaming “NO REAL GROWTH.” Reversing this trend means inversing you. Your stonks gotta be crushed so that we can reset our growth baseline back to something reasonable, providing a multi-year runway of growth that will not bump up against energy limitations and make everything chaotic again. Once that happens, the Fed can turn the money spigot back on and the high interest rates will ensure that capital is allocated efficiently to the sectors where it will be most productive, like energy and manufacturing.
In the short to medium term this is going to be a rather volatile and unpleasant process, if you are not aware of what needs to happen. The old world of globalization is over. The heavy industry and production will be relocated here on our fortress continent, where we can keep our investment safe from bad actors like Russia in an increasingly dangerous world. The pivot is not coming until the reset happens. If you love America, sell your stonks and wait for the crash (or gamble on the timing of it like a degenerate with puts or UVXY, which I am doing), then go long as balls American treasuries, energy, manufacturing, and short dollars so the rest of the world can buy all the stuff we are about to make so we can all prosper. The Fed is on our side. You can make money in any market as long as you are flexible.
In the meantime I will conclude with a few fun bearporn centerfolds that I collected from around the internet:
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RBI Alert List : Using these apps and websites will land you in legal trouble. This list includes popular apps like Octa Fx, Olymp Trade, Binono etc.

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Kronologi Indra Kenz yang sebenarnya?

I dont defend this douche guy, he deserve it for being an @sshole.
Tapi ada yang punya kronologi jelasnya dia sebenarnya ngapain sebagai affliator binomo? Gua cari di berita isinya di luar konteks dan isinya "diduga" dan ga jelasin kronologi urutannya sampe urusan pacarnya segala.
Ada yang bilang dia sebagai affliator meraup uang loss pemainnya. Gua ga ngerti soal app binomo tapi apa itu hasil loss bisa connect ke "kantong" dia? Apa dia jadi agen perantara ketiga macam judi bola?
Does binomo even legal? I mean its legal in India. Dan konsepnya nyambung ke forex kan?
Gua cuman pengen tahu aja ginian, bahkan telegram grup mayoritas kalangan "investor" begitu kan disangka tempat chat teroris dulu kan dan terus disuruh uninstall. I have trust issues because massive of propraganda we are facing rn.
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Apa nasehatmu untuk mereka yang terkena Fomo?

Gak bisa dipungkiri sepanjang tahun 2020-2021 banyak orang memulai investasinya karena influence sosial media. Beruntung bagi yang memulai investasinya lebih awal dan agak celaka bagi yang mulai investasinya di akhir-akhir tanpa tau konsekuensinya. Banyak kasus orang beli saham pake pinjol. Beli BTC, Altcoin pake utangan, uang arisan, bahkan sumbangan gereja.
my advice for you yang kena FOMO:
Miner musiman: Ketika crypto turun drastis di Januari-Februari 2022. Segera jual alat miningmu karena kamu harus menunggu 2024 untuk bisa panen. Karena ketika kamu beli mining rig sekarang harganya sudah naik berkali-kali lipat dari harga wajarnya. Perhitungkan kembali listrik yang harus kamu keluarkan, Gak BEP istilahnya. Contoh nyata Founder Rekeningku yang boncos bertahun-tahun karena nutupin biaya listrik dan beli mining rig kemahalan, baru panen akhir2 ini.

Robot trading: Royal Q , Forex dll. Robot trading is scam, jauhi sekarang sebelum terlambat. Janji manis seller Royal Q dan robot forex profit konisten itu gak ada buktinya 100% scam. Kisah nyata banyak yg bunuh diri karena tiba-tiba assetnya hilang diaveraging oleh robot. Jangan sampai kamu jadi korbannya

Trader Binomo, Binary option: Kamu yang baru memulai binary option, inilah saatnya dirimu keluar dari sistem jahat Judi 2.0 mungkin diawal kamu akan merasakan profit namun lama kelamaan akan susah dan tiba-tiba akun tersuspen tanpa sebab. Jelakanya gak ada yg bisa jamin akunmu balik karena Binomo dan lainnya jelas ilegal di Indonesia sehingga penyedia layanan tidak diketahui siapa.

Trader Saham musiman via signal telegram : Saham ada bull market dan bearish market, lengkapi dirimu dengan FA dan TA tambah bandarmology juga. Investing stock is about your move, bukan orang lain. Jadi pastikan semua keputusan investasi kamu yang buat bukan orang lain.

Trader Crypto: Bear market is coming, we need to understand what crypto still alive for next 4 Years(next halving) DCA still the best strategy for you. We will face the second Bull Run but dont fall for it to much, cause second bull run means next winter season.

note: I hope yall getting more profit and healthy. May the Force be with you
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Binomo web

A Forex buying and selling internet site will play an essential function if you need to begin an online enterprise trading currency in the market. That's due to binomo web the fact the Forex market internet site maybe your on a spot source of assist and information to realize extra approximately the Forex market and a way to benefit from it.
There are distinct styles of Forex trading websites. You have to recognize the differences among those websites so that you could have a simpler time finding the facts you want.
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Why Nations (Don't) Get Invaded: Debunking Petrodollar Warfare

Petrodollar Warfare is the name of a geopolitical conspiracy theory that originated in the early 2000s regarding why the US was heading to war against Iraq after 9/11: oil. As public opinion soured on the Iraq War, many of these conspiracy theories went mainstream and some became "common knowledge".
"Bush went to war for oil" became a popular refrain among anti-war activists. On the surface, it seemed to make sense: before he went into politics, Bush was a businessman whose money was made in oil exploration in Texas. Thus, the war must be over oil.
Unfortunately for the conspiracy theorists, this didn't explain enough. After all, Bush's term only lasted from 2001 to 2009. They needed a way to blame more of the world's problems on America and its wars, and so one of the theories concerning oil became more prominent.
I first became aware of the Petrodollar Warfare theory in 2012, on a Ron Paul supporters' forum. Over the years, this theory snowballed and like many other conspiracy theories, it managed to gather more crumbs of anecdotes to support it while conveniently ignoring the mountain of refuting evidence.
Today, it is still commonly seen on social media, and you can find it in many threads regarding US-Saudi Arabia relations on rWorldnews or other default Reddit subs, especially pushed by libertarian leaning users. RT and many extremist communities with ties to Russian intelligence like ZeroHedge and rConspiracy would also often push this theory.
Some countries like Iran and Venezuela actually push this theory as fact. Some in the Chinese financial establishment also pay lip service to it as they seek to dethrone the importance of the US Dollar in international trade, though it is uncertain whether they actually believe in its details.
In this effortpost, I will describe and analyze the case for the Petrodollar Warfare Conspiracy Theory from economic and political angles, as well as incorporate evidence for and against it from historical events in the past couple decades.
The History
After WW2, the US controlled two thirds of the world's supply of gold and much of its manufacturing capability. Europe was devastated. Most of the rest of the world was still undergoing industrialization. The capitalist world agreed at Bretton Woods that the USD would become the world's currency of trade, other currencies would be tied to it in a fixed structure, and that the Dollar would be tied to gold at $35 per ounce.
In the 1950s and 1960s, the Bretton Woods system started falling apart. Europe had rebuilt after the war. New markets in developing nations were hungry for investment. Export-based countries like Japan and Germany were happy with the fixed exchange rates that consistently undervalued their currencies, but as the US became less of the world's wealth, the USD was overvalued under this system. Exports from the US suffered. [1]
Some countries began to leave the Bretton Woods system, and in 1971, the US did so as well. This event was called the Nixon Shock. The US ended the convertibility of its currency to gold, and in essence, Nixon made the USD a free floating fiat currency. Overnight, the value of the USD plummeted, and its value against other currencies fluctuated throughout the decade. [2]
Sometime between 1973 and 1974, Saudi Arabia and many of its oil producing neighbors began to quote the price of OPEC oil in US Dollars. These were called "petrodollars''.
In 1974, American diplomats went to the kingdom and struck a deal that set the tone for US-Saudi relations for the next forty-five years: the US would buy Saudi oil, and it would provide military equipment and protection to them. In exchange, the Saudis would take much of the revenue they got from their oil business and send those US Dollars straight back into the US economy. [3]
This was generally good for business. The concept is called petrodollar recycling: this is a well-known phenomenon, not the conspiracy theory we were looking for.
The Conspiracy
Here was where the conspiracy theory came in.
In 2000, Iraq started pricing its international sale of oil in Euros instead of Dollars. [4] This allegedly would lead to a greater adoption of the Euro. In 2003, the US invaded Iraq. After the invasion, Iraq reverted its sale of oil to Dollars. Ironically, Iraq actually made a handsome profit off this currency switch due to the fall in value of the USD against the Euro in the early 2000s, but this was only the beginning. [5]
In 2006, Iraq's neighbor, Iran, announced that its upcoming oil bourse would be selling its oil in alternative currencies: gold, euros, yen...etc. In 2007, Iran stopped selling its oil in USD. By 2008, all of Iran's oil exports were paid for in non-USD payments. [6] By 2012, Iran's oil bourse was trading its oil in many currencies including rupees, yuan, and other currencies. It specifically excluded the USD. [7]
During much of these events, the US had begun taking a more adversarial stance against Iran. For example, the 2006 Iran Freedom and Support Act authorized President Bush to fund pro-democracy opposition groups in Iran. Some opponents of the bill (including the government of Iran) claimed that this was a precursor to invasion. [8] In 2007, the US raided the Consulate General of Iran in Iraq and arrested several officials. [9] Iran-US relations had not been positive since the 1979 revolution, but several other events in the Bush and Obama administrations made it seem like war was imminent with Iran.
This was adding up to a suspicious coincidence, but it did not garner much attention until 2011.
In 2011, Libya's dictator Gaddafi was setting plans in motion to dump the dollar. He had a plan for a pan-African currency based on gold that would wean the continent off its dependency on the USD and allow African nations to use their built-up gold reserves to build prosperous economies. The first step of this was to begin to sell Libya oil in gold.
In March 2011, Libyans tired of Gaddafi's four decade rule rebelled. One thing led to another, and the US and NATO intervened in the Libya Civil War, leading to Gaddafi's overthrow and death.
This culmination of events was too much. A pattern of behavior was becoming obvious to conspiracy theorists. The US was using its military force to enforce what they called the hegemony of the Dollar through the oil trade. Any attempts for oil producing nations to switch off the USD was met with invasion, assassination, and regime change.
Venezuela became another country in contention. Venezuela had been a frequent target of CIA operations and US sanctions because of its support for Iran's alternative currency oil trade. In 2018, Venezuela began pricing its oil in Euros and alternative currency [10], and the result was US sanctions, covert action, and persistent but unsuccessful efforts to undermine Venezuelan sovereignty. Coincidence? I think not.
Using these events as evidence, the Petrodollar Warfare Conspiracy Theory proposes a world order that can be simply summarized as such:
  1. The US economy is severely overrated, and it derives its stability and value by forcing or bribing oil producing nations to price their oil in USD, a currency that it can supposedly print for free.
  2. Any changes to this status quo threatens the stability of the US economy, and thus must be met with force and violence.
  3. All of this explains the real motivations behind many of the US's military interventions.
Cause and Effect
The biggest problem with this conspiracy theory, and many conspiracy theories in general, is that they often muddle the cause and effect. This allows them to conveniently ignore context that would provide evidence against the theory.
Most of OPEC today refuses to price its oil in currencies other than USD. That is true. However, the much simpler explanation is that they're doing so because of the stability of the USD, rather than the other way around. Pricing a commodity in a stable currency backed by an economy of hundreds of trillions in assets is generally considered a smart economic move.
However, mere Occam's razor is insufficient for a debunking. After all, there is a lot of circumstantial evidence, and those suspicious Americans are never up to any good. We must dig further.
Let's start with Iraq.
Even before 2003, Iraq had been a rogue nation for decades. In the 1990s, Iraq was sanctioned for invading its neighbor Kuwait. [11] After the Gulf War, such sanctions continued as Iraq did not choose to re-enter the international community. It continued to use chemical weapons on its own people and the Saddam-led Baathist Party continued its genocide of the Kurdish people. [12] The writing was on the wall.
After a decade of poor economics, Saddam tried to set the groundwork for circumventing sanctions by switching its sale of oil to the Euro. Some political analysts speculated at the time that this was meant to create a geopolitical rift by incentivizing the Europeans to challenge the Americans' hardliner stance on sanctions. [13] Unfortunately for the Iraqis, this did not occur. After the 2003 invasion and normalization of relations, it made sense that the transitional government went back to pricing oil in the stable Dollar.
Then there's Iran. Iran had not had a great relationship with the US since the Islamic revolution. In 2002, President George W Bush had labeled them as one of the countries in the Axis of Evil. [14] Their switch away from the USD to avoid potential sanctions (which did come) made sense in that context. Like Iraq, their rocky relationship with the US began long before the switch away from the Dollar.
Libya had been a state sponsor of terror, culminating in the 1988 bombing of a passenger plane over Lockerbie, which was directly planned and carried out by members of the Gaddafi regime. [15] It was removed from the terrorist state list in 2006 after it ended its nuclear weapons program (which had failed to bear fruit due to the sad state of Libya industry [16]) and handed over the perpetrators of the terrorist attack, but Gaddafi had never been a good friend of the US.
The animosity between Gaddafi and the US certainly did not start with Gaddafi's oil for gold program which he was allegedly planning in 2011. By the way, I have so far not found any credible documentation that this supposed oil for gold program actually existed, other than vague descriptions of it from… Petrodollar Warfare conspiracy theorists.
Venezuela's story is similar. Its former President Hugo Chavez was not friendly with the US either, and its close ties with Cuba undermined US efforts to isolate the Fidel regime. Whether you agree with the US's long-standing stance on Cuba or Venezuela, this adversarial relationship (like all the other ones mentioned) preceded any discussion of the USD or the sale of oil in alternative currencies.
Indeed, the story behind all these countries are similar. Being bitter rivals or enemies of the US, they priced their oil in non-USD to avoid US sanctions. If the Petrodollar Warfare conspiracy theory was true, it would be the other way around: their poor relationship with the US should be motivated by economic concerns. Instead, what we consistently see here is that the poor relationships are motivated by political concerns, which drives economic action.
Here's the kicker: the US has specifically banned the official use of its Dollars for transactions in Venezuela [17] and Iran [18] with sanctions on the central banks of both countries. If the stability of the USD was so dependent on oil sales, such a move would surely be destructive for the US economy. It makes no sense that the US would inflict such self-harm just to spite its rivals, unless you believe that:
  • The stability of the US economy and currency depends on other countries selling oil for Dollars.
  • The US is telling other countries to stop selling oil for Dollars.
The common retort here is: the US is simply making an example of these countries. By destroying the poor economies of Iraq, Iran, Libya, and Venezuela, the US is making sure that no other nation follows them. After all, these are only a small portion of the oil producing countries of the world. The math will clearly show how important the oil trade is to the US economy, right?
Napkin Math
The Petrodollar Warfare conspiracy theory is so out there and such economically illiterate nonsense that you'd be hard-pressed to find any mainstream economists even commenting on it. Luckily, this doesn't take a Nobel laureate to show how ridiculous it is.
The conspiracy theory places a great deal of importance on oil. After all, petroleum is a highly valued commodity upon which all transportation is dependent upon. Of all the things that the US Dollar can possibly be dependent upon, oil must be high on the list, theorists would claim. The evidence does not support this claim.
Yes, oil is a big commodity. Estimates go as high as $1.7-$3.3 trillion per year. [19][20] This is per year, and it encompasses oil trade for the entire world. And it ignores that the largest producer of oil in the world is none other than the United States itself, accounting for a fifth of that transaction volume. [21]
This does not come anywhere close to the usage figures for the US Dollar. About $6.6 trillion of USD were exchanged on the FOREX a day in April 2019. [22] An estimated $34.8 trillion of USD are used every day. [23] These are per day figures.
More US Dollars change hands every day than the total value of oil sold every year.
Furthermore, it would follow that if the stability of the US Dollar was heavily dependent upon the sale of oil, then surely massive fluctuations in the price of oil would also trigger massive instability in the US economy, right?
Except it didn't.
In the spring of 2020, due to the ongoing trade war between Saudi Arabia and Russia and falling demand due to the coronavirus pandemic, the price of oil tanked. Oil futures briefly fell below zero because there was simply too much oil. [24]
Some users of wallstreetbets made amusing memes about buying up oil and storing them in public swimming pools. Some suggested buying barrels of oil for negative prices, dumping the oil in a local river, and selling the barrels for scrap.
Memes aside, the US economy was not destroyed. The value of the USD stayed mostly stable despite oil prices tanking. [25]
In fact, the historical relationship between the US Dollar and the price of crude is often an inverse one. When oil prices are high, the US Dollar is generally weak, and vice versa. [26]
Aside from this common but false notion that "strong currency equals strong economy", if it were true that the strength of the US Dollar is dependent on the sale of oil, why would the US Dollar be weak when oil demand and thus sales were high?
All the countries that are cited as examples of targets of US aggression as a result of this supposed currency warfare were already not on friendly terms with the US before switching away from the USD. The oil trade is not nearly big enough to have such a big effect on the value of the USD. And empirical evidence of the relationship between the price of oil and the strength of the dollar does not match the narrative proposed by this conspiracy theory.
This is not to deny that the US Dollar's position as a universal reserve currency has positive benefits for the US economy, but rather that its benefits are relatively small and are certainly not the reason that America has started major rivalries and wars over it.
The Petrodollar Warfare conspiracy theory can only be described as utter bullshit. There is no compelling political or economic evidence supporting the theory.
Further Reading
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THE BULLIONAIRE'S RABBIT HOLE: factual history and knowledge of TRUTH about REVALORIZATION (RESET).

This may be long winded but certain knowledge must be illuminated to prevent our movement from being finessed the same way as nations that attempt to speculate on PM price movements.
Thine enemy will attack on multiple fronts with multiple tools, many of which Apes do not understand how to use, YET. Evil is no match for good, knowledge of both sides being equal! As it stands, the enlightenment of Apes needs to be cranked up to progress far faster, as the reset is already underway. Let's not become to complacent! Thine enemy surely is not!
[Historic reminders of rampant inflation’s impact upon commodities prices is especially relevant at present, given the looming parallels between the travails of Weimar Germany in the twenties and the impact of repeated rounds of quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve and Europe.
Silver prices rose from 12 Deutsche Marks in January 1919, only months following the conclusion of the First World War, to the astronomical sum of 543,750,000,000 Deutsche marks by the end of 1923, while gold rose from 170 Deutsche Marks to 87,000,000,000,000 by the end of the same period. It's common folly to doubt these numbers are so incredible after relative inflation is accounted for!
Germany was at this point in time already suffering from high levels of inflation due to the effects of the war and the increasing government debt. In order to pay the striking workers the government simply printed more money. This flood of money led to hyperinflation as the more money was printed, the more prices rose.]
On Nov. 20, 1923 the devalued papiermark was pegged to the rentenmark at a trillion to one. The hyperinflation was over, and Germany was back on a gold standard system as the one and ONLY solution to hyperinflation.
The main thing, with the Rentenmark, was that its value remained equivalent to a “gold mark" 0.35842g of .999 gold.
Preinflation = 4.2 papiermarks equals $1 USD = 4.2 rentenmark(gold marks)
Cost of Gold bullion in Berlin vs. USA, in usd:
Pre inflation gold price: $0.66/g in USA ($20.67/OZ USD) $0.66/g in Berlin ($20.66/OZ USD)
Only the 1% could take advantage of a 1 cent difference (or $0.96 per oz price relative difference) without a net loss via, you guessed it, bank fees.
However DURING RESETS anyone can join the 1% if they have enough knowledge, period. MY HOPES AND EFFORTS HERE ARE TO INFLATE THE RULING CLASS TO AT LEAST 5% to diversify the influence of old money and to end this BRONZE AGE.
Jan 1 1918 2 marks = RM1 = 0.35842g = $0.476 USD (vs. $0.66 USD/g)
Jan 31 1919 10 marks = RM1 = 0.35842g = $0.20 USD (vs. $0.66 USD/g)
Jan1 1922 1282 marks = RM1 = 0.35842g = $0.003276131 USD (vs.$0.66 USD/g)
On Nov. 20, 1923, the devalued mark was pegged to the rentenmark at a trillion to one. The hyperinflation was over, and Germany was back on a gold standard system.
1925 REVALORIZATION = 4.2 trillion marks = $1 USD = 4.2RM (rentenmark)
Followed by reichsmark at 1:1 with gold mark (or RM or rentenmark)
Jan 1, 1925 gold price $0.66/g in USA ($20.67/OZ USD) $0.66/g in Berlin ($20.66/OZ USD)
1922 you can buy gold bullion for $0.2842689417 an OZ in Berlin while gold price is $20.67 USD on the same day, a 7,171.28% instant gain.
Germany, like many others defied dollar dominance and was taken down. The rise of HITLER was the result. Death and manufacture of tools of war correct balance sheets before nuclear era, every other time. We are set for finaicial war this time. It's long already started. The pull from Afghanistan is another canary for temp or medium term return of the gold standard. When oil and every other commodity is priced in gold, it will make bitcoin gains jealous and bitcoin holders ruined. Bitcoin is a trap for anti-establishment sentiment and a tool to transfer wealth. It's not a coin or gold anymore than Tesla was a car manufacturer rather than a business selling green energy emissions credits, while producing "green" vehicles at a loss that of which, 95% run on COAL. Is this why they are worth more than all car manufacturers combined? Because they make no profits? They make no profit yet the market cap rivals WALMART? THIS IS MY PROOF THAT SMOKE AND MIRRORS ARE REAL and that brainwashing is more easy than ever. ENRON Musk is a sophisticated hustler, with a low IQ being measured as a genius. How many of you did he STEAL from with paypal? How could he have created paypal? Was he simply the best actor to receive credit? How many will chase this man down IRL and decide his fate and SOON?
-------- SILVER BULLION ----------
Silver bullion price, Berlin vs. USA, measured in USD.
Preinflation silver price(1918): $0.65/oz in USA $0.31/oz in Germany (2 marks)
Jan 31, 1919 silver price $0.65/oz in USA $0.13/oz in Germany
Jan, 1, 1922 silver price $0.65/oz USD in USA $0.0010140406/oz USD in Germany
Buying silver bullion on Jan 1 1922 with USD, then selling for marks and converting back to USD, was a same day instant 64,000%
There are far far far more spectacular prices that can be assumed as the peaks of october 1923, using easy math, however it's an assumption of historical monetary scholars that by March of 2022, that silver bullion was unobtainium in Germany for obvious reasons aforementioned, as well as trading papiermark for usd was exponentially difficult and becoming a non option at any rate by April 1922.
Million percent gains were possible, though certainly, for 99% of people, 64,000% same day gains were as good as it got.
The 1% (banks) surely were the only ones to take full advantage of the 2023 "finish him" year.
Ever heard the term, "eighty-sixthed" ? The USA 86th'd Germany for trying to play chess true masters. Any mathematician want to explain the significance of the numbers 0.86, or 0.666, in the take down of Germany for threatening the US dollar? Or the same numbers in the take down of Saddam Hussein's Iraq when he threatened the petro dollar by announcing acceptance of his own currency, or gold bullion to buy Iraqi OIL? You know, the actual 911 story?
If gold and silver bullion are not the only real money, then why does a nation's currency hyperinflate in such correlation with the removal of its gold and silver bullion? If it takes 3 years to finesse the gold/silver away to prevent bullion speculation, the hyperinflation is 3 years. If you invade and steal all the gold overnight to make oil purchased in Iraqi currency a no way jose thought, , you see the currency crushed overnight.
The USA will 86 anyone who falls out of line, period. Because he who (actually) has the gold, rules. US citizens will buy all the bullion with USD at any inflation rate and still make INSTANT gains by way of the FX market. Ever hear an old head complain about the power of the "money changers"? Who can change money and how? By having the most gold, that's how.
Perhaps the world believes the USA sold and leased more gold than they had in bullion. This is true insofar as paper gold. The term gold by itself, means PAPER in bank terms. Real gold will ALWAYS say physical/bullion/reserve etc. The USA rules the world, because they have the actual gold.
Being the USA has the most bullion and runs sh1t, period, because of this fact. You can bet your ass they going to reset gold indirectly, not insofar as changing the price of a commodity, but rather by reclassification of gold bullion to a zero risk cash equivalent asset for banks, via basel 3. This is not a prediction but something that ALREADY happened. It's the canary in the coal mind that a RESET is imminent.
Learn forex trading basics to take advantage of the real opportunities coming for those smart enough to hold physical PMs.
If you are planning on getting something for nothing, you are stealing from someone. If you buy silver with USD you are using stolen bullion to buy more in practice and at a price that will surely see you get a TON of other people's wealth, not because you are clever, but because of cleverness of the banks.
The real and eventual play of the people is to collect all the silver into our physical hands and not sell at any price! To use real money to literally guarantee FREEDOM from our oppressors. Humans will by majority choose slavery.
Bullion holders will get rich or go broke, depending on your knowledge and strategic plan to take advantage of the reset. Know how to use crypto and forex markets to take advantage of the future fruits (Ape knows more gets more banana for silver than apes that know less. Buying and holding will preserve your relative wealth, but relative fx swaps are going to be the way to get rich, if you so choose that path. One country after the next will start falling and become the Berlin bullion opportunity one after the other, right under your nose perhaps?
Or is the disposition of apes, that all currencies will be reset at once? In which case we will have the opportunity of exponential gains overnight?
It could be either one for a number of reasons, but I would recommend having a solid plan to take advantage of rx swaps if it is indeed going to trickle up.
Anyone down to duscuss the likihood of a drawn out "reset" vs. an ovetnight "reset"?
Golden age literally means gold is money and corruption becomes all but impossible relative to today. Are we really there yet? Is the filth and corruption so bad that it can go on no longer? Do they take peoples children away from parents intent to not let their son's and daughters tits or penis be removed until they are old enough to make better decisions than icecream for dinner everynight, if left to chose as a CHILD? You can bet your a$$ that politicians were not paid real money to make such reality. They were paid in future slave labor hour IOU's. Evil is always paid for in slave hours. Ironic we accept it or think we have no choice. Sound money is the only way to illuminate the benefit of lasting peace and equality for all.
Papiergold and papiersilver are the root of EVIL. You are a SPIRIT and it's a factual matter of physics that what created and sustains your very soul is a CONSTANT. Your fungi derived body of dust, becometh by way of the creation of your soul, not the other way around which is supported by inarguably accepted physics. Upon your brain activity stopping, you will awake in a permanent dream in which what you were all about in this realm will indeed follow you forever.
UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL! There are divinding forces in this movement. Of course divisive infiltration of the movement was imminent by necessity; thine enemy is nothing if not sophisticated. BEWARE OF WOLFS IN PAPER CLOTHING. They are your gravest enemy in plain site. Despite the number of talking points, no challenge to paper bullion ever goes out with significant challenge on a SILVER BUG FORUM. See how that doesnt add up? Every ounce of paper silver you purchase by any name, trust, etf, is literally paying to give silver to the 1% seeking to eliminate all middle classes keep the ruling class as small as possible.
1 dollar is actually only worth 4 cents (at most) and one ounce of silver is worth one ounce of silver, which is actually worth 25x the current value it can be purchased with in counterfeited money. And reasonably so.
If the current price is $25 in counterfeited dollars, it's assumed by the most sophisticated economists to actually represent at bottom, $500 real dollars currently, headed toward 5k plus peaks very soon. Will you be one of the 99% who sells their silver for 500 an ounce or less? Most likely. Will the top 1% enjoy 95% of this transfer of wealth regarding 1k, 2500, 3500, 5k and even 10k silver? Most likely. Will the price of gold and silver rise high enough to balance out the holes on CB balance sheets? Bet your a$$.
Will we 86 our oppression, or be 86th'd by the 0.666 constant?
If we ALL hold to 5k, the ruling class will be 86% pro gold standard for 100 years. SILVER BUGS don't want apocalypse or a melt down, or corruption, or the government taking our children if we won't let them make permanent adult decisions by age 5. First they divided the sexes, then by any 50-50 issue they can pretend to care about, ..and now they dividing patents and children.
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FX Trading

Hi there, I'm into Forex trading nowadays so I'm looking for a good reliable forex broker that works in Iraq, any thoughts, which one you personally use or recommend and why. Any Iraqis here!
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Why don’t more people invest their money into different currencies in attempts to gain more?

Let’s say $1 of Country A’s currency is worth €2 of Country B’s currency. If you exchange $1,000 into €2,000, then you can keep that if something happened in the future. Say your home country’s, Country A, currency went down in value. Now $4 is equal to €2. You can now exchange your €2,000 for $4,000. If the value of the $ goes back up, you now have $4,000.
Is this a reliable strategy? Do people actually use it? Do I completely misunderstand what I’m talking about?
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[ECON] Polishing A Turk

Modern Turkey
Over the past few decades Turkey has undergone some major changes, transitioning from a relic of history into a modern, secular and highly educated country with a thriving economy thanks to a number of changes:
Future Turkey
Going ahead into the late 1970s and beyond, Turkey will seek to capitalise further on the investments it has already made into a number of vital sectors as well as into new ones that we believe will continue to see the republic benefit from its great successes:
  • Additional expansion of colleges, primarily of liberal art colleges across the country which will over the next 10 years see another 140,000 student placements opened nation wide with the opening of 6 more Ba colleges in Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya and Şanlıurfa. These will focus on teaching our most promising young adults everything from literature and history to economics, politics and law all with English-spoken syllabus.
  • The textiles industry co-opted from the UK will be transformed, with investment now places into manufacturing of a wide range of clothing from high quality garments for leading world brands all the way to lower quality mass produced articles. A number of factories will be opened across Turkey, particularly near Antalya and Mersin which are the current centres for the Turkish textiles industry.
  • Oil and gas infrastructure will be a big focus for Turkey as multiple conflicts around the globe see prices rise. Deals made with the Iraqi Kurds will see our own prices kept quite low as we pay less than market prices for oil shipped from Kirkuk, however the pipeline to connect them to Ceyhan (which will be completed in 1978) is not the be-all and end-all of the story. Approaches by our friends in Tehran to see oil and gas pipelines through Turkey to connect to the European markets are very attractive to us right now and we are undergoing negotiations for another major connection deal.
  • Services industry. Tertiary industry has long been only a blip on the radar of the Turkish economy but we now find ourselves in a much stronger position to begin entering this market. The regional crisis after regional crisis that the middle east has been going through in recent years means that as well as the price of oil and gas rocketing through the roof, those with investments and interests in these places have no "safe" haven for their finances. Turkey will be offering significant deals for those who wish to engage in either banking of oil/gas commodities cash, gold-backed finances in the region and more as well as insurance deals on gas/oil vessels originating in the region. With the collapse of the UAR and the Iranian-Saudi cold war starting up it is clear that there is room for one regional power to begin profiting from the mess and Turkey is looking to position itself as just that regional power, hoping for influxes of assets, FOREX reserves and more into the country to be held in escrow or merely as a safety measure for those who live in the more "politically complex" regions of the middle east.
  • Technological industrialisation. Whilst much of the Turkish export economy currently revolves around raw materials and goods, the adventures into the construction of our own vehicles and machinery has so far been a success for the domestic market, as such the government is keen to advance this to the export market. Subsidies will be granted on plants that wish to begin manufacture for export particularly around Mersin, Antalya and Izmir. Of note we're looking at things such as cars, tractors, vehicle parts, aircraft parts as made under Turkish Aerospace and down to smaller things such as wiring, machinery parts, refrigeration and more. It is estimated that over the next 10 years this could grow to include as much as 30% of the Turkish export market to Europe.
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MT5 Binary options signal Indicator with Sound Alert

MT5 Binary options signal Indicator with Sound Alert
MT5 Binary options signal Indicator with Sound Alert
Description: This MT5 indicator creates a sound alert as soon as a major trend kicks in.
Signals can be used for IQ Option, Olymp Trade, Pocket Option, and Binomo
Strategy: 3 SMA with Engulfing Candle pattern
Time Frame: 1 Minute Candlesticks MT5 platform
Expiry: 5 Mins expiry
Call option: when Blue Up direction arrow appears.
Put option: When Red down direction arrow appears.
Type: Binary options Forex only
Mode: Can be used with MT2 trading Bot or Just on the regular MT5 Chart
Works with MT4: No [if required, need a weeks time to develop for MT4]
Price: USD 35
Winning Percentage: 85% winning ratio during New York/ London Session
Email us at '[email protected]' for payment details if you need this MT5 indicator. #binarypriceaction #MT5indicator #iqoption #binaryoptions #priceaction
MT5 binary options indicator with call and put signals and sound alert
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IQ Option là gì! IQ Option có thực sự kiếm được tiền

IQ Option là gì? Hình thức hoạt động ra sao?

IQ Option là một sàn giao dịch quyền chọn nhị phân (Binany Option). Quyền chọn nhị phân nghĩa là bạn chỉ có 2 lựa chọn trong quá trình giao dịch. Giao dịch quyền chọn nhị phân như IQ Option, Olymptrade luôn là vấn đề đang được tranh cãi nhiều người bởi mức độ rủi ro của nó cao. Bạn chỉ có thể UP/DOWN (Tăng/Giảm) trong một khoảng thời gian nhất định. Nếu bạn chọn đúng bạn thắng, chọn sai bạn thua mất tiền. Tuy nhiên, so với đầu tư forex, hay chứng khoán, giao dịch quyền chọn rất dễ chơi, cùng cách tiếp cận đơn giản và số nạp tiền tối thiểu thấp. Điều này đã làm cho ai cũng có thể tham gia, thử trải nghiệm giao dịch quyền chọn.
Sàn IQ Option cung cấp nền tảng chơi nhị phân dựa trên biến động của các cặp tiền tệ quốc tế, chứng khoản, tiền ảo… dưới dạng chỉ số. Kiểu như bạn mua cổ phiếu hay mua bitcoin nhưng theo kiểu chỉ đánh vào chỉ số chứ bạn không thực nhận giá trị ấy. Chỉ số bạn đánh đúng xu hướng tăng hoặc giảm trong khoảng thời gian 1 phút, 5 phút, 15 phút thì bạn thắng. Sai xu hướng đường đi của chỉ số thì bạn thua.

Đánh giá sàn IQ Option với những sàn Binary Option khác

IQ Option hiện tại đang là sàn môi giới quyền chọn nhị phân (Binary Option) lớn nhất Châu Âu và có thể nói là sàn môi giới uy tín nhất Thế giới trong lĩnh vực này. Theo thống kê của Similarweb thì đứng ở vị trí 5 trên toàn cầu cao hơn cả Olymp Trade, Binomo,…

Có nên đầu tư chơi IQ Option hay không?

Đầu tư kiếm tiền phải có kế hoạch. Không đơn giản chỉ là đăng ký tài khoản, nộp tiền vào là phát sinh lãi ngay. Bạn cần phải trang bị kiến thức, tâm lý, làm quen với ứng dụng bằng tài khoản Demo. Tìm hiểu các chỉ số, cách đọc số liệu để có thể đưa ra những nhận định đúng về xu hướng tăng hay giảm trong giao dịch quyền chọn nhị phân được.
Ngoài ra, phải có kế hoạch cho việc mình đầu tư chơi. Phải đưa ra những kịch bản xấu nhất để mình không bị mất kiểm soát nhé! Vì là đầu tư thì sẽ có thắng thua, mất trắng. Không nên nhìn vào những tài khoản facebook khoe tiền, thắng ngàn đô mà chơi theo mất trắng nha. Bây giờ, có những nhóm trade IQ Option theo tín hiệu singal hoặc theo trade iq option bằng Robot auto. Theo bạn thì tỉ lệ win mỗi giao dịch là bao nhiêu? Nên hãy tỉnh táo trước mọi thông tin nhé!
Đọc đến đây nếu bạn muốn thử nghiệm thì hãy đăng ký thử một tài khoản demo mà thực hành nha! Link bên dưới.
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RaidenBO Là Gì? RaidenBO Lừa Đảo? Kiếm Tiền Từ RaidenBO

RaidenBO Là Gì? RaidenBO Lừa Đảo? Kiếm Tiền Từ RaidenBO


RaidenBO — Binary Options (Quyền chọn nhị phân) hay Trade BO là gì?

Binary Options có nghĩa là Quyền chọn nhị phân hay thường được các nhà giao dịch gọi là Trade BO, một số tên gọi khác như quyền chọn kép, quyền lựa chọn kỹ thuật số, quyền chọn lãi cố định. Đây là hình thức dự đoán giá trị của các tài sản (như vàng, chứng khoán, cổ phiếu,Tiền Điện Tử v.v.. ) sẽ biến động như thế nào trong một khoảng thời gian nhất định. Dựa vào sự tăng hoặc giảm của loại tài sản này mà nhà đầu tư sẽ chọn loại đầu tư phù hợp để kiếm lời.
Quyền chọn nhị phân áp dụng cho thị trường ngoại hối, thị trường phi tập trung toàn cầu cho việc trao đổi các loại tiền tệ. Thông thường người mua quyền chọn nhị phân sẽ đưa ra dự đoán giá của loại tài sản sẽ di chuyển theo hướng nào tại thời điểm mua — tăng hay giảm. Nếu giá di chuyển đúng hướng, người chơi sẽ có lợi nhuận, nhưng nếu giá di chuyển sai hướng, người chơi sẽ phải chịu rủi ro mất chi phí của quyền chọn nhị phân. Dựa trên các tính năng đặc biệt của nó, thị trường Binary Option ngày càng trở nên phổ biến hơn. Binary Option cho phép nhà giao dịch biết trước khoản lời cũng như số vốn họ có thể bị lỗ trước khi vào lệnh, nhờ vậy họ có thể kiểm soát nhiều hợp đồng giao dịch cùng lúc một cách dễ dàng.

Tính hợp pháp của Binary Option tại Việt Nam

Việc kinh doanh quyền chọn nhị phân chưa có quy định của pháp luật ở bất kỳ quốc gia nào. Hiện nay có thể tham gia kinh doanh quyền chọn nhị phân một cách hợp pháp ở Việt Nam. Khác với thị trường ngoại hối, thị trường quyền chọn kép không thuộc quản lý của Ngân hàng Nhà nước Việt Nam.

Binary Options (Trade BO) có lừa đảo không?

Binary Options (Trade BO) thực chất thì không phải là một trò lừa đảo, nó còn là hợp pháp chứ không phải phi pháp. Trade BO thường được so sánh với Forex (thị trường ngoại hối) hay thị trường chứng khoán, tuy nhiên, đây là hai hình thức khá khác nhau. Đối với các thị trường tuyền thống như Forex hay chứng khoán, khi bạn mua thì sẽ có người bán đối ứng. Tiền được chuyển từ người này sang người khác. Các công ty chỉ có vai trò trung gian ăn hoa hồng thông qua các lệnh của bạn.
Giao dịch Quyền Chọn không giống các thị trường truyền thống. Chính vì thế, có tồn tại 1 nhà cái đứng ở phía sau. Nghĩa là những sàn Giao dịch Quyền Chọn chính xác là 1 nhà cái. Và khi bạn chơi Quyền Chọn, bạn trở thành player (người chơi), còn nhà cái là 1 banker.

RaidenBO là gì ?

RaidenBO hay Wefinex2 chính là sàn giao dịch quyền chọn nhị hứa hẹn tạo nên cách mạng tài chính 1 lần nữa giúp bạn thay đổi cuộc đời khi đã lỡ mất cơ hội tham gia sàn Wefinex thời điểm mới ra mắt hồi tháng 4.
Một số site BO cũng có thể đi sự thành công của Wefinex và quảng bá rằng đó là Wefinex 2 thì mình có thông tin chắc chắn từ những leader lớn của Wefinex là RaidenBO sẽ là wefinex 2. RaidenBO sẽ vẫn có những điểm mạnh và khắc phục hoàn toàn những điểm yếu của Wefinex hiện tại.
Đây là cơ hội dành cho:
  • Những ai bỏ lỡ cơ hội làm giàu từ đầu với wefinex
  • Những ai mong chờ sự ra đời của #WE2 để xếp chỗ thật sớm.
  • Những ai đang làm tài chính thua lỗ và chưa thành công
  • Những ai đang muốn thay đổi cuộc sống và trở nên siêu giàu.

RaidenBO là gì ? Các kênh kiếm tiền với RaidenBO .

Giao dịch — Cách giao dịch RaidenBO — RaidenBO giao dịch ra sao?
Mô hình nhị phân tương tự như Binomo, IQ, Olymtrade nhưng lợi nhuận là 95% và không có M5 M15, M30 hay H1.
Tiền sử dụng là đồng USDT thông dụng hơn so với đồng Win của wefinex .
Nạp rút quy đổi ra các đồng tiền điện tử khác như Bitcoin(BTC), ethereum(ETH) , Tether ( USDT ) sau đó có thể quy về VNĐ trên các sàn giao dịch Remitano,Aliniex v.v…
Lượng trader giao dịch lớn và lệnh đóng mở được lưu lại nên bạn yên tâm giao dịch. Nến sàn chạy kết hợp của 3 sàn: Binance, Okex, CoinBase.
Chỉ có duy nhất BTC/USDT không có biều đồ cặp tiền hay hàng hoá khác
Giao dịch trên RaidenBO cũng đơn giản, chọn TĂNG ↑ hoặc GIẢM ↓ trong vòng 30s. Sau đó, chờ kết quả thị trường cũng tương tự 30s.
Bước 1: Đặt số tiền cược USD (Mỗi lần đặt lệnh hoặc load lại sẽ mặc định là 10$ các bạn chú ý sửa trước khi vào lệnh
Bước 2: Hãy đặt lệnh 30s, chọn TĂNG hoặc GIẢM
Bước 3: Chờ kết quả 30s
  • Thua số tiền cược
  • Thắng: 95% số tiền cược. VD: Cược 100$ thì sẽ được 95$

Lời Kết

Việc 1 sàn đã tạo được thành công lớn như Wefinex ra mắt thêm sàn giao dịch mới như RaidenBO chắc chắn sẽ tạo nên cơn sốt trên thị trường đặc biệt là thời điểm cuối năm 2020 như hiện nay .
Hứa hẹn nhiều triệu phú đô la thế hệ 2.0 sẽ ra đời tương tự Wefinex , Eagle Capital tự hào là đội nhóm đi đầu thông tin về dự án RaidenBO . Để biết thêm thông tin một cách sớm nhất anh em có thể tham gia các kênh thông tin của RaidenBO Group tại đây :
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Is Iraqi Dinar a good bet or bad?

I asked this on investing but didn't really get much feedback. I didn't know this sub existed or i would of came here first.
My brother recently started a new job at the local pizza place and the owner has been talking up the dinar to him for a while. Apparently the owner has at least 10k in dinar and most likely more. My brother recently bought about $800 worth of dinar and wants to get more. My worries are that my brothers boss is hyping up the dinar and my brother is getting bad info from him and letting that cloud his judgement.
Im not an investor and when i tried to do some research into this i felt like i was just spinning wheels. was the best article i could find. I can safely say that however he's getting the dinar is legit and he's not getting scammed that way. I've read a few articles that claim dinar investors are "just dumb trump supporters" buying into a scheme. Other articles are by "Dinarians" who've been waiting over a decade for something that's coming any day now.
According to the article people are confusing re-denomination with reevaluation and that if Iraq re-denominates then any investment will basically be worthless. I've read some claims from people and my brother has said that if they do re-denominate that they will still come out ahead. Is that possible? How does that work?
Is my brother wasting his money? I cant and wont fault him for taking a gamble on something that could pan out in the future even if it turns out to be a huge loss but if he's going on bad information from his boss (a pizza maker not an investor) who's over-hyping this dinar scheme i wanna stop him before he gets anymore.
Edit: He's buying his dinar online and getting an envelope of 5000 IQD notes. Also hes 19 lol.
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US Venezuela Policy is About Oligarchy, Not Democracy

US Venezuela Policy is About Oligarchy, Not Democracy

The proven oil reserves in Venezuela are recognized as the LARGEST in the world, totaling 297 billion barrels.
While ignoring (and even supporting) the atrocities of authoritarian regimes in places like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Uzbekistan, US oligarchs have targeted Venezuela for “regime-change” in the name of “democracy”.
Currently, the US is engaging in economic warfare against Venezuela to foment a coup and remove its democratically elected president Nicolás Maduro.
Without providing solid evidence, our corporate-controlled government and mainstream media portray Maduro as a corrupt, repressive, and illegitimate leader with little to no support.

Ask yourself:

Do I ever see officials from the Venezuelan government appear in corporate news shows to tell THEIR side of the story?
What people DO get to comment on Venezuela and what are their credentials and agenda? Are these people essentially public relations agents for the US-orchestrated coup?
Does corporate news provide me with historical background of US imperialism in Venezuela to put these current events in context?

What Corporate-Controlled Media will NOT Tell You

The CIA was involved in the failed coup against Venezuela's popular leader Hugo Chavez in 2002.
Venezuela is not a strictly socialist country; it has a “mixed” economy - not unlike Norway or other Scandinavian countries.
Venezuela is a DEMOCRACY - unlike US-allies Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait.
In 2012, Jimmy Carter went on record saying:
“As a matter of fact, of the 92 elections that we've monitored, I would say the election process in Venezuela is the best in the world”
The opposition to Maduro knew they were going to lose the last election and so boycotted it in attempt to delegitimize the results.
The US actually tried to dissuade Maduro’s opponents from running!
Maduro invited international observers into the country in 2018 to monitor the last election but the opposition asked the UN not to send observers!
More than 80% of the Venezuelan population had not even HEARD of Juan Guaidó before Trump and the US state proclaimed him the “rightful” president.
Maduro’s approval ratings within his country are on par with opposition-controlled National Assembly. According to an October poll by opposition-aligned pollster Datanalisis, Venezuela's National Assembly, of which Juan Guaidó is president, has a disapproval rating of 70%.
Venezuela WANTS to sell its oil to the US – the US is their largest market and refines a majority of their oil.
US companies Chevron Corp, Halliburton, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes and Weatherford International all have operations in Venezuela, and are allowed to continue to engage in transactions and activities with PDVSA and its joint ventures through July 27.
“No State or group of States has the right to intervene, directly or indirectly, for any reason whatever, in the internal or external affairs of any other State. The foregoing principle prohibits not only armed force but also any other form of interference or attempted threat against the personality of the State or against its political, economic, and cultural elements.” Organization of American States Charter

Why is the US Corporatocracy so Keen to Remove Maduro?

While Venezuela’s economy is not a strictly-state-run economy, its oil industry is nationalized and uses its revenues for the benefit of its citizens (especially the poor).
After years of crippling US sanctions Maduro stepped over a crucial line in October when his government announced that Venezuela was abandoning the US dollar and would be make all future transactions on the Venezuelan exchange market in euro.
Saddam Hussein also went off the dollar in favor of the euro in 2003 – we started dropping bombs on him the next month.
A similar decision by the Gadhafi government in Libya (2011) was quickly followed by a devastating US-orchestrated conflict - culminating in Gadhafi's capture by radical Islamists who sodomized him with a bayonet before killing him. Since then, Libya has gone from Africa's wealthiest country to a truly failed-state complete with a slave trade! To make matters worse, after the collapse of the Libyan government, its military arms were smuggled out of that country and into the hands of ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria - enabling US-orchestrated chaos in those countries.

Who cares what currency a country uses to trade petroleum?

Answer: US oligarchy

The US dollar is central to US world economic domination.
Like all other modern currencies, it is a fiat currency – backed by no real assets to prop up its value.
In lieu of a “gold standard” we know operate on a de-facto “oil-standard”:
"After the collapse of the Bretton Woods gold standard in the early 1970s, the United States struck a deal with Saudi Arabia to standardize oil prices in dollar terms. Through this deal, the petrodollar system was born, along with a paradigm shift away from pegged exchanged rates and gold-backed currencies to non-backed, floating rate regimes.
The petrodollar system elevated the U.S. dollar to the world's reserve currency and, through this status, the United States enjoys persistent trade deficits and is a global economic hegemony." Investopedia
“The central banking Ponzi scheme requires an ever-increasing base of demand and the immediate silencing of those who would threaten its existence. Perhaps that is what the hurry [was] in removing Gaddafi in particular and those who might have been sympathetic to his monetary idea.” Anthony Wile

US Foreign Policy is about Oligarchy Not Democracy

Since World War II, the US has attempted to over-throw the 52 foreign governments. Aside from a handful of exceptions (China, Cuba, Vietnam, etc.), the US has been successful in the vast majority of these attempts.
US foreign policy is not about democracy – it is about exploiting the world’s resources in the interests of a small, ultra-wealthy global elite.
This exploitation benefits a small percentage of people at the top of the economic pyramid while the costs are born by those at the bottom.

US CIA Coup Playbook:

How to Plunder Resources from Foreign Countries While Pretending to Support Democracy
  1. Find a country with resources you want.
  2. Send in an “Economic Hitman” to offer bribes the country’s leader in the form of personally lucrative business deals. If he accepts the deal, the leader will amass a personal fortune in exchange for "privatizing” the resources you wish to extract.
If the leader will not accept your bribes, begin the regime-change process.
3) Engage in economic warfare by imposing crippling sanctions on the country and blame the ensuing shortages on the leader’s “socialist” policies.
4) Work with right-wing allies inside country to fund and organize an “astroturf” opposition group behind a corporate-friendly puppet.
5) Hire thugs inside country to incite unrest and violence against the government in coordination with your opposition group. Use corporate media to publicize the orchestrated outbursts as popular outrage and paint a picture of a “failed state” mired in corruption and chaos.
6) When the government arrests your thugs, decry the response as the brutal repression. Use corporate-owned media to demonize the target government as a despotic regime while praising your puppet opposition as champions of democracy.
7) Work with right-wing military leaders to organize the overthrow the government (offer them the same business deals the current leader refused).
8) If a military-led coup cannot be organized, create a mercenary army to carry out acts of terrorism against the government and its supporters. Portray the mercenaries as “freedom fighters” and their acts of terrorism as a “civil war”.
9) If the target government has popular and military support and is too well-defended for your mercenaries to over-throw: label the country a “rouge state” and wait for the right time to invade. Meanwhile, continue to wear the country’s government and populace down using steps 3 – 8.
10) Escalate the terror campaign within the country to provoke a military response from the country against the US. If they won’t take the bait , fabricate an attack or threat that you can sell to the US population as justification for an invasion.
11) Once the government is removed, set up your puppet regime to provide the illusion of sovereignty. The regime will facilitate and legitimize your appropriation of the country’s resources under the guise of "free" trade.
12) As you continue to extract the country’s resources, provide intelligence and military support to the puppet regime to suppress popular dissent within the country.
13) Use the demise of the former government as yet another example of the impracticality of “socialism.”
What Can I Do?
Call your senators and representatives to voice your opposition to US regime-change efforts in Venezuela.
Please share this message with others.
Sources included at:

‘Venezuela’: Media’s One-Word Rebuttal to the Threat of Socialism

A recent Gallup poll (8/13/18) found that a majority of millennials view socialism favorably, preferring it to capitalism. Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in the United States, while new leftist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (AOC) policies of higher taxes on the wealthy, free healthcare and public college tuition are highly popular—even among Republican voters (,1/23/19).
Alarmed by the growing threat of progressive policies at home, the establishment has found a one-word weapon to deploy against the rising tide: Venezuela. The trick is to attack any political figure or movement even remotely on the left by claiming they wish to turn the country into a “socialist wasteland” (Fox News, 2/2/19) run by a corrupt dictatorship, leaving its people hungry and devastated.
Leading the charge have been Fox News and other conservative outlets. One Fox opinion piece (1/25/19) claimed that Americans should be “absolutely disgusted” by the “fraud” of Bernie Sanders and Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker, as they “continue to promote a system that is causing mass starvation and the collapse of a country,” warning that is exactly what their failed socialist policies would bring to the US. (Back in the real world, while Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez identify as socialists, Warren is a self-described capitalist, and Booker is noted for his ties to Wall Street, whose support for his presidential bid he has reportedly been soliciting.) A second Fox Newsarticle (1/27/19) continues in the same vein, warning that, “At the heart of Venezuela’s collapse is a laundry list of socialist policies that have decimated its economy.”
The Wall Street Journal (1/28/19) describes calls for negotiations in Venezuela as “siding with the dictator.”
In an article entitled “Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn and the Starving Children of Venezuela,” the Washington Examiner (6/15/17) warned its readers to “beware the socialist utopia,” describing it as a dystopia where children go hungry thanks to socialism. The Wall Street Journal (1/28/19) recently condemned Sanders for his support of a “dictator,” despite the fact Bernie has strongly criticized Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, and dismissed Maduro’s predecessor, Hugo Chavez, as a “dead Communist dictator” (Reuters, 6/1/16).
More supposedly centrist publications have continued this line of attack. The New York Times’ Bret Stephens (1/25/19) argued: “Venezuela is a socialist catastrophe. In the age of AOC, the lesson must be learned again”—namely, that “socialism never works,” as “20 years of socialism” has led to “the ruin of a nation.” The Miami Herald(2/1/19) cast shame on Sanders and AOC for arguing for socialism in the face of such overwhelming evidence against it, describing the left’s refusal to back self-appointed president Juan Guaidó, someone whom less than 20 percent of Venezuelans had even heard of, let alone voted for, as “morally repugnant.”
This useful weapon to be used against the left can only be sustained by withholding a great number of key facts—chief among them, the US role in Venezuela’s devastation. US sanctions, according to the Venezuelan opposition’s economics czar, are responsible for a halving of the country’s oil output (, 12/17/18). The UN Human Rights Council has formally condemned the US and discussed reparations to be paid, with one UN special rapporteur describing Trump’s sanctions as a possible “crime against humanity” (London Independent, 1/26/19). This has not been reported by any the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN or any other national US “resistance” news outlet, which have been only too quick to support Trump’s regime change plans (, 1/25/19).
Likewise, the local US-backed opposition’s role in the economic crisis is barely mentioned. The opposition, which controls much of the country’s food supply, has officially accepted responsibility for conducting an “economic war” by withholding food and other key goods.
For example, the monolithic Empresas Polar controls the majority of the flour production and distribution crucial for making arepa cornbread, Venezuela’s staple food. Polar’s chair is Leopoldo Lopez, national coordinator of Juan Guaidó’s Popular Will party, while its president is Lorenzo Mendoza, who considered running for president against Maduro in the 2018 elections that caused pandemonium in the media (, 5/23/18).
Conspicuously, it’s the products that Polar has a near-monopoly in that are often in shortest supply. This is hardly a secret, but never mentioned in the copious stories (CNN, 5/14/14, Bloomberg, 3/16/17, Washington Post, 5/22/17, NPR, 4/7/17) focusing on bread lines in the country.
Also rarely commented on was the fact that multiple international election observer missions declared the 2018 elections free and fair, and that Venezuelan government spending as a proportion of GDP (often considered a barometer of socialism) is actually lower than the US’s, and far lower than most of Europe’s, according to the conservative Heritage Foundation.
The London Daily Express (2/3/19) demonstrates that redbaiting works equally well on either side of the Atlantic.
Regardless of these bothersome facts, the media has continued to present Venezuela’s supposedly socialist dictatorship as solely responsible for its crisis as a warning to any progressives who get the wrong idea. So useful is this tool that it is being used to attack progressive movements around the world. The Daily Express (2/3/19) and Daily Mail (2/3/19) condemned UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn for his “defense” of a “dictator,” while the Daily Telegraph(2/3/19) warned that the catastrophe of Venezuela is Labour’s blueprint for Britain. Meanwhile, the Greek leftist party Syriza’s support for Maduro (the official position of three-quarters of UN member states) was condemned as “shameful” (London Independent, 1/29/19).
“Venezuela” is also used as a one-word response to shut down debate and counter any progressive idea or thought. While the panel on ABC’s The View (7/23/18) discussed progressive legislation like Medicare for All and immigration reform, conservative regular Meghan McCain responding by invoking Venezuela: “They’re starving to death” she explained, leaving the other panelists bemused.
President Trump has also used it. In response to criticism from Senator Elizabeth Warren over his “Pocahontas” jibe, he replied that she would “make our country into Venezuela” (Reuters, 10/15/18).
The weapon’s effectiveness can only be sustained through a media in lockstep with the government’s regime-change goals. That the media is fixated on the travails of a relatively small and unimportant country in America’s “backyard,” and that the picture of Venezuela is so shallow, is not a mistake. Rather, the simplistic narrative of a socialist dictatorship starving its own people provides great utility as a weapon for the establishment to beat back the domestic “threat” of socialism, by associating movements and figures such as Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jeremy Corbyn with an evil caricature they have carefully crafted.

Corporate Propaganda Blitz Against Venezuela’s Elected President: MSM Will Not Let Facts Interfere With Coup Agenda

Facts Don’t Interfere With Propaganda Blitz Against Venezuela’s Elected President Joe Emersberger
Guaidó, anointed by Trump and a new Iraq-style Coalition of the Willing, did not even run in Venezuela’s May 2018 presidential election. In fact, shortly before the election, Guaidó was not even mentioned by the opposition-aligned pollster Datanálisis when it published approval ratings of various prominent opposition leaders. Henri Falcón, who actually did run in the election (defying US threats against him) was claimed by the pollster to basically be in a statistical tie for most popular among them. It is remarkable to see the Western media dismiss this election as “fraudulent,” without even attempting to show that it was “stolen“ from Falcón. Perhaps that’s because it so clearly wasn’t stolen.
Graph: Approval Ratings of Main Venezuelan Leaders Nov 2016 - July 2018 Data from the opposition-aligned pollsters in Venezuela (via Torino Capital) indicates that Henri Falcón was the most popular of the major opposition figures at the time of the May 2018 presidential election. Nicolás Maduro won the election due to widespread opposition boycotting and votes drawn by another opposition candidate, Javier Bertucci.
The constitutional argument that Trump and his accomplices have used to “recognize” Guaidó rests on the preposterous claim that Maduro has “abandoned” the presidency by soundly beating Falcón in the election. Caracas-based journalist Lucas Koerner took apart that argument in more detail.
What about the McClatchy-owned Miami Herald's claim that Maduro “continues to reject international aid”? In November 2018, following a public appeal by Maduro, the UN did authorize emergency aid for Venezuela. It was even reported by Reuters (11/26/18), whose headlines have often broadcast the news agency’s contempt for Maduro’s government.
It’s not unusual for Western media to ignore facts they have themselves reported when a major “propaganda blitz” by Washington is underway against a government. For example, it was generally reported accurately in 1998 that UN weapons inspectors were withdrawn from Iraq ahead of air strikes ordered by Bill Clinton, not expelled by Iraq’s government. But by 2002, it became a staple of pro-war propaganda that Iraq had expelled weapons inspectors (Extra! Update, 10/02).
And, incidentally, when a Venezuelan NGO requested aid from the UN-linked Global Fund in 2017, it was turned down. Setting aside how effective foreign aid is at all (the example of Haiti hardly makes a great case for it), it is supposed to be distributed based on relative need, not based on how badly the US government wants somebody overthrown.
But the potential for “aid” to alleviate Venezuela’s crisis is negligible compared to the destructive impact of US economic sanctions. Near the end of the Miami Herald article, author Jim Wyss cited an estimate from the thoroughly demonized Venezuelan government that US sanctions have cost it $30 billion, with no time period specified for that estimate. Again, this calls to mind the run-up to the Iraq invasion, when completely factual statements that Iraq had no WMDs were attributed to the discredited Iraqi government. Quoting Iraqi denials supposedly balanced the lies spread in the media by US officials like John Bolton, who now leads the charge to overthrow Maduro. Wyss could have cited economists independent of the Maduro government on the impact of US sanctions—like US economist Mark Weisbrot, or the emphatically anti-Maduro Venezuelan economist Francisco Rodríguez.
Illegal US sanctions were first imposed in 2015 under a fraudulent “state of emergency” declared by Obama, and subsequently extended by Trump. The revenue lost to Venezuela’s government due to US economic sanctions since August 2017, when the impact became very easy to quantify, is by now well over $6 billion. That’s enormous in an economy that was only able to import about $11 billion of goods in 2018, and needs about $2 billion per year in medicines. Trump’s “recognition” of Guaidó as “interim president” was the pretext for making the already devastating sanctions much worse. Last month, Francisco Rodríguez revised his projection for the change in Venezuela’s real GDP in 2019, from an 11 percent contraction to 26 percent, after the intensified sanctions were announced.
The $20 million in US “aid” that Wyss is outraged Maduro won’t let in is a rounding error compared to the billions already lost from Trump’s sanctions.
Former US Ambassador to Venezuela William Brownfield, who pressed for more sanctions on Venezuela, dispensed with the standard “humanitarian” cover that US officials have offered for them (Intercept, 2/10/19):
And if we can do something that will bring that end quicker, we probably should do it, but we should do it understanding that it’s going to have an impact on millions and millions of people who are already having great difficulty finding enough to eat, getting themselves cured when they get sick, or finding clothes to put on their children before they go off to school. We don’t get to do this and pretend as though it has no impact there. We have to make the hard decision—the desired outcome justifies this fairly severe punishment.
How does this gruesome candor get missed by reporters like Wyss, and go unreported in his article?
Speaking of “severe punishment,” if the names John Bolton and Elliott Abrams don’t immediately call to mind the punishment they should be receiving for crimes against humanity, it illustrates how well the Western propaganda system functions. Bolton, a prime facilitator of the Iraq War, recently suggested that Maduro could be sent to a US-run torture camp in Cuba. Abrams played a key role in keeping US support flowing to mass murderers and torturers in Central America during the 1980s. Also significant that Abrams, brought in by Trump to help oust Maduro, used “humanitarian aid” as cover to supply weapons to the US-backed Contra terrorists in Nicaragua.
In the Miami Herald article, the use of US “aid” for military purposes is presented as another allegation made by the vilified Venezuelan president: “Maduro has repeatedly said the aid is cover for a military invasion and has ordered his armed forces not to let it in, even as food and medicine shortages sweep the country.”
Venezuela Accuses U.S. of Secretly Shipping Arms After Weapons Found on Plane with Possible CIA Ties | Democracy Now!
Calling for international aid and being democratically elected will do as little to protect Maduro’s government from US aggression as being disarmed of WMD did to prevent Iraq from being invaded—unless there is much more pushback from the US public against a lethal propaganda system.

When Is a Democracy not a Democracy? When It’s Venezuela and the US is Pushing Regime Change. Venezuela has as much right to call itself a democracy as does the United States. Until that is understood by enough people, the Trump administration will continue to devastate Venezuela’s economy with illegal sanctions and push it towards civil war.
Suggested Reading:
UN Rapporteur: US Sanctions Cause Death in Venezuela
Guaido is playing it fast and loose with the Bolivarian Constitution to justify a dictatorship
Trump’s Economic Sanctions Have Cost Venezuela About $6bn Since August 2017
How could Venezuela's president 'steal' the 2018 election from an unknown who didn't run?
In other news...
The Largest Protest Ever Was 15 Years Ago. The Iraq War Isn’t Over. What Happened?
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Oil hits highest in 3 years, Gold prices clear up greater, U.S. supplies end consistent

Gold costs work out higher
Spot gold price worked out greater on Friday, a day after publishing their sharpest day-to-day loss in a week, as financiers continued to absorb the Federal Reserve's monetary plan plans, along with China' s crackdown on cryptocurrencies and also growths tied to residential or commercial property giant Evergrande.
Place gold increased $1.90, or 0.1%, to resolve at $1,751.70 an ounce, Spot silver lost 25 cents, or 1.1%, to $22.425 an ounce.
China on Friday repeated its punish cryptocurrencies, with individuals's Bank of China specifying that virtual money does not have the same legal condition as legal money.
The gold price will certainly damage previous $1,840 resistance "if and when there is verification that China will certainly get rid of cryptocurrencies," Chintan Karnani, director of research at Insignia Consultants, told MarketWatch. There has to be much more "quality" on a possible crypto restriction from China.
" History recommends that crypto currencies have actually climbed sharply after any significant cost accident (irrespective of information), so it is wait and see for cryptocurrencies," said Karnani.
The predisposition for gold is still to disadvantage, as the Federal Reserve's declaration on financial plan and Fed Chair Jerome Powell's remarks from Wednesday are "digested by market," Jeff Wright, primary investment policeman at Wolfpack Capital, informed MarketWatch. The Fed taper of bond purchases "will certainly begin by year end and also prices will start to tighten up probably in 2022."
Wright likewise saw "risk-off" view in the U.S. equity markets Friday, as a result of Evergrande's interest repayment miss out on and the feasible influence on the Chinese and U.S. economic situations, as encouraging for gold.
Buck wallows near one-week low as haven need recedes
The dollar wallowed near its lowest level in a week versus major peers on Friday, as improved risk view eliminated current gains amid reducing worries regarding virus from a possible China Evergrande Group default.
Risk cravings returned, lifting oil and also international equities, also as hawkish remarks from the Bank of England raised returns globally, with those on 10-year U.S. Treasury keeps in mind striking the highest because July over night at 1.437%.
That fell short to assist the paper money however, with the U.S. dollar index, which gauges the currency against a basket of six competitors, alleviating slightly to 93.068 from Thursday, when it slid 0.36% and touched the lowest since Sept. 17 at 92.977. That eliminated gains for the week, and set the index up for a 0.16% decrease.
" Risk belief was unperturbed by the move in yields, rather taking its lead from information around Evergrande," Tapas Strickland, an analyst at National Australia Bank, wrote in a client note.
" Chinese authorities are readying restructuring teams, reducing worries of a Lehman's- kind minute."
Beijing injected fresh money into its monetary system on Thursday, as embattled building titan Evergrande announced it would certainly make passion payments on an onshore bond. There has been no word yet, nonetheless, on whether it likewise made promo code settlements on buck bonds due that day, with even more due next week. find out more
However, the mood enhanced, weighing on other safe houses like the yen as well as lifting commodity-linked currencies like the Australian dollar.
The yen to US dollar relieved 0.05% to 110.385 after earlier striking 110.435, its weakest degree since Sept. 8.
The euro included 0.05% to $1.1743, continuing to rebound from a greater than one-month reduced of $1.16835 gotten to Thursday.
The Aussie rose 0.21% to $0.73105, and earlier touched a one-week high of $0.73165.
Sterling was 0.07% greater at $1.3734, approaching the previous session's high of $1.3750, a first considering that Sept. 20.
The BOE stated 2 of its policymakers had chosen a very early end to pandemic-era government bond acquiring and markets brought forward their assumptions for a rate of interest rise to March.
Oil hits highest possible in practically 3 years as supply tightens
Crude oil prices steadied on Friday near a two-month high of $77.50 a barrel as well as were headed for a third straight week of gains, supported bOil rates climbed for a third week straight to a near three-year high on Friday as international output interruptions have forced energy companies to pull huge amounts of crude out of stocks.
The rally was slightly moistened by China's initial public sale of state unrefined reserves.
Brent crude oil futures climbed 84 cents, or 1.1%, to settle at $78.09 a barrel, while U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude climbed 68 cents, or 0.9%, to work out at $73.98.
That was the highest close for Brent because October 2018 and also for WTI considering that July 2021, both for a second day in a row.
" As oil costs get on track to close one more week of gains, the market is valuing in a prolonged effect of supply disruptions, as well as the likely storage draws that will certainly be needed to satisfy refinery demand," stated Louise Dickson, elderly oil markets analyst at Rystad Energy.
Some interruptions might last for months and also have currently caused sharp attracts U.S. as well as international supplies.
U.S. crude oil refiners were searching to change Gulf crude, counting on Canadian and iraqi oil, investors stated.
India's crude oil imports rose to a three-month optimal in August, recoiling from July's close to one-year low.
Some participants of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries as well as their allies, called OPEC+, have actually struggled to raise output as a result of under-investment or maintenance hold-ups throughout the pandemic.
Russia stated it will certainly stay a reputable distributor of power to worldwide markets. Russian gas giant Gazprom had actually been accused of doing too little to increase its natural gas products to Europe, where prices have actually risen.
Iran, which wants to export more oil, stated it will return to talks on resuming conformity with the 2015 Iran nuclear deal "very soon", yet offered no specific day.
Edward Moya, elderly market analyst at OANDA, said: "Extra Iranian barrels of crude appear not likely to be a 2021 story," noting negotiations "will certainly be a long drawn-out procedure."
Kazakhstan's most significant oil manufacturer, Chevron-led Tengizchevroil (TCO), will certainly delay parts of its $45.2 billion expansion task by 3 to seven months.
In the United States, drillers included 10 oil rigs today, placing the oil as well as gas rig count up for a 14th month straight.
Brent could strike $80 by the end of September as a result of supply draws, reduced OPEC manufacturing and also more powerful Middle East demand, UBS analysts wrote.
China's very first public sale of state oil gets covered unrefined cost gains. PetroChina and also Hengli Petrochemical bought four freights completing concerning 4.43 million barrels, sources claimed.
Experts likewise noted indebted China Evergrande stays a danger to oil rates after the firm's electric automobile device alerted it faced an unsure future unless it obtained a quick shot of cash money.
S&P 500 rises for a 3rd straight day to end a wild week of trading
The S&P 500 and also the Dow Jones Industrial Average squeezed out gains on Friday, concluding an unpredictable week on Wall Street. An action by China to prohibit cryptocurrencies weighed on the modern technology sector as well as Nike shares dropped as supply chain problems originating from the pandemic hit the tennis shoe giant.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average acquired 33.18 points, or 0.10%, to 34,798.00. The S&P 500 edged 0.15% higher to 4,455.48 as well as the Nasdaq Composite ticked down 0.03% to 15,047.70.
" As bad as things started on Monday for stocks, a mid-week bounce as well as calmness on Friday isn't so poor," said Ryan Detrick, chief market planner for LPL Financial. "Still, a number of the concerns over Evergrande, a slowing economic situation, as well as proceeded supply chain problems are still available."
A crackdown on bitcoin by China harmed market belief overnight, specifically with modern technology shares that rely on crypto-related profits. China's reserve bank declared all cryptocurrency-related activities prohibited on Friday. Abroad crypto exchanges supplying solutions in landmass China are likewise prohibited, the People's Bank of China claimed.
Bitcoin dropped 5% and ether lost about 7% in response. Crypto-exchange Coinbase, which derives most of its earnings from retail trading, and Robinhood, which last quarter made more than half of its transaction-related revenue from crypto, dropped over 2%.
At the same time Nike verified the fears of investors worried about the pandemic creating chaos with supply chains and elevating prices for companies, particularly multinationals. Nike shares dropped 6.2% after the sneaker titan lowered its fiscal 2022 outlook due to an extended manufacturing closure in Vietnam, labor lacks as well as prolonged transportation times. Nike expects full-year sales to increase at a mid-single-digit pace, contrasted to reduced double-digit growth it forecast prior to.
The company likewise reported quarterly earnings that missed analysts' assumptions because of softening need in North America as the delta variant flared up. Other garments manufacturers as well as retailers dropped. PVH Corp dropped 1%.
Within the S&P, Nike's decrease was offset by gains in reopening stocks. Carnival added 3% after reporting quarterly profits, while other cruise ship lines and air providers rose concerning 2%. Power was likewise a leader.
It's been a topsy-turvy week for markets. Supplies organized a two-day alleviation rally starting on Wednesday after the Federal Reserve signified no unavoidable removal of its ultra-easy monetary plan. Investors additionally wager that the debt situation of China's real estate titan Evergrande wouldn't set off a ripple effect across global markets.
Abroad crypto exchanges providing solutions in mainland China are additionally prohibited, the People's Bank of China claimed.
Nike shares dropped 6.2% after the sneaker titan reduced its financial 2022 outlook due to the fact that of a long term manufacturing closure in Vietnam, labor shortages and also prolonged transportation times. PVH Corp fell 1%.
Carnival added 3% after reporting quarterly earnings, while various other cruise lines and also air service providers rose concerning 2%. Capitalists also wager that the debt crisis of China's actual estate titan Evergrande would not cause a surge effect throughout global markets.
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Hi. New here. Just got a question.

An old friend if mine has bought over a thousand dollars worth of Iraqi Dinar on ebay.
He’s trying to talk me into buying a few hundred dollars worth.
He’s convinced the value of the Dinar is gonna multiply a over the next few years.
Is he nuts? Is that a way of “trading forex”?
Should I ignore him?
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