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TIL that some of the Vehicles found in The LEGO Movie were actually designed by young LEGO fans in a 2012 contest set up by LEGO and the movie's directors.

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Jeopardy! recap for Mon., Dec. 12

Here are today's contestants:
DD1 - $800 - WITH A SONG IN YOUR BRAIN - The pleasing combination of simultaneously sounded notes, it was composer Arnold Schoenberg's last word (Matthew won $1,400 on a true DD.)
Scores at first break: Matthew $1,800, Sean $4,400, Kris Anne $800.
Scores going into DJ: Matthew $3,400, Sean $8,600, Kris Anne $2,600.
Double Jeopardy!
DD2 - $1,600 - 19th CENTURY LITERATURE - This Englishwoman wrote 1823's "Valperga"; her first novel also had a one-word title but is more famous (Kris Anne lost $4,600 on a true DD.)
DD3 - $1,200 - LOW DOWN - The "lower 48" refers to U.S. states that are this, a 10-letter word meaning "in contact" (Sean added $3,000 to his score of $14,600 vs. $5,800 for Matthew.)
Sean led at every break, increased his advantage on DD3 and couldn't be caught going into FJ at $23,600 vs. $9,400 for Matthew and $4,000 for Kris Anne.
Final Jeopardy!
LATIN PHRASES - Originally, this 3-word phrase referred to when a doctor or apothecary substituted one medicine for another
Surprisingly, everyone was incorrect on FJ. Sean dropped $3,000 to win with $20,600.
Final scores: Matthew $9,400, Sean $20,600, Kris Anne $4,000.
Odds and Ends
Triple Stumpers of the day: No one guessed the movie title that's "Vasalena" in Mexico is "Grease", or could give the last five words in the Ben Franklin statement about the Constitution setting up "A republic, if you can keep it."
Clue selection strategy: Fans of top-down play must have enjoyed the first round, as clues in five of the categories were selected in order of their assigned value.
Judging the writers: In CHICAGO TV, there was a top-row clue about "The Bear", which premiered this summer on Hulu with eight episodes. Meanwhile, they offered three times the money for knowing "Chicago Fire", which has been on NBC since 2012 for over 200 episodes.
Correct Qs: DD1 - What is harmony? DD2 - Who was Mary Shelley? DD3 - What is contiguous? FJ - What is quid pro quo?
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Another list of 15 Hollywood longreads for your Sunday reading pleasure

Since my previous list was well received, here are another 15 showbiz/arts related longreads. Once again, these include tragic/crime stories, so please head the descriptions for sensitive content. For extra reading, here is my other list of showbiz longreads, here is my first weekly book recap, here is my ongoing second book recap.
Chris Heath is one of the best celebrity profilers and here he interviews Paul McCartney, who's spent his entire adult life as one of the most famous people on the planet. While always respectful and never invasive, Heath punctures the myth of McCartney as a genial everyman, exploring how he's protected himself at a level of fame perhaps no one else has ever survived intact.
Imagine realizing one day that you're a Beatle. Think about how you might decide to handle that for the next 50, 60, 70 years. Even when you have the talent and the ego and the drive, success is always some kind of a surprise, for no one can ever imagine exactly how it will be when it does arrive, and even less so what it will bring in its wake.
Although surpassed by the Moonlight/La La Land debacle or the Will Smith slap, the so-called "Snow White Oscars" of 1989 was once the most infamous Academy Awards ceremony. I was seven years old when it aired, and despite being a movie (and Oscars) obsessed kid, have no memory of it. Did I black it out? Anyway, this fascinating profile lets Snow White herself, Eileen Bowman, share her perspective on the 15 minute segment intended as her big break.
Our first stop was Allan Carr’s house. I remember his swimming pool had pink water in it. He had a 30-foot Oscar outside his door and auditioned us in a robe. The other girl and I looked at each other thinking, “What is happening?”
I'm fascinated with the practical work involved in celebrity lifestyles. All those employees necessary to keep a life of fame and wealth running! Who pays the bills, cleans the house, puts the contacts into the star's phone, feeds the cats? And Elvis Presley had the most famous entourage of all time. This examination delves into the last grasps and coverups from those in the orbit - employees, medics, groupies, doctors, relatives - when the star accidentally dies.
People in the room began frantically asking the medics what should be done. Suddenly, as if in response, one young man blurted out helpfully, “We think he OD’d.”
One of the darkest and strangest figures in pop history was Jerry Lee Lewis, who died this week. And marrying his child cousin was far from the worst thing he ever did. Richard Ben Cramer outlined in this 1984 investigation how Jerry Lee probably outright murdered his fourth wife, Shawn, and got away with it...to such an extent that not even a Rolling Stone article made a ripple. Did Jerry Lee escape consequences because he was a rich white male? Probably. But a bigger factor was the good ol' boy network of Deep South law enforcement, who always rise up to protect their own.
When his troubles would mount, when he felt the need of solace, Jerry Lee reached out to another woman, demanding uncompromising devotion. And when it seemed he must drown in his troubles, then he took stock and tried to strike another deal with the Lord.
One of the worst books I've ever read, The Woman in the Window was a bestseller in the post-Gone Girl era. A better story than the book is the one about its author, Tom Mallory (aka "AJ Finn") who is either mentally ill, a grifter, or both. Not only did he weave a web of deceptions about his career, education and family, but the Cinderella story of his novel was a lie, too. He was an editorial assistant at William Morrow when the publisher just happened to bid a record sum for their own employee's debut novel.
But Mallory’s central theme was that, although depression may have caused him to think poorly of himself, he was in fact a tremendous success. “I’ve thrived on both sides of the Atlantic,” he said. “I’m like Adele!”
We know the joke about Lea Michele, but there actually is someone who made it to the top in Hollywood while being illiterate: hairdresser turned producer Jon Peters. In between stints as Barbra Streisand's paramour and Pamela Anderson's husband of five minutes, Peters became head of a major studio without the ability to read or write. Of course, a small thing like that wasn't going to stop him from selling a memoir. Enjoy the wild ride taken by the ghostwriter for Peters' still unreleased (and perfectly titled) book Studio Head.
“I’ve never really read a book,” he said. “But have I got stories.”
Dr. Haing S. Ngor was a wealthy gynecologist in his native Cambodia when the Khmer Rouge overthrew the government and commenced a genocide. He survived starvation, illness, and unimaginable torture and loss before fleeing to America. Despite being a non-actor, Haing was cast as another Khmer Rouge survivor, journalist Dith Pran, in The Killing Fields. His remarkable performance won him the Academy Award for best supporting actor, but Haing used his Hollywood spotlight to advocate for justice against the Khmer Rouge. He was tragically murdered in Los Angeles in 1996 in an alleged robbery - or was it? This article explores why Haing's friends and loved ones (including Dith Pran and Sam Waterson) suspected his murder was more than what the LAPD claimed.
"Haing always told us to stop worrying," another friend recalls. "He just repeated the old saying, 'The sky has eyes.' He meant that God was looking out for him."
This almost book length article is unique for CNN's website and was recently updated and turned into a podcast. As with Jerry Lee Lewis, James Brown was a monster who happened to be a musical genius. Jacquelyn Hollander met Brown in the 80s and was absorbed into his inner circle, an experience which turned from bizarre to horrifying. Jacque's experience with Brown included kidnapping, rape, stolen corpses and possible murder. Whatever you think you know about the Godfather of Soul, brace yourself.
She tried to explain. The story had many twists and turns, but it kept returning to one day in 1988, when she got in James Brown’s conversion van and took a ride into the woods.
As a teen, I was obsessed with Vanity Fair and saved every copy. I have vivid memories of reading this glossy, sumptuous article repeatedly. I've still never watched a Doris Day-Rock Hudson movie, but have secondhand nostalgia thanks to this article's description of their candy colored, pillbox hat world. James Wolcott insightfully puts their films into the context of the times - and Day and Hudson's own tragic private lives - and successfully argues for their subversion of norms. A superb example of what made Vanity Fair's Old Hollywood coverage second to none.
Without knowing it, Rock Hudson and Doris Day were shucking the Eisenhower blahs and ushering in the New Frontier. They were the First Couple of American Pop.
David Cassidy's heyday occurred before I was born, but the story perpetrated by Behind the Music was that this Rolling Stone cover story was his downfall. From today's perspective, it's hard to see why. Revelations that a young twentysomething pop star drinks, smokes pot and fucks aren't so shocking, but he was supposed to be family friendly Keith Patridge. What's most interesting in retrospect is the detailed calculations behind Cassidy's career from managers, producers and the ice queen editor of 16 magazine. The mode may have changed (social media for teen mags) but little else has. No offense to the late David Cassidy, but the behind the scenes machinations are more interesting that the marginal star of the story.
Jill watched the show on a backstage TV screen. “It’s so weird,” she said. “Last night, he was really nice. He was a really good fuck.” Jill shook her head. “But seeing him doing his act, I can’t believe it’s the same person. This act is so Las Vegas. He’s like a male Ann-Margret.”
This is the rare thinkpiece that considers American celebrity in the context of class. While it briefly considers the sexism inherent in the tragic blonde trope, the power comes from grounding the life of Anna Nicole Smith in a specific tableaux of Southern white poverty. Vickie Lynn Hogan was an abused, ignored white girl who manifested her one talent (looking good for the camera) as a ticket out of grinding poverty. But she couldn't escape the scars America inflicts on its poorest citizens, especially drug addiction. An interesting parallel is drawn between Anna Nicole and her late husband, who both wanted money to cure their pain and loneliness.
The woman rose up, made powerful by beauty, and then found herself falling, her beauty fading, her power eroding, her ugliness as she tried to cope with this loss providing spectators with the reassuring feeling that such power is never really worth having, if losing it looks like this.
Though largely forgotten, Smash has a footnote in TV history as the show that birthed "hatewatching." How did it go wrong? Predictably, huge egos including the showrunner and producers (Steven Spielberg!) refused to listen to criticism. Chief among the problems: refusing to admit that the "star" of their star vehicle, Katharine McPhee, was outshined by the lesser known Broadway actress Meghan Hilty. Smash is an artifact from an old broadcast era that smashed (ha!) smack into the social media era.
"Theresa would say, 'It's not a struggle! She doesn't have a problem! She's the hero! She saves everything!'" said someone who witnessed this oft-repeated discussion.
Legendary deejay Casey Kasem was the voice of Top 40 radio for decades, but when he retired and became ill and infirm, a battle for control erupted among his family. What haunts me is this situation didn't arise from shallow hangers-on, but from Kasem's wife of 30 years and his adult children. If he couldn't trust his supposedly devoted family in illness and death, what does that mean for the rest of us? If money really ruins lives this badly, I guess I'm glad I'm poor.
Sit back, close your eyes, and try to come up with an American celebrity, living or dead, you’d be less likely to associate with this kind of lurid tabloid grotesque than Casey Kasem.
Whitney Houston's combination of spectacular talent and self destruction is a cliche, but resonate because unlike, say, Judy Garland, I grew up with Whitney's music. But while she could get rid of Bobby Brown or various other hangers-on, she could never escape herself. The twisted thing is that, while Whitney's religion and family fostered her talent, they may also be responsible for the addictions and guilt which killed her.
“It was a superhuman feat! We talk about her addiction, but when you look at Whitney Houston, you have to realize how much work she did, how much love she put out into the universe.”
After 50 years of rejecting offers to tell his story (including rejecting a paid consultant gig for Robert Redford's movie Quiz Show) Charles Van Doren wrote this essay shortly before his death. He describes the circumstances surrounding his role as a contestant on the 1950's game show Twenty-One, a gig which not only brought him huge cash prizes but also national celebrity (he was on the cover of Time!) The revelation that it was all fake - the answers, speech patterns, contestant biographies, and even their clothing, were all orchestrated by the producers - shocked a nation that still put unequivocal trust in what they saw on television. It's obvious why the producers did it, but why did Van Doren? The reputations of the contestants were ruined, but television prospered. By the time an NBC game show host made it to the White House 70 years later, it was for discovering that, to some, fakery and scandal are a highlight. Maybe the producers of Twenty-One, who planted a New York son of privilege in front of a camera and turned him into a star by feeding him the right answers, were prescient after all.
One of the best things about writing is that it’s private. I can sit with my thoughts without having to respond to people who say, “Aren’t you Charles Van Doren?” Well, that’s my name, I say to myself, but I’m not who you think I am—or, at least, I don’t want to be.
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I watched old ESCs for the first time- Part 9

Watching past Eurovision years for the penultimate time! Here are my thoughts on another 7.
1965: The first contest to be held in Italy! And it's a little less disastrous than the other 2, in terms of production. I said in my 1964 review that "the competition was modernizing", but I think I spoke too soon. This is more of what the early 60s had to offer. There's only a few songs that caught my attention and most of them were shoved in the first 3rd of the running order. So the rest was painfully boring. "Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son" was one of the last songs performed though, and it certainly benefited from it. I feel like I've heard it a million times since Eurovision loves to use it in throwback segments, but I always enjoy it. Even though her vocal performance was poor here, the song is so iconic and catchy that it has to be my winner. There's just nothing better this year. Here's my top 5, in case you wanted to know what other songs I kind of liked.
  1. Luxembourg- Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son
  2. Germany- Paradies, Wo Bist Du?
  3. Italy- Se Piangi, Se Ridi
  4. Austria- Sag Ihr, Ich Lass Sie Grüßen
  5. Spain- ¡Qué Bueno, Qué Bueno!
1966: I was so disappointed with 1965 that I decided to watch this a day later. And it was worth it! This genuinely feels like a 60s contest. There's plenty of fun upbeat songs with lots of personality, and most importantly there's dancers! The Danish entry had them and I think it's the first time ever. This is actually such a weird and out of the ordinary contest though. The results are a drastic change from past years and there's a surprising amount of strange entries. The only things that felt normal were the venue and Udo Jürgens participating. Maybe that is weird though, because this time he actually won!
I knew Austria won this year before, but I hadn't heard much of the song, so I was confused as to how Austria managed a win. Now I understand that they won because they sent Udo Jürgens three times in a row, and he's the most talented songwriter Austria has to offer. I like all of his songs, but "Merci, Chérie" is definitely his best and the one most deserving of a win. Controversial opinion—I think it's even better than Luxembourg last year. It's got a nice melody, a prominent piano, some subtle orchestration and just the right amount of drama. It's a well put together and professional entry I'm glad won.
The results for this year are so weird compared to other 60s contests. Especially the top 3, which had all 3 countries reaching the top 3 for the first time, with this being some of Austria and Norway's only podium results (that I'm aware of). It's also the first time I've seen the UK and France do so poorly in pre-70s Eurovision, as well as the first time I've seen Italy come last. That was particularly surprising to me as I loved Italy's song. I mean, it's Domenico Modugno! And he didn't just send "Volare" again, he sent a proper masterpiece. The song grabbed me as soon as it started with the strange and otherworldly instrumentation. It has a great piano build and a passionate performance to go along with it. Domenico can almost be disturbingly passionate and overdramatic at times, but I don't mind at all. It's an amazing song with an off-putting performance, I guess the latter is what caused it to get 0 points.
Sweden managed to come second this year. I don't know why or how, but I'm fully on board. I love this song! It's totally different from what's been at Eurovision up until this point. It has a really interesting and fun jazz sound to it. But the performance has to be my favorite part! I love watching the two of them take turns singing and acting like they're surprised at what the other one said. It's a genuinely entertaining performance and that's so rare for a Eurovision this old. It's definitely the most charming song this year, and I'm happy the juries responded to it.
Another first for this year—proper joke entries! This comes in the form of the Netherlands' "Fernando En Filippo", which I love and find so funny. When the men wearing sombreros first came out, I thought this would be a Latin-American inspired song or something related to it. But then a woman appeared in the stairwell singing "TOOOOOONG TI KI TONG KONG KONG KONG" and I lost it. There's no way I could've predicted that. The song is a lot of fun, though I have no idea why it's about guitarists from Santiago and San Antonio. I guess it doesn't matter as the main focus is on the singer. I absolutely adore her energy, her facial expressions and her dancing, she's so fun to watch throughout! She's also the first black participant in the contest, and what a perfect person she is to hold that record! Everything about her and this entry is iconic.
I think my favorite this year is Norway's "Intet Er Nytt Under Solen". It's such an interesting and captivating song. The melody immediately stuck with me after listening to it for the first time, and so did the guitar. I love the quiet and calming atmosphere it creates along with the orchestra. I also really like her voice and how it switches between calm and aggressive. I didn't think it would place very high, as it's not the most impressive entry and it's sung in Norwegian, but it ended up coming 3rd! This, Sweden and Austria make one of the most perfect top 3s in the competition.
This year was so surprising to me. I wasn't expecting such an innovative and high quality contest. It's quite an unusual year compared to the others around it, and that's part of what makes it so good. The orchestra also did pretty well, and I loved the "good morning Luxembourg" interaction in the voting. This year's top 3 couldn't be better, and all the songs in my own top 3 are incredible. Nothing went wrong with this year! It's surely one of the best before the 80s.
  1. Norway- Intet Er Nytt Under Solen
  2. Italy- Dio, Come Ti Amo
  3. Sweden- Nygammal Vals
  4. Austria- Merci, Chérie
  5. Netherlands- Fernando En Filippo
1979: Back to the late 70s! I missed all the diverse and fun entries this period had to offer. And this year was hosted in Jerusalem for the first time ever. Between the 10 minute introduction, the elongated Israeli applause and the sluggish 3-language voting sequence, the Israelis surely made this contest a long one. They did an amazing job on the stage though. The lighting makes all of the entries look colorful and vibrant—a stark contrast to the year before it. In fact, everything about this year is vastly different—and better—than the year before it.
After a thrilling voting sequence, Israel came out victorious for the second year in a row. And for the second year in a row, I'm not a huge fan of the winner. "Hallelujah" feels kind of static and emotionless. It doesn't move me like it's supposed to. I just like the build and orchestration. As for the runner-up, Spain, I think it's a lot more interesting. The whole thing is very charming and I quite like her voice. Part of me wishes she won because she came off as a very humble and sweet person during the voting, but I don't think "Su Canción" is winner-worthy either.
But you know what is winner-worthy? Anne-Marie David's grand return to the contest. She's sent yet another stunning ballad that blew me away. "Je Suis L'Enfant Soleil" is a haunting and beautiful entry. It builds like a proper ballad with all the power at the end, and that ending couldn't have been done better. The beginning and some of the quieter parts are just as effective though. While the backup singers add some great harmonies, Anne-Marie does most of the heavy lifting with her incredible vocal performance and captivating stage presence. The song doesn't quite get me like "Tu Te Reconnaîtras" does, but it's still something of a masterpiece. Anne-Marie David is a truly talented singer, and I can't help but feel that she was robbed of a second win.
Anne-Marie David isn't the only returning artist this year though. Both Tommy Seebach and Debbie Cameron made their first appearances here! Debbie is only a backup singer, but luckily you can still see some of her incredible dancing. "Disco Tango" is just as fun as Tommy's other songs, and I think it's his best. The arrangement is interesting and it doesn't feel repetitive thanks to that awesome false ending in the middle. I love the beginning part as well, it's intriguing and the backup singers have some really nice harmonies. Anita Skorgan also returned, this time without Jahn, but with what I think's her best song. It's really sweet, and Anita is as charming as ever performing it. Both her and Tommy have never sent a bad song to the competition!
Dsching- Dsching- Dschingis Khaaan! I've known "Dschinghis Khan" for a while now because of how iconic it is. And I even knew the group before Eurovision because of their hit "Moskau". But that still doesn't make the performance any less surprising and weird. The guy in a costume dancing around stage is truly something to behold. The song is unbelievably catchy and the choreography is awesome. It deserved its good result and its place in Eurovision history. But it's not the only gimmicky performance this year, as Peter, Sue & Marc competed for the 3rd time! I knew "Trödler Und Co" before as well, but I hadn't seen it in 8 months. The trash instruments are just as ridiculous as I remember. It's fun and still an enjoyable song without the performance. I love all of Peter, Sue & Marc's entries, and this is probably my 3rd favorite.
With the amount of iconic artists and memorable performances this year has, Sweden's "Satellit" isn't a standout on the surface. But it's become one to me. I've fallen in love with the charming keyboard-playing singer and his immensely catchy song. The chorus hooked me the first time I heard it, and it hasn't left my head since. The melody there is just so well done. The verses are pretty simple, but they're pleasant and have lots of personality. That's partly thanks to the singer, who performed with a lot of enthusiasm and expression. Also with an amazing sweater! But I don't understand why the song did so poorly. It's well produced and accessible, there's no reason it should've finished as low as it did.
This is a great year! There's so many fun and iconic entries, as well as a ton of notable artists that competed multiple times. I think it's the 2nd best 70s year I've seen, only behind 1977. Here's my top 5, which Scandinavia and the returning artists seemed to dominate.
  1. France- Je Suis L’Enfant Soleil
  2. Denmark- Disco Tango
  3. Sweden- Satellit
  4. Norway- Oliver
  5. Austria- Heute In Jerusalem
1988: Despite this year being at the end of the decade, it still feels like one of those off mid-80s years. And this one feels especially weird. I'm not sure why. Maybe the stage has something to do with it. It has one of those 80s neon grid patterns that look like they go on forever, and that's really off-putting to me. But anyways, this is the year of Celine Dion!
Celine Dion, one of the best selling artists of all time, participated and won this year for Switzerland (even though she's actually from Quebec). And what a deserved win it was! "Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi" is an indisputably good song and it's no secret that she's a phenomenal singer. I feel like it's almost universally agreed upon that she deserved to win. So how did she get caught up in such a close voting race? "Go" is, in my opinion, a clearly inferior song, though not a bad one. It's just crazy to me how there was only a 1 point difference between the two. At least it made for an entertaining voting sequence and some interesting "what if" scenarios. Yugoslavia not giving any points to the UK left it down to the wire, and everybody in the arena cheering after the 12 went to France is surely an iconic moment in the contest's history.
Turkey are back with yet another awesome song! "Sufi" has some epic ethnic instrumentation and an arrangement that keeps your attention the whole way through. The performers are 3 Turkish men with weird Turkish suits, but they of course still bring the infectious energy and enjoyable choreography a Turkish performer would. The chorus manages to not feel repetitive despite it just being "Sufi" repeated a bunch of times, and of course it's also really catchy. It's a great entry all in all, even for Turkey's standards.
Luxembourg's "Croire" is a fantastic ballad. The melody is beautiful, and I love that trumpet. The singer, Lara Fabian, is also apparently quite famous. It's definitely a memorable entry and I was captivated by it instantly. Unlike the Netherlands' "Shangri-La", which I feel is much easier to overlook. It grew on me after a few listens, eventually making it into my top 3. It's a cool sounding song with a pretty interesting arrangement. I really like the dramatic contrast in the chorus between the powerful vocals with the orchestration and the almost empty drum parts that follow it. I've heard that kind of thing done before, but it's executed well here in an interesting and prominent way. Especially during the final chorus, which is even more epic thanks to the key-change and the addition of the "WOOOOAAA". He actually has an incredible voice, and so does Lara Fabian. It's a shame all these strong vocalists had to share a year with Celine Dion!
Despite my praise for Switzerland and other entries, my favorite this year is actually Belgium. I know that's not a popular choice, like at all, but I think it's a unique entry that really stands out. It sounds quiet, slow and intriguing, which combined creates a very intimate atmosphere. I feel like it tries a little too hard to achieve what it does, but that doesn't ruin anything for me. I find it quite relaxing and interesting to listen to. It's definitely not my runaway winner, but I'm hoping I'll get more sure of it as time goes on.
As I said, this year feels weird and off to me, but I still kind of like it. There's some strong ballads like "For Vår Jord" (written by Anita Skorgan), "Voltarei" (sung by Dora from 1986), and "Stad I Ljus" (sung by Tommy Körberg with a cold). Plenty of bops as well like Yugoslavia's second prototype of "Rock Me", the wonderfully Israeli "Ben Adam", and whatever "Þú Og Þeir" was. It's a fun and enjoyable year, nothing mind-blowing, but still good.
  1. Belgium- Laissez Briller Le Soleil
  2. Turkey- Sufi
  3. Netherlands- Shangri-La
  4. Switzerland- Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi
  5. Luxembourg- Croire
1997: This is what I imagined a year nestled between the contest's golden age and the contemporary late 90s would look like. A beautiful mess. This is the most diverse set of songs I've ever seen. It has everything from boy bands, atmospheric ballads, 90s pop, Danish rap, full on traditional music and whatever else you can think of. This is partly because of a switch in musical style some countries wanted to push, as well as Eurovision itself. Introducing an experimental 5 country televote and making live music optional were the first steps into shaping what the contest would become. It also caused entries like "Ale Jestem" and "Probudi Me" to share the same year. But there's a lot to say about 1997, it's fascinating and incredible in so many ways.
This year was hosted in Dublin, seemingly for the last time in history, but for the 3rd time in the 90s. I can't say anything about 1994, but the stage and overall production is radically different from 1995. I didn't even realize it was the same venue! The stage is stunning, and a massive improvement from 95. I think they were trying to go for a futuristic cave look, and apparently futuristic caves have a bunch of TV's in them. It looks really cool though. Probably my favorite stage in the contest. The postcards also followed the futuristic theme, with the artists having to walk through a dark room full of even more old TV's. The 90s was a weird time.
Ireland was nothing short of an unstoppable force in the 90s, almost achieving a 5th win with "Mysterious Woman". They actually weren't close to winning at all, but they did come 2nd. I can't tell you why though. I have the song 21st in my ranking and I find it quite plain. His voice is fine, the lyrics are bad, it's nothing impressive. The UK sent a much better song and won in a 70 point landslide, but I can't say I'm a huge fan of it either. It's cheesy, cliché, repetitive and too stereotypical Eurovision. Also far too cheerful, almost as annoying as "Walking On Sunshine". I do like the orchestral arrangement though, and Katrina performs it well.
Meanwhile on the opposite side of the scoreboard, we have Norway and Portugal. Both scored 0 points, but I believe Portugal was robbed and Norway deserved it. "San Francisco" is basically a parody of American music, except they're being serious. I don't like any of the American aspects, and I really hate how hard they tried to make Norwegian sound like English. But I love "Antes Do Adeus"! It's a pleasant and relaxed R&B song performed with a lot of class. She has a great voice as well. It's very up my alley and I think it's underrated. I'm guessing the only reason it finished last is because of those backup singers. They look like either lost secret-service agents or priests who found pairs of goggles. I don't mind their singing, but they look so ridiculous that I can see why they ruin the performance for others.
France and Croatia are my favorite countries in the 90s. One consistently sends top tier entries, while the other experiments every year with different languages and genres. France has stayed true to this, while Croatia is a different story. Their 95, 96, 98 and 99 entries are all incredible, so what happened here? "Probudi Me" feels like it should've been sent in 2000. It's not a good entry vocally or musically, it totally ruined their streak. France's "Sentiments Songes" on the other hand, is the quality I expected from France. It's a sweet, pleasant and strange entry that creates a mellow and mysterious atmosphere. It's quite slow, but it remains interesting and engaging. She also does a great job on stage, especially for a 17 year old. France has yet to miss with their experiments, and I'm expecting nothing less than a fantastic song in 1994.
The first few seconds of "Minn Hinsti Dans" are stunning. The first shot of the woman on the floor was totally shocking to me and grabbed my full attention. It pulled me right into the moody and sensual atmosphere this entry has. I have so much respect for Páll Óskar, being able to create such an innovative and genius performance. He has an amazing stage presence, and such a captivating personality. The song is just as brilliant, with the combination of the dance beat and the unnerving orchestration resulting in a mystical and entrancing sound. I really admire his voice as well, and how it's almost drowned out by the instrumentation. Everything about the entry was executed perfectly. It's a work of art and easily the best Icelandic entry ever.
Greece and Cyprus both took the ethnic route this year, but in quite different ways. Cyprus achieved 5th with the mesmerizing and enjoyable "Mana Mou", utilizing a dance beat as well as orchestration and traditional Greek instrumentation to form its sound. It's catchy, fun and such a joy to watch. The "dabababadam" part is especially great. But Greece just went full on folk, and I love it. The combination of instruments not only sounds amazing, but also makes for a wonderful display of Greek music and culture. The song is enchanting, ethnic and repetitive in a way that works for it. It's truly a beautiful and timeless entry I'm sure is the most Greek ever.
Oh my god. Danish rap in Eurovision. Not something I was expecting or wanting, but "Stemmen I Mit Liv" is a total bop! I loved it as soon as I saw the leopard print pants the singer's wearing. He's a good rapper, I guess, but the orchestration makes it a hundred times better. The arrangement on this song is fantastic, for some reason. I really enjoy watching him on stage as well. Especially the parts where he talks to the woman sitting down, who I assume is supposed to be some kind of service operator. Because this song is about falling in love with a service operator. Yeah. It's a ridiculous entry, and certainly an iconic one.
Looks like I once again stand corrected. Poland didn't send two consecutive masterpieces in the 90s, they sent three! With Croatia's streak ruined, I can now say that Poland's run from 95-97 is the best in the contest. "Ale Jestem" is a folky and upbeat entry that really takes you on a journey. It has this stunning and mysterious intro that pulls you in right away. The song remains that mystical feeling throughout, while also building upon the phenomenal and ethnic instrumentation. The chorus manages to feel grand and larger than life, and I absolutely adore songs that do that. Her voice is also amazing, just listen to her hold that note before the last chorus! This is for sure a masterpiece, and it further proves Poland's strength early on. It's even good enough to make my all-time top 10.
Over the past months, I've seen the title "Dinle" all over the place. I've seen comments of people mentioning and praising it, I've seen it in my Youtube recommendations, everything. It's definitely a beloved entry and I was really looking forward to finally hearing it. I can now confirm it's as good as everyone says it is! Even the juries agreed, which never happens with Turkey pre-2000. I feel like it isn't too far off from what they've sent before, but there's a certain the magic the song has. Maybe it's just Şebnem Paker's flawless and captivating performance that makes it so appealing. I thought she was fantastic in "Beşinci Mevsim" too. Speaking of which, is a song I loved, and this manages to be even better and even more Turkish. The chorus has this amazing ethnic beat, as well as a catchy hook and a great melody. Though the chorus is probably my least favorite part. The verses are simply beautiful, and they show off how good of a vocalist she is. Then the ending has this amazing call-and-response part that I find so satisfying. The whole song was done perfectly, and I love every part of it. I think this is the best Turkish entry I've heard!
Whether Italy intended to participate or not, "Fiumi Di Parole" is a complete and utter masterpiece. The first time I heard it, I got chills for the entire song and was left stunned by the end. I seriously believe this is one of the best compositions in the entire contest. It opens beautifully and intriguingly, already showcasing her incredible vocals. It then builds through the verses, eventually leading into the first chorus, which already has the gorgeous melody and fantastic guitar riff. The second and third choruses build on this, with her angelic vocals against the backing repetition of "Fiumi Di Parole" and some perfect orchestration that gives it a grand feeling. But then once the key change happens, I literally ascend to heaven. It's the best 20 seconds I've ever heard. Not only do I believe this should've won, but I also believe that it's Italy's best entry. It's absolutely ridiculous that they took a 3 year break, sent this, then didn't return for another 13 years. As of now, "Fiumi Di Parole" is my fifth favorite Eurovision entry of all-time.
1997 is a year like no other. The wide array of genres, performances and song quality makes this the most unique in the contest. And it's hard to call any of the 25 songs forgettable. Unlike other 90s years, there's quite a few bad songs, but the best entries more than make up for it. My top 3 is one of my best ever. I don't think I can say this is my favorite year, but it's up there for sure. I'll remember it for being the most eventful and record-breaking in the contest, and I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say it's easily the most memorable year of Eurovision.
  1. Italy- Fiumi Di Parole
  2. Poland- Ale Jestem
  3. Iceland- Minn Hinsti Dans
  4. Turkey- Dinle
  5. Greece- Horepse (6th to Slovenia)
2002: We're in Estonia for what is commonly referred to as the worst year ever. Yay. And yeah, they're about right. It really is as dreadful, boring and soulless of a year as people say. And I watched it with a fever, so that didn't help either. I'd say the show greatly picked up near the end, but Estonia's production didn't get any less painful. No offense to them, but I really hated all the self-promotion, the miniscule stage and those awful low-budget postcards. The worst part was when the hosts started singing right in the middle of the lineup... just why? I think Latvia did a much better job the next year.
Latvia came out victorious after that brutal voting sequence, with Malta and Estonia somehow managing to round out the top 3. And poor Denmark, Lithuania, North Macedonia and Finland were pretty much left with nothing. I do like "I Wanna" though. I think it's an overhated winner that shined a lot in its year. I like the Latin influences, bisexual choreography and ambitious performance. It's an overall pleasant experience, apart from the messy reprise. And it will always be fun to see the look on people's faces when I tell them Latvia has a win. But my favorites are Slovenia, the UK and North Macedonia. "Come Back" is a nice gentle ballad that kept me coming back, and "Samo Ljubezen" is a fever dream bop. North Macedonia isn't a country that's been in my top 5 before, let alone my winner, but they managed to do it this time with "Od Nas Zavisi", which is a very interesting song. In fact, it's so interesting that I thought it was boring the first time I heard it. I really like the percussion, power, backup singers and build now though. It's surprisingly competent for North Macedonia.
Well yeah, that's 2002. A couple hours of my life that shared me freezing, coughing and blowing my nose. I did leave the year kind of sad though, which is an emotion I don't think I've ever felt after watching a Eurovision. I use thereorderboard for voting sequences, so I was forced to hear Wogan's commentary for the year, and this time he sounded kind of depressed. Especially near the end, and after a contest like that, I felt the same.
  1. North Macedonia- Od Nas Zavisi
  2. United Kingdom- Come Back
  3. Slovenia- Samo Ljubezen
  4. France- Il Faut Du Temps
  5. Latvia- I Wanna
2014: Denmark certainly have an interesting record in hosting the contest, from the lost footage in 1964 to the concert-like 2001, but things seemed to have gone right here. The stage is massive again, but in a good way that makes the performances look grand. And I really like the postcards. They're like a revitalized version of the ones from 1998. Only 37 countries competed this year, similar to 2023, and I think it actually helped make the song quality better. It also made going through the semi-finals easier, and it even allowed for San Marino and Montenegro to achieve their first qualifications. So maybe losing a few countries next year won't be so bad.
The winner of this year was obviously Austria's Conchita Wurst. And honestly, I don't have any strong feelings about her win like other people do. I just think the song is good. It's a powerful and dramatic ballad with some great Bond elements sprinkled in. I think it deserved its win. I'm glad Austria achieved another win after so many years of poor results, and I'm glad Conchita won against the odds. Sweden ended up two spots behind Austria in 3rd, and as usual I think they're very overrated. "Undo" is not interesting at all to me, and I don't even think it deserved the top 10. Armenia and Hungary on the other hand, did deserve their high results. I was surprised to see "Not Alone" in the top 5, as I thought it would only do well with the juries. I think it's a decent song though, despite me not liking the vocal performance. Hungary's "Running" is also pretty good. I'm not a huge fan of drum and bass songs, but I can see why it came 5th. I think it pulled off the genre quite well.
Most of the non-qualifiers this year were deserved, at least more than other years, but I really liked Georgia's entry. It's a weird song with a weird performance, nothing out of the ordinary for them. This time it's a folk-type song that has a grand feeling to it. The vocal runs in the beginning are pretty interesting, and so is the structure of the song. It starts with a 50 second intro, and then I assume it goes into the verse. I'm not even sure what the chorus in this song is though. It's that weird. The lyrics are ridiculous and seem like something out of a movie soundtrack, so a part of me wishes they were in Georgian. This song had no chance anyway! But I adore the eccentricities of this song and it continues to baffle me. Never change Georgia.
Switzerland's "Hunter Of Stars" isn't a song I thought I'd be liking so much when I first heard it. It's simple and upbeat, not really my kind of thing. But the more I listened to it, the more I realized what a wonderful and happy folk song it is. It's got great violins, great drumming and of course great whistling! It's just a charming song that makes me happy. And Poland's "My Słowianie" also makes me happy. Not because of the woman churning butter, but because I find it funny and ironically high quality. I like the ethnic elements (I'll take anything I can get) and I do think the chorus goes hard. Some of the shock factor has worn off, but I still think it's a bop that deserved the top 10!
I have an unexplainable fondness for Belarus's "Cheesecake". I really should not like it as much as I do. It came 16th, but it feels like a non-qualifier to me. I'm glad that wasn't the case though. It's a bop and a vibe, and I needed it in the final. The song is coincidentally very cheesy, so "Cheesecake" is a fitting yet weird title. The lyrics are cheesy, the performance is cheesy (even if it tries to be classy) and I just think the singer is made out of cheese. I'm pretty sure the song/performance was an attempt at imitating that Justin Timberlake trend of the early 2010s, but it's actually better and cheesier than his entire discography. So I'm proud to announce that I am Teo's number one fan, and that this song marks Belarus's first time in my top 5.
Italy always send quality to the competition, and they always get rewarded for it (except for 1966). But this time they sent quality and came 21st. Am I missing something? "La Mia Città" has a performance that's far from perfect, but the song is great. I really like the rock-influenced sound of it, especially in the verses. The chorus is definitely weaker, but it's growing on me. It's quite catchy and I like the melody. I don't understand why the public didn't vote for it more. Also, I knew Emma because of her song "Cercavo Amore", and I think something like that would've done better with the juries. But I like "La Mia Città", and I do have it in my top 3.
I don't think I've ever had an easier time picking a winner. No other song even came close to impressing me like this one did, so I knew it would be my winner as soon as it finished. That song is the Netherlands' "Calm After Storm", which I find absolutely beautiful. I love the calming country sound it has. It's unique for Eurovision, and outside of what I'd listen to. Most of the country songs in the competition are pop oriented, so something like this is really refreshing. Just the simple instrumental is all that's needed to make this song beautiful, and I love that. The performance is simple as well. It's just the two of them singing to each other, but it's beautiful and intimate, partly thanks to the great camerawork. I assume it had a role in them coming second. I would've loved for them to have won though. Understated winners are rare, and the Dutch winning after 8 non-qualifications would've been a great comeback story. But they still came second, and they're still my runaway winners.
Despite the apparent lack of native languages this year, I actually found the final quite enjoyable. There's plenty of pleasant songs like "No Prejudice" and "Moustache". "Moustache" is in no way a good song though, and that's the problem with this year. Very few songs actually impressed me. It's one of those years where I had a "that's it?" feeling after all the performances. In terms of overall quality though, it's probably better than 2012 and 2013. They also played "Dansevise" at the beginning, so I am inclined to like this year.
  1. Netherlands- Calm After The Storm
  2. Norway- Silent Storm
  3. Italy- La Mia Città
  4. Belarus- Cheesecake
  5. Georgia- Three Minutes To Earth (6th to Switzerland)
I'd say this was a more average group of years. There was everything from 2002 to 1997, so it's fairly balanced. But now I only have 6 years left to cover—1967, 1975, 1985, 1994, 2006 and 2010. You'll hear what I think of those in the new year, and I'm hoping I can end this almost 1 year journey through the competition on a positive note.
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Roblox Event Timeline

Yorick’s Resting Place
Halloween Paintball
Zeke and Luther
Eggstravaganza 2010: Spring
Eggstravaganza 2010: Summer
Halloween Capture the Flag
Transformers Prime
Halloween Paintball 2011
Level Up
Lab Rats
Roblox Easter Egg Hunt 2012
The Three Stooges
Cre-O Battleship
Lego Hero Factory: Breakout
Crash & Bernstein Banner Contest
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtle Trouble
Giftsplosion 2012
Lego Hero Factory: Brain Attack
Roblox NERF
Roblox Easter Egg Hunt 2013
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
Bloxtober Costume Contest
Bloxtober 2013
Roblox Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt 2013
Walking with Dinosaurs
Siege of Quebec
Roblox Cloud 9
Roblox 2014 Winter Games
Egg Hunt 2014: Save the Eggverse!
Summer Games 2014
Roblox Clan Battle 2014
Roblox University 2014
The Bloxtrolls
Bloxtober 2014
Kre-O Transformers
Bloxgiving 2014
Roblox Holiday 2014
Winter Games 2015
Roblox Big Hero 6
Roblox Egg Hunt 2015
Roblox Ultimate Competition
Roblox Jurassic World
Roblox Summer Camp 2015
Roblox Teen Titans Go!
Dragons: Race to the Edge
The Roblox 2015 Summer Games
Roblox We Bare Bears
Roblox Hotel Transylvania 2
Roblox Disney Infinity
Roblox Endless Summer Camp Out
Bloxtober 2015
Roblox The Peanuts Movie
Bloxgiving 2015
Roblox Holiday 2015
Roblox Kung Fu Panda 3
Roblox Zootopia
Roblox Kids Choice Awards 2016
Egg Hunt 2016: Eggcellent Adventure
Roblox Battle Arena 2016
Roblox: The Angry Birds Movie
Roblox: Around the World
Roblox Voltron: Legendary Defender
Post, Create and Play
Roblox Summer Camp 2016
Roblox Imagination 2016
The Roblox 2016 Summer Games
Roblox Endless Summer Cruise
Roblox FIFA 17 (EA)
Bloxtober 2016
Roblox Hallow’s Eve 2016
Roblox Legends of the Hidden Temple
Roblox Moana
Roblox Universe 2016
Roblox Medieval Battle
Roblox Winter Games 2017
Roblox Kids Choice Awards 2017
Innovation Tycoon
Smurfs: The Lost Village
Egg Hunt 2017: The Lost Eggs
Roblox Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Buried Treasure
Roblox Heroes 2017
Balance Your Fun!
The Roblox 2017 Summer Games
Roblox Universe 2017
Voltron Robot Building Contest
Roblox Imagination 2017
Roblox Ducktales
Roblox Sports Event
Roblox Spider-Man: Homecoming
Nightmare before Bloxtober
Roblox Hallow’s Eve 2017
Roblox COCO
Bloxgiving 2017
Space Battle
Roblox Holiday 2017
Roblox Ready Player One
Roblox Kids Choice Awards 2018
Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales
Roblox Atlantis
Battle Arena 2018
Roblox Heroes 2018
Roblox Creator Challenge 2018
Roblox Universe 2018
Roblox Summer Tournament 2018
Roblox Imagination 2018
Roblox NFL 2018
Roblox Hallow’s Eve 2018
Roblox Winter Creator Challenge
Roblox Aquaman
Roblox Action
Roblox Powers
6th Annual Bloxy Awards
Roblox Pizza Party
Roblox Nike Air
Roblox Wrestlemania
Egg Hunt 2019: Scrambled in Time
Roblox Godzilla: King of the Monsters
Roblox Creator Challenge 2019
Roblox FC Barcelona
Roblox X Stranger Things 3
Roblox Liverpool FC
Roblox NFL 2019
Introducing The RB Battles Championship For 1 MILLION Robux! (Roblox Battles)
RB Battles Season 1
Galactic Speedway Creator Challenge
Roblox X Fast & Furious: Spy Racers
Egg Hunt 2020: Agents of E.G.G.
7th Annual Bloxy Awards
Roblox One World: Together at Home
Lil Nas X Roblox Concert
RB Battles Championship Season 2 Trailer (Roblox Battles)
RB Battles Season 2
Twenty One Pilots Roblox Concert
8th Annual Bloxy Awards
Roblox Metaverse Champions
Roblox Innovation (Bloxy) Awards 2022
Chainsmokers Roblox Concert
Roblox X Black Adam
RB Battles Championship Season 3 Trailer (Roblox Battles)
RB Battles Season 3
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What’s your favorite memories on watching this show?

Note that this contains spoilers for those who never watched the entire show.
Mine was before I watch Phineas and Ferb, my family decided to move our home from the apartment after we ran out of funds to live in the apartment. We moved to a home my uncle used to lived in 2010, and they decided to migrate to US. My dad got the money to buy the cable for us to enjoy watching the TV, and that’s where I began watching P&F. We watch the episodes every before and after school. Not only P&F, but other shows like Gravity Falls in 2012 and SpongeBob Squarepants. Unexpectedly, I didn’t even realize P&F is so popular not only in USA, and other countries, but in Philippines, the country where I used to live. So popular, there was a one grade school group used Gitchee Gitchee Goo as part of the dance audition for the Dance Contest (I also remember when this song was even played at a regional radio in our car wow) I was kinda jealous when they won with that song and dance, but I appreciate it. My older brother even made an art project of Phineas and Ferb Cruise Ship for his grade 6 project in 2012, and got achieved higher grade on that awesome project. So the main point of my older and little brother watching this show is they ship Phineas and Isabella moments, they sometimes face palm when Phineas didn’t notice her crush on him, and that was kinda funny but sad at the same time. I used to hate Doof too much, was happy every time Perry beats Doof with his inators from taking over the city, but took that back after these years the show ended and I feel bad on Doof because he was unsuccessful until the final episode. At the Valentines Day in 2015, the second to the last episode was aired on the channel. And we can watch the characters growing up to teens or mature. When Phineas finally kissed Isabella for the first time to be remembered, my brothers went crazy and were joyous. That time when I got to grade 5 in June 2015, I was shocked and eager to watch the final episode after the announcement. It was a great way to end the series. Candace and Doof trying to fix the world-ending time loop because she activated that inator to time loop the world. Just after the show ended, my dad wanted to plug off the cable because it is becoming expensive due to the electric bills. Luckily, we can watch the whole show again after we bought the DVD of the whole Phineas and Ferb seasons and episodes, including the movie. Even after the show ended, we will never stop enjoying listening the great songs in this show during road trips, flights, and even at home. Comment below on what is tour favorite memories on this show.
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If the Sardonicast was on "Jeopardy!"

DISCLAIMER: Whether or not people would find it funny if the hosts of the podcast 'Sardonicast' competed on the game show Jeopardy would depend on their personal sense of humor and their familiarity with the podcast and the game show. Some people might find the combination of the podcast hosts and the game show format humorous, while others might not find it funny at all. It is ultimately up to the individual to decide whether they find the concept amusing or not.
DISCLAIMER 2: If you are not familiar with the podcast or the game show, or if you do not generally find this type of humor amusing, you may not find the concept of the hosts competing on Jeopardy to be funny. Please keep this in mind as you read.
DISCLAIMER 3: The reader must be aware that the transcript of a hypothetical situation where the hosts of the podcast 'Sardonicast' competed on the game show Jeopardy is not meant to accurately reflect how each personality on the show would behave in real life. It is a fictional scenario created for entertainment purposes, and the behavior and actions of the characters in the transcript should not be taken as an accurate representation of the real people involved. In order to fully enjoy the scenario, the reader must suspend their disbelief and accept the events in the transcript as a purely fictional creation.
Alex Trebek: Welcome to Jeopardy! I'm your host, Alex Trebek. Our three contestants tonight are popular movie reviewers on YouTube. We have YourMovieSucks, I Hate Everything, and RalphtheMovieMaker. Let's get started.
Alex Trebek: Our first category is "Blockbuster Hits." For 100 dollars, the answer is: This superhero movie from 2008 was the first film to earn over $1 billion at the global box office.
YourMovieSucks: What is The Dark Knight?
Alex Trebek: That is correct.
Alex Trebek: For 200 dollars, the answer is: This 1977 space opera was the first film to earn over $500 million at the global box office.
I Hate Everything: What is Star Wars?
Alex Trebek: That is correct.
Alex Trebek: For 300 dollars, the answer is: This 1994 animated film was the highest-grossing film of all time until Titanic surpassed it in 1997.
RalphtheMovieMaker: What is The Lion King?
Alex Trebek: That is correct.
Alex Trebek: Great job, contestants. We'll be back after this commercial break with more Jeopardy!
Alex Trebek: And we're back with Jeopardy! Our next category is "Critically Acclaimed." For 100 dollars, the answer is: This 1994 film won the Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay.
I Hate Everything: What is Pulp Fiction?
Alex Trebek: That is correct.
Alex Trebek: For 200 dollars, the answer is: This 2008 film won the Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Adapted Screenplay.
YourMovieSucks: What is No Country for Old Men?
Alex Trebek: That is correct.
Alex Trebek: For 300 dollars, the answer is: This 2012 film won the Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay.
RalphtheMovieMaker: What is Argo?
Alex Trebek: That is correct.
Alex Trebek: Great job, contestants. We'll be back after this commercial break with Final Jeopardy!
Alex Trebek: And we're back with Final Jeopardy! The category is "Director's Cut." The answer is: This filmmaker is known for his psychological thrillers, including The Shining and A Clockwork Orange.
All three contestants write down their answers and hold them up for Trebek to see.
Alex Trebek: Let's see your answers. YourMovieSucks, you wrote "Who is Alfred Hitchcock?" I'm sorry, that is incorrect. I Hate Everything, you wrote "Who is Stanley Kubrick?" That is correct. RalphtheMovieMaker, you also wrote "Who is Stanley Kubrick?" That is correct.
Alex Trebek: I Hate Everything, you are the winner of tonight's Jeopardy! Congratulations!
I Hate Everything: Thank you, Alex. It was an honor to compete against such talented reviewers.
Alex Trebek: Thank you, contestants. That concludes tonight's Jeopardy! Tune in next time for more exciting trivia action. Goodnight!
Thank you so much for reading the transcript of the hypothetical Jeopardy match between the hosts of the 'Sardonicast' podcast. I had a lot of fun writing this fictional scenario, and I hope that it provided some entertainment for you as well.
I want to give a special thanks to the hosts of 'Sardonicast' for being such great personalities and providing me with inspiration for the characters in the transcript. I am a big fan of their show, and I think they are incredibly talented and funny.
I also want to thank Alex Trebek and the producers of Jeopardy for creating such an iconic and beloved game show. It was a pleasure to write a fictional version of the show, and I hope that I did the real Jeopardy justice.
Thank you again for reading, I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has read the transcript and to open up the floor for discussion:
I am curious to hear what you all thought of the transcript and the match. Did you find it funny? Did you think the hosts did well? Do you have any suggestions for improvement?
I am open to all feedback, so please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. Thank you again for reading, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the transcript. Let's discuss!
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Big XII Uniform Tracker Week 6: The Gang gets ANGRY

Hello CFB! Welcome to the 2022 Big XII Uniform Tracker in Week 6! Can you believe we are this far into the season? There are some certifiably hateful matchups this week, and the showdowns have BIG implications. The Big XII has proven to be one of the deepest conferences in the nation! Only a few of our contestants can taste sweet victory this week, let's see what they wore into battle today. As per uniform tracker tradition, let's put some records on.
Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYed5whEf4g

I’m u/matte_purple, and lets 3,2,1 go!

#17 TCU Horned Frogs at #19 University of Kansas Jayhawks (TCU Wins, 38-31)
KU: White/Red/White (Link: https://imgur.com/a/LJkzLEq )
TCU: Black/White/Black (Link: https://imgur.com/a/xH3a2Z2 )
College Gameday has officially been to Lawrence, Kansas. This matchup was a surprise game of unbeatens, and Booth Memorial Stadium sold out for only the third time since 2019. Insane touchdown passes and some fast-paced QB action made this a movie of a game. I was blown away at some of these catches. The highlight reel for this game will be monstrous. It was the Frogs, however, who finally drew blood on mighty KU Jayhawks. Horned Frog QB Max Duggan is playing some of the best football of his life and was helped by some unreal plays by WR Quinten Johnston, whose 206 yards on 14 catches were the most by a TCU receiver since 2016. This was super fun to watch, but it would be wrong if we didn’t all wish star QB Jalon Daniels a speedy recovery from his tweaked shoulder.
TCU elected to bring back the Sooner-Slayer helmets, featuring the same Horned Frog outline seen last week. This time, they wore their white suits with black pants. I originally liked their white uniforms way more than the others, but I think I’ve grown to enjoy their darker looks more. Not to say I don’t like TCU’s away look, it’s just weaker than the purple or black. The purple chrome facemask also made a return, and I honestly hope they keep wearing that through the season. Great touches with the Black Panther-esque collars, as always, way to play today.
KU wore their red tops in between white helmets and pants. This is almost the same look we saw against Duke two weeks ago, sans the red pants. I definitely enjoy the red uniforms, but they work much better when paired with white. I’m glad they are stepping away from the red monochrome look. Again, KU red is a nice, bold color! No KU word mark is fantastic, and the team has not changed the logo on the helmet once. Thumbs up to the Jayhawks. As one last jab, I’ll just say KU has now not had a win over a ranked opponent since 2010, when they defeated #15 Georgia Tech. Maybe that will change soon this season.

#7 Oklahoma State University Cowboys vs Texas Tech University Red Raiders (OSU Wins, 41-31)
OSU: Black/Black/White (Link: https://imgur.com/a/QGdtaZF )
TTU: Black/White/Black (Link: https://imgur.com/a/bbSj6aD )
The Cowboys from Oklahoma have a new challenger in town, the Red Raider from down south. Here in the streets of Stillwater, there’s only room for one gunslinger. And it was a shootout for the ages. Cowboy’s QB Sanders threw for 297 yards and a TD, rushed for 56 yards and two scores, and became the No. 2 man on OSU’s all-time wins list as a starting quarterback (moving past current head coach and alum Mike Gundy). Tech had a superstar in the making at QB, putting Donavan Smith on the bench in favor of Behren Morton. The redshirt freshman finished with 379 yards and two touchdowns, completing 39 of 62 attempts with one interception in his first-career start. Tech actually outgained the Cowboys, but turnovers and better special teams ended up putting the orange team over the top.
Is there anyone on Earth who doesn’t like Tech’s throwbacks? These things are absolutely sensational. The classic Double T. The original shade of scarlet. No weird lines or chevrons, a clean, original, mean look for the Raiders from Lubbock. The only gripe I have with this matchup is Oklahoma State’s uniforms. This would have been a wonderful opportunity to wear Orange/Black/Orange, which hasn’t been worn since 2016. Instead, the Pokes wore a mostly black look, which admittedly did look nice, but clashed just a tad with Texas Tech’s mostly black look. But like I said, it is hard to criticize the Pokes when they wear black. This look was quite similar to Week 2’s uniforms, with just a change in helmet color and a patch on the front honoring #55 Bob Fenimore, who led the Cowboys to the Cotton Bowl and a National Championship win in 1944 and 45. Fenimore’s name will be unveiled in Boone Pickens Stadium next to Cowboy legends Thurman Thomas and Barry Sanders. I digress, the black looks clean, and the Cursive Cowboy’s helmet with the orange facemask is, like I've said before, one of the GOATS in the uniform world. These were the best uniforms of the week, for sure.
Texas Tech gets some rest this bye week in preparation for hosting West Virginia, while OK-State battles TCU in Fort Worth next week in a clash of the unbeatens.

University of Texas Longhorns at University of Oklahoma Sooners (UT Wins, 49-0)
UT: White/White/White (Link: https://imgur.com/a/SVF7t7a )
OU: Red/Red/White (Link: https://imgur.com/a/vjzbvaR )
Usually the top dog matchup in the conference, the Red River rivalry took an unexpected turn, with not only both teams being unranked, but looking incredibly lopsided. Texas dropped the hammer on the Sooner gang, suffering a 49-0 blowout. Ewers threw for 289 yards and four touchdowns in his return, Bijan Robinson ran for 130 yards with two TDs, Texas outgained OU by nearly 400 yards, and the Longhorns handed Oklahoma its most-lopsided shutout loss EVER. The Golden Hat is back with the Austin posse for the first time since 2018.
If ever there is a time to look classic, this is the game. Both teams rocked a traditional look, as they should, that both teams have worn essentially my entire life. I don’t even think I need to discuss them. Purely for tradition and history, this is the uniform matchup of the week. Simple, easy, crisp. At least OU had good spring game attendance. They face Kansas next week.

#20 Kansas State University Wildcats vs Iowa State University Cyclones (K-State Wins, 10-9)
K-State: SilveWhite/Silver (Link: https://imgur.com/a/TndpUzr )
ISU: Black/Black/White (Link: https://imgur.com/a/eAshp3p )
Farmageddon. This game is the single-longest never-interrupted rivalry in college football. After starting the rivalry in 1917, these two teams played through the 1918 flu pandemic and World War 2. The Ag in this rivalry runs deep. Farmageddon now has an incredibly close all time series of 52-50-4. Iowa has had success in the last few years, but this year, the men from the Wheat State would not be denied. In an ugly defensive game, with one touchdown scored in the first quarter, and then ALL FIELD GOALS, the Wildcats left Ames with a 10-9 win. This is actually the 11th game since 2000 in this series decided by one score. Not exactly a fun game to watch, but I did my due diligence. K-State moves on up to the top of the Big 12. Onto the uniforms.
Iowa State finally brought out the proverbial big guns – the famed blackout uniforms. Boy howdy. Everyone has a lot to say on these. But do you know something? I like them! I think everyone does, we just got to make fun of them because they were the defacto home unis last year. If they are used as intended – special occasion uniforms – they look great and add a menacing edge to Jack Trice Stadium. They looked great against K-State's silver and white uniforms under the lights. If I could suggest something, put just a touch of that cardinal red in there. Imagine how nice all blacks would look if the “I” on the helmets was outlined red? Or if the Jack Trice patch on the front was red? All you need is one or two of these details to make the uniforms extra special. I do concede, I like the lines in the numbers better in black and white. I’m not sure why. Iowa State officially has one loss in the blackouts in regular season games.
K-State looked like classic K-State, a phrase we will probably hear for the rest of the season. K-State gets a well-deserved bye week to heal, while the Cyclones visit a fired up Longhorn team next week.

BONUS UNIFORMS! Time to have a look at our future Big XII teams!

University of Central Florida Knights vs Southern Methodist University Mustangs (UCF Wins, 41-19)
UCF: White/Black/White (Link: https://imgur.com/a/10XSdW3 )
SMU: White/White/Blue (Link: https://imgur.com/a/fU11xPF )
This game was played on Wednesday thanks to Hurricane Ian. Once again, please support those affected where you can. The game was a tale of two halves, with SMU leading by three points in the first half, 13-10, but falling to 41-19 by the end of regulation. I don’t know what the Knights put in their goblets at halftime, but it clearly worked.
This is a fresh look cobbled together from existing jerseys. While not a brand-spanking-new look by any means, the color scheme from UCF is always so nice, and the reverse Oreo look against SMU’s mostly white provides a great look that I can’t say anything bad about. I’ve already talked about SMU once before, and the same things apply. The “Dallas” uniforms are drippy, and that shade of blue is fantastic against the flecks of gold and black UCF brings. Overall, a gorgeous combination that keeps me happy!

#19 Brigham Young University Cougars vs Notre Dame Fighting Irish (ND Wins, 28-20)
BYU: Black/Black/Black (Link: https://imgur.com/a/lQQYtR2 )
ND: Gold/White/White (Link: https://imgur.com/a/EA7IWmu )
The Holy Brawl in Sin City. Notre Dame held BYU QB Jaren Hall to 9/17 for 120 yards while limiting the Cougars to 3/9 on third down. The Irish snapped the football 73 times to BYU’s 46 and held a 496-280 total yardage advantage. The Cougars put up a fight in the second half but ended up falling. A tough loss for BYU and a monstrous win for the Fighting Irish. Let’s see what their threads look like.
The Shamrock Series is essentially Notre Dame’s vacation game. Almost akin to a bowl game in the middle of the season, it has been a tradition since 2009. Alternate uniforms have been worn on 9 occasions in the series, and this one was a strange one. The Irish wore all white with gold accents, but not what you would normally think of on a uniform. It almost looked like an Art Deco piece. The white jerseys feature Notre Dame's classic shamrock on the sleeves and the school's name across the front. The Golden Dome, which is located atop the main building on the school's campus, and the stylized lights of Las Vegas make up the shoulder stripe. In addition, the year 2022 is featured on the back collar. These were controversial, especially online, but I liked them. Not my favorite, but they’re okay! It looks just a tad Georgia Tech-like for me, but what do you expect when a team wears white and gold. The best part of the uniform is easily the featureless, iconic, gold helmet. If that doesn't change, ND can hang.
BYU had mostly black threads. Which is tricky. On one hand, they look sexy (aside from the helmet gradient), on the other, black uniforms worn by teams without black in their colors is a fad that needs to die out. This is only the second black uniform in BYU’s history. The first blackout uniform debuted in 2012 against Oregon State and was worn a handful of times before it was retired after the 2020 season, and I honestly think that rendition looked better. The BYU royal blue is such a special color, and it pops nicely with the black, so I guess it’s up to you guys. Just one more time for the people in back, NO MORE HELMET GRADIENTS!

University of Houston Cougars vs. University of Memphis Tigers (Houston Wins, 33-32)
UH: Red/White/Red (Link: https://imgur.com/a/G3EWNKy )
Memphis: Gray/Blue/Gray (Link: https://imgur.com/a/HqDpCj2 )
After a heartbreaker of a loss against Tulane last week, Houston looked to bounce back against the Tigers at the Liberty Bowl. Meanwhile Memphis has learned from it’s opening season loss to go 4-0 since then. And this game was special. Touted QB Clayton Tune threw a pair of touchdown passes inside the final two minutes as Houston scored 26 fourth-quarter points to stun Memphis 33-32 on Friday night. I was not expecting that from either team.
The Cougars went back to basics this game, wearing the peppermint look seen in Week 2, this time adding red pants that I like a little bit more than the white pants. The away team made their presence known with the chrome helmets, which always look good. This is a stellar combo, and one of my favorite away looks, especially against the Memphis blue.
Memphis has worn these helmets one time, in 2021 against Mississippi State. I’m glad they brought it back! There’s a ton of teams that use the tiger striped helmets (including Memphis), but something can be said for originality. The Leaping Tiger logo with the numbers on the other side looks smooth and is my preferred method of asymmetrical helmet. Gray is always a tricky color. I think the fact Memphis has committed to it is commendable and looks nice! Solid blue color plus a nice simple gray makes for a uniform that looks good. The front is a tad busy. If you removed the logo from the collar, I think it would make a big difference. Also, in May, it was released that the city of Memphis and the university will spend around $150 million to renovate the home of the annual Liberty Bowl before the 2025 season. Mockups look good! Something to be excited for!

University of Cincinnati Bearcats vs University of South Florida Bulls (Cincy Wins, 28-24)
CIN: White/Red/White (Link: https://imgur.com/a/0MxkfJo )
USF: Gold/White/Gold (Link: https://imgur.com/a/IrXIHAL )
The Bearcats haven’t lost at home since Temple beat them 35-24 on Nov. 10, 2017. Due to Hurricane Ian, the South Florida Bulls played four straight road games for the first time in program history. The last time they played three straight road games was 2006. It was this matchup of homefield advantage and tired road team that ended with the Bearcats holding off a valiant effort from the Bulls, 28-24.
The Bearcats have not worn this particular color combo since 2015, in the Hawai’i Bowl. The white pants look for Cincinnati is a professional one, but I think that the Bearcats didn’t quite look normal. This is exactly what I had wanted in Week 1, but now that I have it, I think we need more black. Plus, there are a lot of Red and White teams in that region of the country, black sets them apart! Many Cincy fans also believe the white helmets are cursed, which I can’t speak to. Good win for the Cincinnati boys!
USF fell in dignity, but I’m not a huge fan of the look. We’ve talked about the Bulls before, all the way back in Week 1. It looks like the old Baylor colors but more faded. The pants also seem to be a slightly distinct color than the helmets. It's always tough to get good gold threads. The green is a nice jungle shade that we haven't seen too often in college, but there is simply not enough of it in these.

You know it, you love it. Here’s the random matchup of the week! Let's take a look at our pals from the Mountain West Conference for this uniform matchup.

San Jose State Spartans vs. University of Nevada at Las Vegas Rebels (Spartans Win, 40-7)
UNLV: Gray/White/White (Link: https://imgur.com/a/dG16leX )
SJSU: White/Yellow/Yellow(Link: https://imgur.com/a/RZtZYrH )
Not quite PAC after dark, but this will certainly do. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Mountain West teams, but damn, if I hadn't picked this ahead of time, I wouldn't have watched it. It was a rough game for the Rebels, with Trojan QB Cordeiro throwing 18/27 for 230 yards and added 109 yards on the ground with two TD runs. His 22-yard touchdown pass to Dominick Mazotti stretched the 4-1 San Jose State lead to 33-0 midway through the third quarter. UNLV simply couldn't find its footing and lost this game handedly.
Despite the loss, UNLV looked sharp. I’ve always been a bit of a gray uniform sympathizer, but those who aren't will appreciate the anthracite helmet with the black arched wordmark. It gives a wonderfully smokey look. Accentuated by the otherwise clean white canvas with minimal additions, it gives a look of a team that is trying to graduate. The chrome facemask is a nice touch, and the faint additions of red add a perfect brush of color. Although you can’t see them in the images I've selected (I couldn’t find a ton), UNLV also has helmet stickers in the shape of spades, a nice nod to Las Vegas.
San Jose State sported a vibrant white/yellow/yellow outfit on their trip to the top of the MWC, and let me tell you, this is how you make yellow look good. A perfect mix of white, blue that doesn’t undercut the pop of the yellow while still not burning your eyes. I especially like the helmet stripe in the shape of a spear head. The logo on the side of the helmets is so nice, the font looks good, and I have no issues with this killer combo. Hail, gold, blue and white, and good game!

Aaaaand that’s all folks! Week 6 is all wrapped up! Don't look now, but the season is halfway over. I hope you enjoy yourselves this week, can’t wait to see you next time! If you liked this post, have anything additional to add/suggest, leave an upvote, comment, or message me! See you next week in football’s greatest conference!
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Fighting Game Anniversaries: Week 48 (December 5 - December 11)

Hey yall this is fganniversaries again. Like last week, I will be recapping anniversaries relating to fighting game announcements/releases this week . Like always, if I missed one, do please let me know in the comments. Here would be the following anniversaries:
December 5
December 6
December 7
December 8
December 9
December 10
December 11
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Fighting Game Anniversaries: Week 48 (December 5 - December 11)

Hey yall this is fganniversaries again. Like last week, I will be recapping anniversaries relating to fighting game announcements/releases this week . Like always, if I missed one, do please let me know in the comments. Here would be the following anniversaries:
December 5
December 6
December 7
December 8
December 9
December 10
December 11
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