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Do you want to read Reviews about you favorite Forex Brokers?
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Reddit HotForex - Forex Brokers Reviews

Reddit HotForex - Forex Brokers Reviews

HotForex Review

The best way to assess an online broker is by taking into account the opinions of its clients. On this occasion I will proceed to analyze the conditions of service and reliability of the HotForex broker.
What opinions does the trading community have regarding HotForex? If you keep reading you will know the impressions it produces.
  • What is HotForex?
  • 2. Opinions on HotForex trading platforms
  • 2.1. Computer equipment
  • 2.2. Mobile devices
  • 3. Opinions about the HotForex service
  • 3.1. Instruments available
  • 3.2. Trading accounts
  • 3.2.1. Demo account
  • 3.3. Customer Support
  • 4. Opinions on the reliability of HotForex
  • 4.1. Company data
  • 4.2. Regulations
  • 4.3. Security of funds
  • 4.4. Deposit and withdrawal policy
  • 5. Conclusion
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What is Reddit HotForex?
HotForex is a Forex and CFD broker that allows you to trade online on different financial instruments . In this article we are going to discover many more aspects about this financial intermediary through the opinions and comments that circulate in the main forums and pages dedicated to trading.
For now, we can say that it is a broker that offers its services through direct intermediation . In other words, it does not offer us the consideration for our operations. This type of brokers offer their clients access to negotiation with other market participants by taking the operations to the market and only the broker acting as an intermediary.
If there is something for which HotForex stands out, according to the valuations we have found, it is its transparency , its wide range of products and the possibility of scalping and hedging (hedging operations, that is, opening a long and a short position simultaneously on the same financial instrument).
Next, we are going to observe each of these aspects in a more detailed way.

HotForex trading platforms
At this point it offers simplicity. It does not have its own platform and the only option available to choose from is MetaTrader 4 . Although it must be said that it is not just any platform, but the most popular and one of the best valued in the sector.
UPDATE: This broker has also started to offer its clients the MetaTrader 5 platformand its versions in web format and for mobile devices.
MetaTrader is a free platform belonging to MetaQuotes Software . Many of the online Forex and CFD brokers, including HotForex, offer this platform through a client terminal.
Beyond some personal and isolated case, this platform generally enjoys great acceptance due to its easy handling , its depth of analysis , its versatility and its possibility of customization (to which we should add the ease of operating through automatic systems or Expert Advisors). Therefore, we can conclude that the platform option is not bad in itself, although some other alternative may be missing.
In turn, this broker gives us the possibility of trading with MetaTrader 4 through a computer or a mobile device with an iOS or Android system.
Trading Platforms
We have the option of downloading the HotForex MetaTrader 4 client terminal onto the computer . Whether we work with a Windows operating system, a MAC or a Linux.
If we do not have a preference for downloading, for whatever reason (mainly because we intend to operate from several computers), we can access the WebTerminal that HotForex has with this platform.
MetaTrader 4 WebTerminal allows us to operate from a web server , which does not require a download.
Mobile devices
The MetaTrader 4 platform has a version adapted for mobile devices (both SmarPhones and Tablets); and HotForex gives us access to this version, called MetaTrader 4 Mobile .
It is practically the same platform , although, for functional reasons, the analysis tools may not be as complete. However, it allows efficient trading .
The Mobile version is only available for download to the device of the corresponding trading app .
This version can be used both on mobile devices that use the Android, iOS and iPad (Tablets) operating systems.
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Opinion about the trading app for mobile devices of HotForex

In summary, we could determine that HotForex uses a trading platform with a good opinion of the trading community . Although we could also admit that it is the only option available.

Opinions about the HotForex service
To correctly assess the general service that HotForex offers to traders , we will subdivide it into several sections or factors. Although in general terms, in view of the opinions, we could define it as satisfactory.

Instruments available

One of the reasons for hiring this broker, as we have seen in the comments of the Rankia community, is the wide range of instruments available to trade and among which it is likely to frequently find trading opportunities.
The financial assets available to trade with HotForex are the following:
  • Forex (currency market): It is a broker specialized in this market, therefore, it offers us a large number of currency pairs (we can count more than 50).
  • Metals and Energies: They are a type of commodities or raw materials that are listed in the financial markets and that we can operate through CFDs. HotForex offers us oil (Brent priced in British pounds and West Texas priced in dollars), natural gas, gold and silver. That is, two metals and two energy products (three if we subdivide oil). It also offers us the possibility of trading metals priced in euros.
  • Stock Indices: A total of 11 of the indices of the world's major equity markets. Among them is the Ibex 35.
  • Shares: A large number of shares of companies that are listed on various Stock Exchanges (more than 50). You can find stocks that are listed on European and US markets.
  • Commodities: Although metals and energy products are also considered raw materials, HotForex makes a distinction between them and food products (although it also includes metals such as copper, palladium and platinum in this section). In total we can find about 7 raw materials (cocoa, coffee, cotton, sugar and the metals described above).
  • Cryptocurrencies: HotForex could not be left out of the intermediaries that provide access to the cryptocurrency market. It offers a total of up to 8 of these assets (if we take into account that Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin can be traded against the euro and against the dollar).
  • Bonds: It is possible to trade the bond markets through CFDs. Specifically, we have three of the main 10-year public debt instruments; the German Bund, the UK Gilt and the US T-Notes.
In view of what has been observed, HotForex offers a sufficient number of markets and assets ; and even higher than other brokers in the sector.

Trading accounts

In this aspect, HotForex provides us with multiple options . The truth is that there are a large number. In such a way that, depending on our profile as traders, our capital and other issues of our operations, we can choose between the following:
  • Premium account: This type of account is prepared for the most experienced traders. It is necessary to open minimum operations with a size of 1 minilot (0.1 lots or contracts). Subsequently, the operations can be increased in micro lots (0.01 lots or contracts).
  • Zero spread account: It is one of the most commented accounts on trading websites (such as Rankia). The opening deposit is somewhat higher than that of the Micro Account, but perfectly acceptable for a non-professional trader. It is useful for those who perform scalping or a type of trading with large operations. Net spreads are very tight on this type of account.
  • Islamic Account: This type of account complies with Islamic laws in which the charging of interest is prohibited. Thus eliminating the Swap commission. In return, it has different conditions.
  • HF Copy Account: Account designed for those who intend to offer a social trading service, generating a series of followers who can copy our operations in exchange for a percentage of the performance obtained.
  • Premium Pro Account: It is a type of account designed to meet the needs of professional operators. Must have the category of Professional Client for access. It allows greater leverage because the ESMA rules do not affect those who are considered professionals (they only affect retail traders.
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Demo account
We cannot forget the HotForex demo account . A trading simulator in which you can perform operations with fictitious capital . It is ideal to test the services of the broker as well as to test our trading strategies and to gain security in the markets, completing our training as operators.
HotForex offers us a free demo account for an unlimited time . In this simulator you can trade without risk under conditions similar to a real account. The initial (virtual) balance of this account is 100,000 dollars (or euros).
Regarding the demo account, we have an opinion about the experience of a real customer taken from showing the good functioning of the same and the intention to open an Account with zero spread.

HotForex Customer Support

We enter one of the best valued aspects of this financial intermediary . There are certain opinions of HotForex that circulate on the network which affect this point.
The truth is that this online broker makes an account manager (Personal Account Manager) available to each trader. This fact makes it stand out in terms of a personalized customer support service.
HotForex customer service consists of an online chat to be able to hold conversations in real time. Very useful due to its simplicity and agility.
At the same time , an email is also available to discuss matters that require greater depth or to record the conversations held. Complementing the support with a telephone line for cases in which the online route may not be available.
Therefore, the service has the appropriate channels , exclusive staff for inquiries and a 24-hour service schedule (only in English).

Reliability and Regulations

Another factor that most influences when deciding to hire an online broker (in addition to the service offered in general terms that we have just discussed) is security. In this aspect, HotForex also stands out , it is seen by the investment community as a reliable intermediary.
Next, we will see the various points that make up the HotForex reliability sector dealt with in more detail .
Company data
The company is named HotForex is HF Markets Ltd Europe . So we conclude that HotForex is simply a trade name .
This Cypriot company has the following data:
  • HF Markets (Europe) Ltd.
  • Spirou Kyprianou 50
  • Irida 3 Tower
  • 10th Floor
  • Larnaca 6057 (Cyprus)
However, the company belongs to a business holding company that has offices in several countries, for example:
  • HF Markets (SA) Limited (South Africa)
  • HF Markets Limited (Republic of Mauritius)
  • HF Markets SV (Grenadine Islands)
These venues do not affect the Spanish trader . It is HF Markets (Europe), a company registered in Cyprus, which offers its services in Spain . The reason is none other than regulation; precisely what we are going to expose in the next section.
One of the essential tasks (if not the most fundamental) when hiring an online broker is to verify that it is properly regulated.
The supervisory bodies engaged in this purpose they ensure that the laws are enforced in financial services and the safety of customers . Thus, it is a necessary requirement to proceed to commercialize financial intermediation services to have a license from the regulatory body of the country in which the company has its headquarters.
Upon obtaining this license, the broker becomes part of a public registry and it is considered that it complies with the regulations regarding solvency and good practices for its clients.
In this way, and after carrying out the appropriate verification, we observe that HotForex is registered in the registry of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission , with license number 183/12 and registration date of 20 November 2012.
As shown in the following image.
Although there are brokers with different headquarters and therefore different regulators (some with more prestige), the CySEC provides all the guarantees that European regulations on financial matters are being complied with . Cyprus is a member country of the European Union, therefore, a broker regulated in Cyprus is authorized to market its services in any member country. The reasons why a financial intermediary establishes its headquarters in Cyprus are basically fiscal.
Now, what is really important is that it is regulated by an EU member country , which implies that it meets the conditions of European regulations regarding investor protection.
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Security of funds
In the previous point we talked about the importance of regulation . This has a direct impact on the security of the funds.
A regulated broker is under constant surveillance by the supervisory body . Which makes it difficult for you to commit fraud .
Therefore, the first point to take into account regarding the security of the funds is the regulatory supervision to which it is subject.
The regulatory body imposes on the broker compliance with security regulations for client funds . These regulations are established by each country, but following the framework dictated by the MiFID Directive.
The first requirement of the European MiFID Directive is given by the need to keep client funds totally separate from the assets of the intermediary itself . So our money is in the custody of a bank outside of HotForex and the latter can only access it to fulfill our trading orders. Not being able to cover their liquidity needs, not even temporarily, with client funds.
With this we also ensure that, in the event of insolvency, creditors 'payments are not met with clients' funds.
Continuing with the hypothesis of an alleged insolvency or bankruptcy of a regulated broker and subject to the MiFID Directive, if the case arises in which they cannot return the funds , there is a compensation body.
Regulated brokers in Europe are required to be attached to a guarantee fund that compensates the client in cases of insolvency . The guarantee fund imposed by Cypriot regulations has a maximum coverage of € 20,000 per client and account . Although HotForex has contracted a private liability insurance that raises this amount up to € 5,000,000 for cases of errors, omissions, negligence, fraud and other series of risks.

Deposit and withdrawal policy
As a last point to define the reliability of HotForex, we will talk about the cash operations between the trader and the intermediary . Basically, it is about establishing deposits of funds in the account and withdrawing capital and / or profits from it.
When opening a trading account with HotForex it is necessary to make a deposit of funds.
Said deposit will be made by one of the means of payment that the broker itself makes available. HotForex works with the following:
  • Wire transfer
  • Debit / credit card
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Payoneer
  • Webmoney
  • Fasapay
  • Bitcoin
The same means of payment for deposits are those available for withdrawals. One of them is chosen and is established to carry out both types of cash operations with HotForex.
Generally, the commissions that may be generated come from your own means of payment. Which is foreign to the broker.
In the initial comment (opinion taken from Rankia) we have observed that the deposit and withdrawal policies work well with this intermediary, establishing a quick process to attend to requests (the rest depends on the chosen payment method).

Reddit HotForex - Conclusion

We can finish this article of opinions about HotForex by showing another one that summarizes in a general way the service and reliability provided by this online broker.
HotForex is a broker with a good reputation
Good reputation, transparency, reliability and good service would be the aspects to highlight . However, as a summary, we will expand on these concepts:
  • HotForex is a regulated broker that guarantees good security of funds
  • It has good customer service. In addition, it offers its clients a personal account manager.
  • You have a large number of accounts with different characteristics to choose from.
  • It is a broker that allows scalping and hedging and does not act as a counterpart to our operations.
  • You have a wide range of financial instruments available for trading.
  • On the other hand, as negative aspects , we will highlight:
  • You only have one type of trading platform (MetaTrader 4).
  • Some users say that the spreads are quite high.
UPDATE: This broker has also started to offer its clients the MetaTrader 5 platformand its versions in web format and for mobile devices.
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Vantage Markets Review - The Perfect Forex Broker?

Vantage Markets is a relatively new online brokerage that offers a range of investment products and services. The platform is known for its user-friendly interface and low fees, which make it an attractive option for beginners and experienced investors alike.
Visit Vantage Markets:
One of the standout features of Vantage Markets is its intuitive platform, which is easy to navigate and use. The platform offers a variety of tools and resources to help users make informed investment decisions, including educational articles and videos, market news and analysis, and advanced charting tools. Vantage Markets also offers multiple account types to suit different investment styles and needs, including individual, joint, and corporate accounts.
Another benefit of Vantage Markets is its low fees. The platform charges competitively low trading fees for both stocks and ETFs, and it does not charge any account maintenance or inactivity fees. This makes it an affordable option for investors who want to keep their trading costs low.
Overall, Vantage Markets is a solid online brokerage that offers a range of features and tools to help users manage their investments. The platform's user-friendly interface and low fees make it an attractive option for both beginners and experienced investors.
In addition to its user-friendly interface and low fees, Vantage Markets offers a range of other features and services that make it a competitive online brokerage. The platform offers a wide range of investment products, including stocks, ETFs, options, and mutual funds, which allows users to diversify their portfolios and manage their risk. Vantage Markets also offers a mobile app that allows users to trade on the go, as well as a variety of research tools and resources to help users make informed decisions.
Vantage Markets is also known for its customer support, which is available through live chat, email, and phone. The support team is knowledgeable and helpful, and they are always willing to assist users with any questions or concerns they may have.
Overall, Vantage Markets is a reliable and reputable online brokerage that offers a range of features and tools to help users manage their investments. The platform's user-friendly interface, low fees, and excellent customer support make it a great choice for both beginners and experienced investors.
One of the key benefits of Vantage Markets is its user-friendly platform, which is easy to navigate and use. The platform offers a variety of tools and resources to help users make informed investment decisions, including educational articles and videos, market news and analysis, and advanced charting tools. This makes it an attractive option for beginners who are new to investing, as well as experienced investors who want access to advanced tools and resources.
Visit Vantage Markets:

Another benefit of Vantage Markets is its low fees. The platform charges competitively low trading fees for both stocks and ETFs, and it does not charge any account maintenance or inactivity fees. This makes it an affordable option for investors who want to keep their trading costs low.
Vantage Markets also offers a wide range of investment products, including stocks, ETFs, options, and mutual funds, which allows users to diversify their portfolios and manage their risk. The platform also offers a mobile app that allows users to trade on the go, as well as a variety of research tools and resources to help users make informed decisions.
Overall, Vantage Markets offers a range of benefits that make it a great choice for investors of all levels of experience. The platform's user-friendly interface, low fees, and wide range of investment products make it an attractive option for anyone looking to manage their investments online.

Visit Vantage Markets:
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FP Markets Forex Broker and CFD Trading Provider Review

Founded in 2005, FP Markets is one of the most reputable names in the forex trading sphere. Based in Sydney, Australia, they offer access to multiple markets across the globe, while providing excellent trading tools. But is this brokerage a good fit for your forex trading needs? This FP Markets review will take a look at the range of offerings they provide.
Register here:
As well as being a global forex broker, FP Markets offers over 13,000 tradeable assets in total across all of the key areas, including 70+ Forex pairs, shares, energies and natural gases and, when hedging your bets, precious metals such as gold and silver, bonds, ETFs.
The company has partnered with a number of major financial institutions to ensure that the liquidity pool is nice and deep ? this is reflected in its excellent market prices and tight spreads.
FP Markets offers five different account types across MT4/MT5 and the Iress platform, so you can choose the one that best suits your trading objectives and strategies.
MetaTrader clients can choose between the Standard or Raw account. Both have a minimum deposit of AUD$100 and leverage of up to 1:500, but the Raw account has spreads from 0.0 pips ? perfect for scalping.

FP Markets offers customers commission-free trading for Standard account holders, along with a commission of $3 (each way) on Raw accounts. Iress traders can expect to pay a minimum of AUD$10 commission, plus either 0.1%, 0.9% or 0.8%, dependent upon the account type. There are also fees associated with leveraged overnight positions and inactivity fees apply after two months without a trade.
In this FP Markets broker review, we found that the firm offers a wide range of platforms and educational resources to its clients. Forex traders will benefit from the low fees and spreads in this field, but stocks and shares traders may find more favourable conditions elsewhere.

Register here:
Thank you.
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Review on Forex broker Keller Finance 2022

First of all, we analyze the company as a whole. Everything needs to be considered in the system, so we will compare the organization with suspicious companies. You will draw conclusions without our help.

A striking characteristic of suspicious companies is that they have a poorly designed website. The official website of the company under study does not look like a fraudulent one, since the scammers do not have a large amount of money. Their websites are quickly taken down. Such websites are almost always developed in an online website builder such as Tilde. The company's website in this regard is absolutely not like fake. It can be seen that the official website, Keller Finance, has taken a serious amount of time. Surely the broker has its own IT department.

What else is important to analyze in the context of a review on Keller Finance forex broker?

Another characteristic evidence is how Keller Finance maintains feedback from traders. Dubious citizens almost always call without preparation. Managers pretend to be brokers, get in touch with potential victims and from the start offer to invest in dubious projects, and as much as possible, this has not been noticed for In fact, the company has a good reputation. As for those companies that are obviously bad, Keller Finance is all the more strikingly distinguished by its reputation, which is almost impossible to buy for money online. We consider this to be one of the most important criteria in the context of the Keller Finance investment review.

Let's not waste your time, and immediately voice our opinion: Keller Finance is not a bad company. On what basis do we think so? Our employees carefully studied all the data available on the Internet, checked customer reviews, conducted interviews with employees. Of course, you can find some amount of negative information, but you should not forget about the strong competition among Forex brokers. It is often easier to sling mud at someone else's brokerage organization than to improve your own services. In any case, there is no such negativity in the reviews on Keller Finance forex broker.

Analyzing the company's policy, we also conclude that this is not a fake company. Obviously, the firm has its own division of lawyers. The criminals on the website have the devil knows what. Based on our experience, we can conclude that, in general, they have absolutely no legal information on their official websites, nor any information about the working conditions of the company. The Keller Finance website has it all. In addition, it must be said about the reviews on Keller Finance. Bad companies have either extremely negative reviews, or some percentage of reviews are one hundred percent fake. Keller Finance is doing well with reviews. There are positives, there are negatives, and they are all authentic. Again, with regard to scammers, it is likely that the scammers themselves create reviews for themselves in order to somehow smooth out their fame. Accordingly, we conclude that if broker has a situation with reviews similar to the truth, then the company itself is credible.

About Keller Finance Partners

The firm cooperates with the system of transfers between banks Swift. This system is a well-known world leader in this field. A significant part of financial institutions and honest Forex brokers operate through this system. Of course, dubious companies cannot boast of this. So is definitely not a bad company anymore. Swift diligently researches potential partners before launching a partnership. If you give access to the company's system, which raises even small doubts, then this will result in gigantic damage. For example, if Keller Finance were bad financiers and tried to profit from this system, it would be a big reputational blow at best.

Checking the quality of the Keller Finance trading platform

Keller Finance has a department for quality control of work with users. The functions of this division include, as the name implies, tracking user satisfaction with the company's services. The department also develops new products and improves existing ones. Employees are engaged in improving the IT infrastructure of Keller Finance. The work goes on such fronts as testing new functions on the trading platform, eliminating inevitable problems in the software. But the main role is given to the modernization of the company's platform. The goal is clear, to make trading on the platform as convenient as possible. Reviews of Keller Finance speak about this. Thus, it becomes obvious that the organization takes care of its customers. As part of the question: Is Keller Finance a bad company, this matters for three reasons:
  1. Dishonest brokers do not care about the victims. They only care about profit;
  2. As it was said at the beginning of the material, Keller Finance has a well-established website, and unreliable organizations are most often not able to boast of such;
  3. The official websites of criminals are often deleted, even if the criminals wanted to become like a serious company, they would not have time.

Learn more about reviews on Keller Finance

It is important to say one more thing about reviews: they are very difficult to fake, and not only because false reviews are very noticeable, but because of the stereotype. Review sites that care about their own interests will not allow this. Of course, if the Forex broker Keller Finance was trying to strengthen its reputation, the site admins would quickly stop it. In the event that the portal is caught doing poorly with fake reviews, then its reputation will suffer. The same thing happens with the deliberate aversion of eyes to such incidents. In any case, Keller Finance has not been found to be trying to influence the reviews in this way. Our employees specifically contacted the site representative, and he confirmed that this is the case with attempts to cheat reviews. Based on the fact that the reviews of the company are authentic and it is almost impossible to wind them up. The bottom line is: Keller Finance is a decent company!

Briefly about the quality of the company's trading platform.

In general, the firm offers market-standard conditions for traders. In this regard, Keller Finance is also hard to suspect of something criminal. As mentioned above, the company is working on the quality of service. Here is a short list of what the firm offers to potential clients:
  1. Ability to work with MetaTrader 4. Feedback from young and professional traders regarding trading with Keller Finance is generally good;
  2. CFD trading;
  3. Trading on the commodity exchange;
  4. Trading on currency and crypto;
  5. Protected Software;
  6. Education and work on Forex with a mentor.

More about the broker

The MetaTrader 4 trading service has established itself as a good program that is suitable for various types of traders. MetaTrader 4 is built to execute even the most complex trading strategies. There are a variety of indicators suitable for both basic and fundamental analysis in MetaTrader 4. Since the company under study is in partnership with MetaTrader, you don’t have to worry about the prospects of working with Keller Finance.

Why is it important to choose a broker carefully?

It would seem that the consequences of a wrong decision in choosing a firm are obvious, but we are unable to not report on this in more detail, and here's why:
It is extremely difficult to get back funds in the event of a collision with scammers;
After such a development of events, it is very easy to lose faith in trading;

Additional features of scammers:
Quotes on the trading service of the company differ too much from the average.

And so, imagine that a third of this is used by the criminals you encountered. What will happen in such a case? Of course, you will not see profits, as well as your money.

All of the above should be used as strict criteria when choosing a firm. With regards to Keller Finance, everything is clear. The organization differs from criminals in almost every way. Finally, let's add real feedback from traders about Keller Finance:

I am extremely satisfied with the work with the broker. I started from scratch, the analyst coached me for three months. For the year I went to 7% profit per month.

Already tested several brokers. Didn't like it anywhere. What I liked about this company was that everything was sensibly explained and I began to earn income over the long haul, and not with varying degrees of success. I give the company a solid four plus.


I have been interested in Forex trading for a long time, but I was afraid to run into a scam or lose money. A friend has been working with this broker for some time and recommended him. Decided to try it and didn't fail. My analyst explained everything from the basics in a very accessible language and I was able to start making good money. I recommend to everyone!))
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What is Alpari? A Forex Broker Review 2022

What is Alpari? A Forex Broker Review 2022
Most traders do not have the ability to do all the transactions and their processes alone, which is where brokers come into action ready to help those traders with their services. One of the popular brokers is Alpari.
Established in 1998, Alpari is an online crypto trading platform and asset broker. It is one of the largest forex brokers, which provides various trading services by allowing clients to access the trading platform.

What is Alpari?

Alpari Forex Broker Review

Alpari is known for providing diverse trading services by giving clients access to a robust trading platform. This broker also helps traders who are interested in crypto trading, especially bitcoin trading.
This versatility of Alpari's services attracts forex and crypto traders from all over the world. Anyone with a minimum deposit of €1 can open an account at Alpari. It has its head office in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and has an experience of about 24 years.

Fee on Deposits and Withdrawals

The platform does not charge any fees on deposits, but there are fees/commissions on withdrawals. However, there are a lot of options for withdrawals and also fees or commissions, the same will be hard to describe here so you can check accurate details directly here: Alpari Fees.

Step-by-step Demo Account opening Process

  1. Visit the official website i.e.
  2. Find and click on “Register” or “Open Account”.
  3. Pop-up form will appear, Fill it up with correct details.
  4. When you submit your contact details, the company will contact you back for completing the process further.
  5. You will have to complete the online KYC process, in which you have to submit copies of your identity and residence with the company.
  6. After completing it, you will receive a call from the company for further process and your account will be verified.
  7. you will receive your account credentials and other necessary details.
  8. Now you can use the received credential to start trading.

Pros and cons of Alpari

Here are some important pros and cons of Alpari. It will help you in understanding the platform better.
Pros & Cons
  • Reliable Broker
  • No commission for trading.
  • Great report over the years
  • Instruments like Binary Options, the education
  • Research and analysis section is awesome
  • Beginner Friendly.
  • Supports ECN trading accounts.
  • Automatic trading option
  • Alpari Copytrade and platforms MT4 MT5.
  • Regulation
  • No serious license
  • Trading fees for some instruments might be higher
  • No 24/7 support
  • Lacks advanced trading instruments.
  • Limited Resources to learn.

Is Alpari Forex Broker a Legit?

Yes, Alpari Forex Broker is a legit platform as it is regulated and controlled by a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and serving in the industry for more than 23 years - this represents that the broker is reliable and trustworthy in terms of Forex Trading.
Above and all, the online broker is awarded with various achievements that are as follows:-
  • Forex Expo Awards
  • International Finance Magazine Award
  • European Excellence Awards
  • World Finance UK
  • ADC Awards
  • International Business Times
  • From 10, 000 USD
  • Across all accounts
  • Personal manager

Alpari Forex Platform & Applications

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 is the leading platform for forex trading as it is reliable and easily accessible. It comes up with maximum functionalities and more than 2,000,000 users are using the platform. Let’s look out for the functionalities:-
Can be accessed from any of the devices be it laptop, desktop, smartphones, tablets and online.
Trading transactions are performed securely as it has a reliable encryption feature,
You can do automatic trading by taking the advice of experts as it is an innovative style
With more than 50+instruments, traders will be able to keep a track record of the forex market and find out the best time for opening and closing trades.

MetaTrader 5

It is one of the most prominent and technologically advanced platforms for forex trading that provides a clear picture of in-depth markets and effective solutions. Let’s look at the features:-
New order types enable traders to use trading strategies more effectively and efficiently.
MT5 Bridge technology will help traders to determine interbank market liquidity
Technical indicators will help in accessing the database to determine the market analysis of forex through a code base.
MQL5 code is being used in the MetaTrader 5 platform in order to develop expert indicators and advisors.

Alpari Mobile App

Alpari Mobile App is one of the ways to manage funds efficiently. Let’s look out for the features:-
  • Manage all your trades or funds efficiently on your fingertip on the screen of your mobile device.
  • Create an account and withdraw money through Alpari mobile app within a few seconds
  • You can get notifications of current exchange rates, quote, calendar events and analytics advice from experts
  • You can instantly view the placement of pending orders and quick overview of Stop Loss and Take Profits.
  • Also, there is an option to switch to trading from an analytical overview.

Alpari Cashback Program

Alpari Cashback Program allows you to trade, earn and exchange them in real cash.
Alpari Forex broker is offering a lucrative cashback program to their clients in which they will receive bonus points (ALP) only in order to perform various transactions on instruments. The bonus points will be provided to clients either they can exchange the instruments in the form of cash by withdrawing instantly or they can use them by collecting refunds on a commission fee.

Alpari Customer Support

You can reach Alpari by calling + 44 2045 771951 from Mon to Friday as the representative responds to your call 24 hours during the 5 days. The customer support department responds to your issues via phone call, chat, social media or email.
Also, you can connect with the Alpari Forex platform through social media on Facebook messenger or you can drop an email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) Mon-Fri, 4:00-21:00 GMT. The forex trading broker has active customer support as they have different departments for different issues such as complaints, payments, operators, public relations etc.
If you want to know more about customer support, you can visit the official website page of where you will get the detailed information and contact number of different departments
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