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Govt mulling to provide forex loan at cheaper rate to exporters: Piyush Goyal

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Socialists want new laws on forex loans

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Reliance seeks $2.7 billion in forex loans to refinance debt

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FUIB joins memorandum on restructuring forex loans

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Forex loans that are not hedged will bite companies due to rupee fall

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ADE Group cooperates with BBDB,expanding global digital financial market

ADE Group cooperates with BBDB,expanding global digital financial market
On 7th, November, 2019, Sydney time, ADE Group reached a strategic cooperation with BBDB (British Business Development Bank). Both sides will be having an in-depth long-term cooperation in fields such as blockchain, small and micro enterprises equity investment, cross-border payment. The aim of the cooperation is to expand global digital financial market by achieving the integration of resources in products, services, technology and channels.
Authorized and supervised by FCA(The Financial Conduct Authority), BBDB has a huge market in the UK and Europe region. As early as in 2018, it has already laid its eyes on blockchain technology and announced to provide solid financial support for potential small and micro enterprises’ digital transformation.
According to Tracking Report for Small and Micro Enterprises Equity Investment(2019) released by BBDB earlier this year, in 2018, the total equity investment amount of small and micro enterprises in the UK reaches the peak, about 6.7 billion pounds(about 12.5 billion AUD), exceeding the total amount of 6.4 billion pounds in 2017. Meanwhile, the year of 2018 also marks the second year of total transaction volume topping 6 billion pounds. Technology companies have been the leading role in equity investment, taking up 44% of the total investment amount. In the past decade, the number of venture capital unit in the UK has been growing faster than the U.S.. In the UK, there are about 570 VC transactions per trillion pounds of GDP, which is 18% higher than 482 VC transactions in the U.S..
Mr. Morgan, the chief executive of BBDB said, “it can be seen from this report that 2018 is the year for small and micro enterprises equity financing market, as the investment amount skyrocketed to 6.7 billion pounds. It shows the investors’ confidence in the development of small and micro enterprises as well as their potential in growth.
Established in November, 2014, British Business Development Bank is owned by British government with the mission to provide better operation for small and micro enterprises in financial market. By the end of December, 2018, it has provided services for more than 85,000 small and micro enterprises with the total financing amount topping 6.4 billion pounds.
This cooperation will enhance ADE group’s competitiveness in financial market. Firstly, with its popularity in Europe, BBDB will be able to help ADE Group to open the whole European market by assisting more potential small and micro enterprises to be listed on ADEex and add an endorsement for ADEex. Secondly, this cooperation will fasten the construction and development of ADE Digital Currency Bank and provide services including digital assets storage, forex, loans and smart investment and consulting for companies and users around the globe.
Through this cooperation, BBDB will become an essential part of ADE Global Ecology. It will partner with ADE Group to help build ADE Global Ecological Community and manage European community. Moreover, it will help explore more markets and expand ADE Global Ecological Community by the means of utilizing all resources of financial networks in Europe.
Mr. Caspar, head of international division of BBDB attended the signing ceremony and said, “We have always committed to providing financial support for small and micro enterprises and building a more diversified financial market. This cooperation with ADE Group will make us the frontier in the path of financial innovation and digitalization. ADE Group and us obviously both share the same thought and idea regarding the future of fin-tech world and construction of community ecology. Based on our rich experience in financial services and R&D ability in technology, we have every confidence to provide broader digital financial application scenarios for global users.”
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What is the deal with forex Mortgage Attorney Loans Donate Credit Trading Transfer Cord Blood?

Someone I know recently texted a link to me with this as the webpage title, then said they weren't the one who sent it. Is this a joke of some kind? A malware site?
Link included below:
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Làm sao để giao dịch Forex? | Pham Loan

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Giờ Giao Dịch của Forex | Pham Loan

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Just watched the episode of bad boy billionaire ls on Nirav Modi. Wanted to share how I was feeling about one aspect of it.

So in the episode there's a bank clerk for Punjab national bank named Manoj Kharat. I was almost in tears listening to the guy speak. The way he expressed happiness of getting his first job really hit me as recently I just got my first job. How he said jail wasn't meant for him. Oh god poor guy. He's absolutely right. Prison is prison because it's not meant for regular folk like you and I, it's meant for scum, the worst of the worst. I can't even imagine what he must have gone through. When he says that you gotta look at the environment he was in, how his boss would give him some papers and ask him to stamp them, how he really had no way of knowing something was wrong. Can you disagree with him? Who is gonna just stand up and say no to their boss. It's not easy. Especially when you first start working. He even said he comes from a common family and hence he had no way of getting support. It really highlighted a lot of problems. How you can't really get justice if you have no influence. How even if you try to be good, things can be horribly wrong. Sure, you could say we don't know if he's really innocent. But it seemed like they want to pin it on him and be done with it. Sorry I just had to vent somewhere and I was feeling really bad for this guy.
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Why Ant Financial's IPO was pulled

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Kuvera Global is a pyramid scheme (scam)! 99% of distributors lose money. FOREX is high risk and not for casually putting in your University loan money

EDIT: Kuvera Global is not to be confused with Kuvera, the Indian mutual fund investing company
I can’t believe ppl are buying into this scam. It sickens me that university ppl who know nothing about trading and managing money are targeting innocent students (probably mainly international and first year students). They claim to be experts after 6months, but just sound like sales people roping you into another pyramid scheme. I asked one of their head persons a basic question regarding the impact of the Forex market on Trump’s tariffs which was big news, and they fumbled and couldn’t give me an answer. When I told them this sounds like a pyramid, they proceeded to tell me that I’m uneducated and I will be another loser working a 9-5 job. They even started making personal jabs at me. To speak on Kuvera, it has a complex compensation plan that results in money going back to the mentors. Their product is extremely overpriced at $220/month. You can use Intuit Turbo Tax for like $20 a year and find better videos on how to trade on YouTube. This just incentivizes people to recruit and make money off of signing people up bc that is the only way to make money (Pyramid scheme). Also the distributors on Instagram are posting these results of them making $100+ overnight or while they’re watching the basketball game. They are promoting this lifestyle of flashy cars, fancy hotels, money and 6 figure salaries at age 20 is everything and telling everyone else not in the program they are a chump working 9-5 and missing out.
They don’t promote how risky FOREX, cryptocurrency and buying equities can be. You can end up at square one and lose tons of cash overnight as well. Stop losses only protect you for one trade, but once you keep putting money in and trying to win, you will end up losing eventually and you may not have enough cash to get back in the game. On top of that you are paying this $220 fee. So you are already starting at a loss. FOREX is no joke. Hedge funds and other investment banks filed for bankruptcy when the Swiss Franc took away it’s cap limit over the Euro in 2015. Foreign exchange trading results in major risks such as counterparty risk, market liquidity risk, leverage risks, etc. Kuvera telling us that you can make money through your phone with little risks and by working a few hours a week whenever you feel like it when Wall Street bankers are working 60-80 hours per week? That seems fishy. Also, what baffles me is this giant disclaimer they use. They say that they are not registered financial advisors, but they are teaching us how where to put our hard earned money? Seems contradictory to me.
Furthermore, you have to report all your gains/losses when you file your taxes, otherwise you are committing a federal crime. I hope they are issuing T5s and teaching their followers how they can file this on their tax return. Speaking of taxes, they also mentioned that you will save more in taxes by becoming self-employed so you can have more deductions. WOW. They are legit scamming you to sign up, become a self-employed Kuvera distributor and you will save money on taxes. However, this just means Kuvera does not have to pay CPP, EI, withholding taxes, and can avoid any other liabilities of hiring employees (wrongful dismissal, severance, you name it). This is a classic pyramid scheme resulting in earlier backers making tons of money off of suckers, and using tactics to make it appear legit. Oh and the whole Kuvera being traded publicly and that means it’s legit thing, that does not mean they are legit! They were formerly called WealthGenerators which, if you check on Google, was a major scam selling stocks illegally. They just changed their name to Kuvera. Investview purchased them and the annual audits (required by the SEC) just determine whether the financials are presented fairly, not whether they are coming from a legitimate source. I think it’s the FDC that determines a legitimate company. They will come crashing down soon and if not, well, 99% of people who join MLMs (fancy name for pyramid schemes) lose money. This is a legit joke and I can’t believe this is going on at YorkU.
General rules: when you see:
IT IS MOST LIKELY A PYRAMID SCHEME. Yes, most MLMs are disguised as pyramid schemes as it is insanely easy to appear like you are a legitimate company.
Don’t join these schemes. Please pass this on to 3 more people and encouraging them to do the same.
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Im 16 about to start working full time

Im 16 living in Oklahoma. I have been working at my job for about a year and a half and I'm about to start working full time. Currently i work 30 hours a week making $10.50/hr. When I start working full time im going to be working about 45 hours a week. Right now im saving about $200 every week from my paycheck and im wondering what to do with all of the extra money im going to be making. My monthly expenses are about $150 a month so im going to have quite a bit more money and i want to be smart with it. Can anybody help me out?
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Forex - U.S. Dollar Unchanged; Yuan Falls as PBOC Debuts New Loan Prime Rates

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Loans on Why You Should Avoid Making Quick Money With Forex

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Loans on Why You Should Avoid Making Quick Money With Forex

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Loans on Why You Should Avoid Making Quick Money With Forex

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Guy over at /r/Forex is thinking about taking out a loan to trade. What do you say WSB, should he do it?

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[Business] - Retail platform for forex, state loans’ trading | The Hindu

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[Business] - Retail platform for forex, state loans’ trading

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Is My Retired Father an Autist?

I introduced my father to investing last year after he lost $30,000 of a bank loan in forex. I put him in stable ETFs and some major tech stocks because he’s retired and has nothing to fall back on. I checked up on his portfolio today and I was shocked.
He told me he panic sold all his stocks in September and missed out on recovering his profits during Oct/Nov. So he updated his portfolio to the following to make back those profits.
NLS (Bought at ATH after a 2000% rally)
$VRYYF (Doesn’t know what they do but saw it rally 38% in a day)
$BB (His DD: BlackBerry was his fav phone)
I tried telling him that he’s retired and should focus on stable growth but he said he knows what he’s doing. Should I be concerned, is he a fellow autist?
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Less than 33% debt in total capital doesn't make the stock Halal

I had read on an Islamic blog long time ago that some Muslim council of Fatwa issued that it's halal to invest in a company if the total debt is less than 33% of their entire capital.
But I believe that if you'll buy shares from them then you're helping them in transgression and sin. So, I'm buying into that fatwa.
I'm suggesting that you shouldn't too.
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LOAN FOR FOREX TRADERS - YouTube Pham Loan Tickmill - YouTube FOREX Loan Aadhar Card Loan - Best Forex Broker - Invest with a ... How I Got My First $50,000 To Trade Forex  Secret For Traders To Getting Financing Easily!

Forex deposits stability: Saudi Arabia, UAE agree to extend $4 bn loan . Top Story . Mehtab Haider. November 5, 2020 . ISLAMABAD: The PTI government has been left with no other option but to seek ... Forex loan may be for a pre-defined one time amount or can be accessible as an open ended line of credit up to a particular boundary. The terms surrounding a forex trading loan is based on the agreement of each party involved (the lender and the borrower) in the forex transaction before any money, currency or commodity changes hand. If the lender needs a collateral to be deposited, then it is ... Getting a loan for trading Forex is not difficult—the challenge is learning how to manage it. Another term for loans on forex is called margin. The money you invest in your position is used as collateral for the loan. The forex market is the largest, most liquid market in the world; it is also one of the least volatile markets as price movements rarely move more than 1 percent over any given ... If you want a loan to start forex trading, there are a few social funding options you can consider. This article gives you information on where you can find a loan to trade in forex market. There are many kinds of loan facilities you can get but one area that has not been explored is lending people money to trade in forex. Lenders consider forex trading to be a high-risk market and they try to ... Forex investment loan is the a dept provided by an entity to another entity at an interest rate for forex investment , and by a note which specifies, among other things, the principal amount of money borrowed, the interest rate the lender is charging, and date of repayment. forex investment loan is mainly from banks and big organizations to an individual or to an organization, loan contracts ... Welcome to FOREX Bank! We offer currency exchange, private loans, savings accounts with good interest rate, Private account with interest rate and Bank and Credit Cards. We likewise offer FOREX Loan Protection which secures against unemployment and wiped out leave. We anticipate getting your application! Why you should consider a loan? Lower loan fees. Because of their more drawn out lengths, term advances are accessible at bring down financing costs than shorter-term advances. Financing costs for Bond Street advances are between 6 percent and 23 percent ...

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