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The wail of the Bezerker(OC)

The time after humanity left earth was arduous. Failures to escape their own atmosphere and planet's gravity proved difficult. They experimented with chemical engines, ion engines, nuclear options before a breakthrough in their science enabled FTL travel. FTL was not without its set-backs and learning to control a new technology came with a price.
Humanity united under one governmental entity as their homeworld was dying to save their own species and find a suitable new Earth. The first few FTL ships had errors in their plotting software causing them to careen into planets and asteroids losing lives and chances as success. The Humans were running out of time before the air quality levels would be to hazardous for life to continue. They took their last twelve FTL scout ships and sent them in every direction, each with a plotted course to a possible habitable planet.
Reports from the scout ships started to trickle in. Ship one landed successfully but something caused the fuselage to rupture killing its crew. Ships 2-9 failed to report. The last three, ships 10, 11, and 12 all landed on planets in the same system near alpha centauri. Report came back of fertile soil, wildlife, and a breathable atmosphere. Earths FTL transport ships loaded with people, belongings, equipment all started departing earth headed for these three new worlds. This pilgrimage would not go un-noticed.
The Military arm of the fleet arrived first and secured a perimeter with fence, towers and automated turrets that looked to the sky. They formed identical bases on each planet, establishing enough room for 30,000 people inside the perimeter. People were allowed to settle outside but per the military this was "at their own risk"
Later the planets would be named, Alpha Earth for the system and the first planet landed on. The second for its landscape. Violet shores, and the third settled mostly by what were called Americans is Planet Kickass.
Farming, mining and other industries quickly popped up and developed over the next few decades, the military perimeter was long since abandoned and cities expanded over the entirety of these new planets. New fuels and minerals were discovered with technology engineered to use it allowed for new ships and other vessels to be built for trans-planet commerce.
A young boy(zikk) was walking with his father (lars) into Fort Kickass on planet Kickass. Lars's late wife had died and he was unemployed heading with his son to the food dispensary. As they were walking by one of the old rusty missile turrets it clunked. Lars said to Zikk " rusty old junk, probably has a malfunctioning sensor, im surpised these things are even still powered"
The turret then clunked a few more times and started to whirr, lights on it began to illuminate one by one and then ten at a time. It made another clunk, pivoted on its base and fired a missile into the air above. Bystanders near by were staring at Lars and Zikk like it was their fault. The people below were surprised to see this type of activity. The missile soared into the sky and changed direction as if it had a target it was hunting. It curved to the left and then exploded over the walkway in and out of the city and hunks of debris started to fall. As most people ran away from the debris, Lars ran towards it dragging his teenage boy Zikk.
"Holy Shit Zikk, do you know what this means? do you? were not alone? we traveled all this way and we are not alone! this is so cool! holy" but he was cut off in his excitement as he was being screamed at to put his hands above his head and to move slowly or he would be shot. The military was taking hold of this debris and didn't want any interference.
Planet Kickass's military had a holocall with the military leaders from Violet Shores and Alpha earth letting them know about what had transpired, they all agreed to fire up their long distance scanners to try ascertain what was that object, how was it invisible and are there more and what is their intention?
They scanned and scanned for weeks, and found nothing. a mysterious robotic visitor gets blown out of the sky and then nothing. The high chancellor from Violet shores suggested that they are scared of us because the missile turret took down their drone. The General of the Army from Planet Kickass scoffed at this idea by saying " they have cloaking tech, i dont think they are scared of some chemical rockets and binary explosives, clearly they are watching us."
Months passed and the military did scans every 12 hours but the general public all but forgot about what had happened. Today was different, today was going to be a test of will and restraint.
On the afternoon scan 36 dots appeared. 12 of them directly above the city center on each planet. The military went into full scramble. Alarms sounded, every available soldier went to their battle stations for an enemy the scans said were there, but they could not see. Out of thin air, bright blue electric ropes unfolded and wrapped themselves around each missile turret. Once each turret was wrapped the 12 ships above the military compound uncloaked and became visible to all. Communication was attempted through what we can assume are different languages it all just sounded like a drowning animal, until one soldier just yelled out. WE CANT FUCKING UNDERSTAND YOU!. The noise paused and then restarted with a very calm soothing womans voice " Thank you for identifying your language type, we mean you no harm, we are friends ,allies, we have only disabled your automated defenses so that we can speak freely, if you will de activate them we will release our control over them as a sign of good will.
The military of each planet deactivated the turret and the blue electric ropes returned into the ships. the speaker came on line again " We are the Mehron, your journey to this system was noticed by us but also by another and we have come to warn you, This Brishakk race seeks to control all sapient species in the galaxy, we are currently hiding from them as they continue to hunt our species down, it is our hope that together we can defeat the Brishakk, we will now decend from our ships to your terra to meet you"
The ships landed and the doors opened. General Helix was the first to notice the size of the doors, they were small. The figure that came out had 8 appendages but did not walk like any earthen spider, instead the 6 legs worked circularly underneath the being and two uppers similar to human arms. The torso was flabby fleshy without a defined structure, they did not have hair on their bodies and the skin was more leathery similar to an alligator in texture. four eyes and a mandible type mouth with a implanted piece of tech on the side of their heads. We would later learn, the implanted tech was a translator for speech.
The Mehron people ended up being quite the useful allies in helping the humans mine other planets for resources, polish up their defenses and compare notes on space ship design. they were certainly not a combative species which led to some doubts on the so called Brishakk horde. The Mehron insisted that that Brishakk would come swiftly and are relentless pursuers and do not show mercy in combat. Time will tell.
6 Standard earth months later
Enhanced scans show a fleet of ships approaching the first planet in the new human system. A fleet of mixed size vessels quickly approaches the outer perimeter of Planet Kickass. Proximity alarms in the satellites above the planet go off. Defense satellites arm and fire but their weapons miss or are deflected by an energy shield. the fleet takes out the defense satellites and moves on into the atmosphere.
The Brishakk Landed in the distance, far away from city limits but within visible range. Long distance optics showed the enemy. A Furry species about 5 feet tall, large claws on each appendage, sharp looking teeth and pulse rifles. General Helix laughed at the Brishakk, bunch of angry Teddy bears out there boys. The Brishakk leader named Torrus called for humanity to surrender the Mehron or be slaughtered. Those were the terms, no wavering. General helix called out with a translator telling Torrus to leave the system peacefully or the last sing you will hear is the wail of the Bezerker.
In total 59 Brishakk ships landed on Planet Kickass, with 20,000 soldiers, armor, mounted units, air power. They did not travel lightly. Torrus called one last time, surrender the Mehron people at once or humanity will be erased from existence.
General Helix consulted with his advisors, took measure of distance, wind, and atmospheric pressure. The soldiers below began to prepare for battle, ensuring everything was ready to go upon the Generals orders.
"Torrus this is General Helix of the Planet Kickass, if you do not leave this planet peacefully, you will be forcibly removed, you have 5 minutes to comply" and he waited. Those five minutes felt like an eternity, all the while his finger on the button that signals everyone to go.
4 minutes 30 seconds, General Helix says to himself " well the galaxy is certainly going to be aware of humanity now, this war will be soon over"
5 minutes has passed, No response. General Helix does the one thing he had wished he hadn't needed to. He pressed the button, and within seconds the cacophony of thunder as hundreds of cannons fire into the distance, reload and fire again. five bezerker rounds per cannon. 300mm shells full of pure hatred.
Torrus witnessed the first shell to hit out front line of his army. The initial detonation was enough to rip apart his soldiers, their transports and heavy armor, but the secondary wave the noise, that noise pierced through the fray. The wail of micro plasma engines with heat seeking tech and spinning blades that bore into the chest of his soldiers, shred the internal organs and explode. The lucky ones were caught in the initial blast. Hundreds of these shells began to rain down on Torrus's army obliterating his forces. The plasma powered Bezerker's bore straight through vehicles to hunt their fleshy prey. Thousands of soldiers were lost in the first volley of shells. Torrus called for an immediate retreat, but there wasn't sufficient time. The second volley hit the back line of the army and eviscerated the troops. Torrus came on comms to General Helix and begged for Mercy. " you are tearing my people into shreds, how can you wage this type of war without honor, at least let us surrender". General Helix replied as the comms started to break up "War does not have Honor, War has death, and we are very good at Death"
The Final two volleys of Shells rained down on the Brishakk position completely decimating it. There were no survivors. The Bezerkers see to that pretty thoroughly. When the fires had burned out, the Mehron and Humans went out and made the area a burial site and closed it off from public access.
To this day the Mehron and humans have a strong relationship and are powerful allies, The humans have aligned themselves with a few other sapient races. General Helix wonders if these new allies are true friends, or are just afraid. He keeps Bezerker shells loaded just in case.
This is my first story on here. Any and all feedback is welcome. Thank you for Reading
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