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Trading Crypto 101: Waddah Attar Explosion - A Powerful Indicator for Momentum and Trend Following

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Cracking Cryptocurrency - Waddah Attar Explosion — Indicator by CrackingCryptocurrency

Cracking Cryptocurrency - Waddah Attar Explosion — Indicator by CrackingCryptocurrency submitted by Crypto_Samuel to CryptoCurrencyTrading [link] [comments]

Trading Crypto 101: Waddah Attar Explosion - A Powerful Indicator for Momentum and Trend Following

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Indicators for NNFX traders

EDIT: For anyone new to NNFX (No-nonsense forex) he goes by VP and has a youtube channel where he explains how to build a systematic trading strategy, check it out if you're interested.
Not how I trade anymore, but I've collected quite a few indicators that others might want to use. These did well in my testing but I can't guarantee that they will work well for you. These are for MT4 on the daily chart, and I've given the best parameters (which were optimised for) in brackets. This is all for the NNFX strategy, meaning that I had a stop loss at 1.5x ATR and a half TP at 1x ATR.
C1/C2 (Trend indicators):
- T3_Trend_CF(32):
- Trinity_Impulse(27, 11):
- Momentum(16 zero cross)
- The_Heavy(38, 38):
- Schaff_Trend_Cycle(6, 25, 13 entry when it curves down/up):
- Volatility Ratio(13 enter with trend when green):
- Waddah Attar Explosion(Histogram above the line):
- Rex(44, 25 or 19, 11):
- Waddah Attar Explosion(Histogram below the line):
- Trailing stop at 1.5x ATR
- NOT HULL, it repaints heavily
- Didn't do well using one
submitted by Shallllow to Forex [link] [comments]

How do I fix this “No Data” error for Tradingview Pinescript backtest strategy?

This is a Pine Script strategy I'm using to backtest in Trading View. I've taken the basic code from "3Commas Bot by BJ" combined it with one by CFraser and added my own indicators and 'strategy.entry' criteria.
It compiles with no error but when I try to backtest it gives "No Data". How do I fix this? The script will not place any buy/sell orders.
I found one other person who's had this issue. The person who had answered them said:
"Replace these lines at the end of your code. You're initializing a new local variable in the if block with the = operator. Need to use := to assign value to existing global scope variables rather than create a new local one which will be lost outside the if block:"
Is this my problem too? How would I do the same in my code? I think the error is in the "Entry Conditions", "Logical Order" or "Strategy Execution" sections.
Here is my strategy below. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!
'''// Credit to Bjorgum
// Modified by judgekilday 15/11/21 18:00 Revision 2
strategy("3Commas Bot 2", "Bj Bot", true, precision=3,, commission_value= 0.05, commission_type=strategy.commission.percent, slippage=1, currency=currency.USD, default_qty_value= 10000, initial_capital= 10000)
// ================================== //
// ------- User Input <----------- //
// ================================== //
longTrades = input.bool (true, "Detect Long Trades", group="Trade variables", tooltip=longTradesTip)
shortTrades = input.bool (true, "Detect Short Trades", group="Trade variables", tooltip=shortTradesTip)
useLimit = input.bool (false, "Use Limit exit", group="Trade variables", tooltip=useLimitTip)
trailStop = input.bool (true, "Use ATR Trailing Stop", group="Trade variables", tooltip=trailStopTip)
FLIP = input.bool (false, "Allow Reversal Trades", group="Trade variables", tooltip=FLIPTip)
setMaxDrawdown = input.bool (false, "Set Max Total DrawDown", group="Trade variables", tooltip=setMaxDrawdownTip)
RnR = input.float (1, "Reward to Risk Ratio", group="Risk Management", tooltip=RnRTip, minval=0)
RiskM = input.float (1, "Risk Adjustment", group="Risk Management", tooltip=RiskMTip, minval=0)
swinglookback = (1, "Swing Lookback", group="Risk Management", tooltip=swinglookbackTip)
maxPercDd = (20, "Max Drawdown (%)", group="Risk Management", tooltip=maxPercDdTip)
atrLen = (14, "ATR length", group="Risk Management", tooltip=atrLenTip)
trailStopSize = input.float (1.5, "ATR Trailing Stop Multiplier", group="Trailing Stop", tooltip=trailStopSizeTip)
trailSource = input.string ("Close", "ATR Trailing Stop Source", group="Trailing Stop", tooltip=trailSourceTip, options=["High/Low", "Close", "Open"])
rrExit = input.float (0.0, "R:R To Trigger Exit", group="Trailing Stop", tooltip=rrExitTip)
drawEntry = input.bool (false, "Draw entry price", group="Display", tooltip=drawEntryTip)
exitLvl = input.bool (true, "Draw trail trigger price", group="Display", tooltip=exitLvlTip)
useTimeFilter = input.bool (false, "Use Time Session Filter", group="Filters", tooltip=useTimeFilterTip)
timeSession = input.session ("0000-0300", "Time Session To Ignore Trades", group="Filters", tooltip=timeSessionTip)
startTime = input.time(timestamp("01 Sep 2021 00:00 GMT-7"), "Start Filter", group="Filters", tooltip=startTimeTip)
endTime = input.time(timestamp("13 Nov 2021 00:00 GMT-7"), "End Filter", group="Filters", tooltip=endTimeTip)
C1_Type = input.string (title="C1 Indicator Type", defval="SSL1", options=["SSL1","QQE"], group = "Confirmation Indicator")
C2_Type = input.string (title="C2 Indicator Type", defval="Abs_Str_Histo", options=["Abs_Str_Histo","DPO"], group = "Confirmation Indicator")
Exit_Type = input.string (title="Exit Indicator Type", defval="C2", options=["C1","C2","SSL3"], group = "Exit Indicator")
Vol_Type = input.string (title="Volume Indicator Type", defval="Damiani_Volameter", options=["Damiani_Volameter","Waddah_Attar_Explosion"], group = "Volume Indicator")
// Trading Rules:
Use_C1 = input.bool (true, title='Use Confirmation 1 Indicator', group = "Trading Rules")
Use_C2 = input.bool (true, title='Use Confirmation 2 Indicator', group = "Trading Rules")
Use_Vol = input.bool (true, title='Use Volume', group = "Trading Rules")
Use_BL = input.bool (true, title='Use Baseline', group = "Trading Rules")
Use_Exit = input.bool (true, title='Use Exit', group = "Trading Rules")
// ================================== //
// --- Constants <----- //
// ================================== //
FLAT = strategy.position_size == 0
LONG = strategy.position_size > 0
SHORT = strategy.position_size < 0
confirmed = barstate.isconfirmed
entry = strategy.position_avg_price
// ================================== //
// --- Variables <----- //
// ================================== //
var lookForExit = false
var tradeStopPrice = 0.0
var tradeTargetPrice = 0.0
var trailingStop = 0.0
var tradeExitTriggerPrice = 0.0
var tradeStopDistance = 0.0
var tradeTriggerPrice = 0.0
// ================================== //
//C1 SSl1
//Indicator SSL Channel by Erwin Beckers
SSLlen =input(title="SSL Length", defval=10)
smaHigh =ta.sma(high, SSLlen)
smaLow =ta.sma(low, SSLlen)
Hlv = float(na)
Hlv := close > smaHigh ? 1 : close < smaLow ? -1 : Hlv[1]
sslDown = Hlv < 0 ? smaHigh: smaLow
sslUp = Hlv < 0 ? smaLow : smaHigh
//SSL Entry Conditions:
SSL1_L = ta.crossover(sslUp,sslDown) or ta.crossover(sslUp[1], sslDown[1])
SSL1_S = ta.crossunder(sslUp,sslDown) or ta.crossunder(sslUp[1], sslDown[1])
plot (sslDown, color =, linewidth=2)
plot (sslUp, color = color.lime, linewidth=2)
// C1 QQE
// credit QQE Mod - Mihkel00
RSI_Period = input(6, title='RSI Length', group = "C1 - QQE")
SF = input(5, title='RSI Smoothing', group = "C1 - QQE")
QQE = input(3, title='Fast QQE Factor', group = "C1 - QQE")
ThreshHold = input(3, title="Thresh-hold", group = "C1 - QQE")
src2 = input(close, title="RSI Source", group = "C1 - QQE")
Wilders_Period = RSI_Period * 2 - 1
Rsi = ta.rsi(src2, RSI_Period)
RsiMa = ta.ema(Rsi, SF)
AtrRsi = math.abs(RsiMa[1] - RsiMa)
MaAtrRsi = ta.ema(AtrRsi, Wilders_Period)
dar = ta.ema(MaAtrRsi, Wilders_Period) * QQE
longband = 0.0
shortband = 0.0
trend = 0
DeltaFastAtrRsi = dar
RSIndex = RsiMa
newshortband = RSIndex + DeltaFastAtrRsi
newlongband = RSIndex - DeltaFastAtrRsi
longband := RSIndex[1] > longband[1] and RSIndex > longband[1] ?
math.max(longband[1], newlongband) : newlongband
shortband := RSIndex[1] < shortband[1] and RSIndex < shortband[1] ?
math.min(shortband[1], newshortband) : newshortband
cross_1 = ta.cross(longband[1], RSIndex)
trend := ta.cross(RSIndex, shortband[1]) ? 1 : cross_1 ? -1 : nz(trend[1], 1)
FastAtrRsiTL = trend == 1 ? longband : shortband
QQElength = (50, minval=1, title="Bollinger Length", group = "C1 - QQE")
mult2 = input.float (0.35, minval=0.001, maxval=5, step=0.1, title="BB Multiplier", group = "C1 - QQE")
basis = ta.sma(FastAtrRsiTL - 50, QQElength)
dev = mult2 * ta.stdev(FastAtrRsiTL - 50, QQElength)
upper = basis + dev
lower = basis - dev
// Zero cross
QQEzlong = 0
QQEzlong := nz(QQEzlong[1])
QQEzshort = 0
QQEzshort := nz(QQEzshort[1])
QQEzlong := RSIndex >= 50 ? QQEzlong + 1 : 0
QQEzshort := RSIndex < 50 ? QQEzshort + 1 : 0
//QQE Entry Conditions
QQE_Long = RsiMa - 50 > upper
QQE_Short = RsiMa - 50 < lower
//C2 DPO
//Detrended Price Oscillator by Tradingview
//changed to from input for v5. QQQ is this right? I hope so!
DPOperiod =, title="DPO Length", minval=1)
isCentered = false
barsback = DPOperiod/2 + 1
DPOma = ta.sma(close, DPOperiod)
dpo = isCentered ? close[barsback] - DPOma : close - DPOma[barsback]
//C2 Entry Conditions: enter long above zero line, enter short below zero line
DPO2_L = dpo > 0
DPO2_S = dpo < 0
//If user selected DPO as the C2_Type, then use DPO result as the trigger :
//C2_Type == "DPO" ? Ind_2_L_Trigger := DPO2_L : false
//C2_Type == "DPO" ? Ind_2_S_Trigger := DPO2_S : false
// C2 Absolute Strength Histogram v2
// Absolute Strength Histrogram credit to jiehonglim
Length =,title="Period of Evaluation", group = "C2 - Abs Strength Histo")
Smooth =,title="Period of Smoothing", group = "C2 - Abs Strength Histo")
src_asi = input(close,title="Source", group = "C2 - Abs Strength Histo")
Mode = input.string(title="Indicator Method", defval="RSI", options=["RSI", "STOCHASTIC","ADX"], group = "C2 - Abs Strength Histo")
ma_type = input.string(title="MA", defval="WMA", options=["ALMA", "EMA", "WMA", "SMA", "SMMA", "HMA"], group = "C2 - Abs Strength Histo")
alma_offset = input.float(defval=0.85, title="* Arnaud Legoux (ALMA) Only - Offset Value", minval=0, step=0.01, group = "C2 - Abs Strength Histo")
alma_sigma =, title="* Arnaud Legoux (ALMA) Only - Sigma Value", minval=0, group = "C2 - Abs Strength Histo")
ma_asi(type, src_asi, len) =>
float result = 0
if type=="SMA"
result := ta.sma(src_asi, len)
if type=="EMA"
result := ta.ema(src_asi, len)
if type=="WMA"
result := ta.wma(src_asi, len)
if type=="SMMA"
w = ta.wma(src_asi, len)
result := na(w[1]) ? ta.sma(src_asi, len) : (w[1] * (len - 1) + src_asi) / len
if type=="HMA"
result := ta.wma(2 * ta.wma(src_asi, len / 2) - ta.wma(src_asi, len), math.round(math.sqrt(len)))
if type=="ALMA"
result := ta.alma(src_asi, len, alma_offset, alma_sigma)
Price = src_asi
Price1 = ma_asi("SMA",Price,1)
Price2 = ma_asi("SMA",Price[1],1)
Bulls0 = 0.5*(math.abs(Price1-Price2)+(Price1-Price2))
Bears0 = 0.5*(math.abs(Price1-Price2)-(Price1-Price2))
Bulls1 = Price1 - ta.lowest(Price1,Length)
Bears1 = ta.highest(Price1,Length) - Price1
Bulls2 = 0.5*(math.abs(high-high[1])+(high-high[1]))
Bears2 = 0.5*(math.abs(low[1]-low)+(low[1]-low))
Bulls = Mode == "RSI" ? Bulls0 : Mode == "STOCHASTIC" ? Bulls1 : Bulls2
Bears = Mode == "RSI" ? Bears0 : Mode == "STOCHASTIC" ? Bears1 : Bears2
// Are these the ABS Hist Entry Conditions??
ASI2_L = (SmthBulls ASI2_S = (SmthBears //==============================================================================
//VOLUME Inidicator - DV
//Adapted from:Damiani_volatmeter.mq4 v3.2
//Copyright © 2006,2007 Luis Guilherme Damiani
// I am changing the sed_atr to 80 from the default which is 40.
// Inputs:
int vis_atr =
int vis_std =
int sed_atr =
int sed_std =
float threshold_level = input.float(1.4)
bool lag_supressor = input.bool(true)
lag_s_K = 0.5
vol = 0.0
s1=nz(vol[1], 0)
s3=nz(vol[3], 0)
vol := lag_supressor ? ta.atr(vis_atr) / ta.atr(sed_atr) + lag_s_K*(s1-s3) : ta.atr(vis_atr) / ta.atr(sed_atr)
anti_thres = ta.stdev(close, vis_std) / ta.stdev(close, sed_std)
t = threshold_level - anti_thres
vol_m = vol > t ? -1 : 0.03
DV_Trade = vol >= t
DV_DNT = vol < t
Volume_Entry_Block_DV = (DV_DNT == true) and ((Use_Vol == true) and (Vol_Type == "Damiani_Volameter")) ? true : false
//Volume Entry Conditions:
//ok to go long or short as long as the volume is greater than the threshold
DV_L = DV_Trade
DV_S = DV_Trade
//VOLUME Inidicator - WAE
//Waddah Attar Explosion V2 WAE SHK by LazyBear
//Modified for Crypto Market by ShayanKM
sensitivity = input(150, title="WAE Sensitivity", group = "Waddah Attar Expl")
fastLength = input(20, title="WAE FastEMA Length", group = "Waddah Attar Expl")
slowLength = input(40, title="WAE SlowEMA Length", group = "Waddah Attar Expl")
channelLength = input(20, title="WAE BB Channel Length", group = "Waddah Attar Expl")
mult = input(2.0, title="WAE BB Stdev Multiplier", group = "Waddah Attar Expl")
DEAD_ZONE = nz(ta.rma(,100)) * 3.7
calc_macd(source, fastLength, slowLength) =>
fastMA = ta.ema(source, fastLength)
slowMA = ta.ema(source, slowLength)
fastMA - slowMA
calc_BBUpper(source, length, mult) =>
waebasis = ta.sma(source, length)
waedev = mult * ta.stdev(source, length)
waebasis + waedev
calc_BBLower(source, length, mult) =>
waebasis = ta.sma(source, length)
waedev = mult * ta.stdev(source, length)
waebasis - waedev
//t1 are the volume bars
t1 = (calc_macd(close, fastLength, slowLength) - calc_macd(close[1], fastLength, slowLength))*sensitivity
//e1 is the Histogram based on Bollinger Bands
e1 = (calc_BBUpper(close, channelLength, mult) - calc_BBLower(close, channelLength, mult))
//Determine if volume is trending up or down (ie. are these green or red bars)
trendUp = (t1 >= 0) ? t1 : 0
trendDown = (t1 < 0) ? (-1*t1) : 0
trendNone = (trendUp == 0) and (trendDown == 0) //added from c fraser
//determine if the histogram is below the dead zone
WAE_Low = e1 <= DEAD_ZONE ? true : false
//Determine if volume is insufficient. If so do not trade. This occurs if histo is lower than the dead zone, the user has said to use the Volume indicator, and that indicator is the WAE.
Volume_Entry_Block_WAE = ((WAE_Low == true) or (trendNone == true)) and ((Use_Vol == true) and (Vol_Type == "Waddah_Attar_Explosion")) ? true : false
//Volume Entry Conditions:
WAE_L = trendUp > e1
WAE_S = trendDown > e1
// Volume Entry Block
//credit cFraser05
Volume_Entry_Block = Volume_Entry_Block_DV or Volume_Entry_Block_WAE ? true : false
// ================================== //
// ================================== //
isInSession(sess) => na(time(timeframe.period, sess + ":1234567", "GMT-6")) == false
// Calculate ATR for volatility based stops
atr = ta.atr (atrLen)
lowestLow = ta.lowest (low, swinglookback)
highestHigh = ta.highest(high, swinglookback)
timeFilter = (useTimeFilter and not isInSession(timeSession)) or not useTimeFilter
dateFilter = time >= startTime and time <= endTime
withinTime = timeFilter and dateFilter
// =================================== //
// Max Draw Down - BJ //
// =================================== //
condmaxdrawdown = setMaxDrawdown ? maxPercDd : 100 // used to set the max draw down, if used
// ================================== //
// -- Entry Conditions SJV <---- //
// ================================== //
// These conditions are the only thing that you would change to put in your own long and short entry criteria.
// Criteria is calculated above in each Confirmation indicator. Use conditions to alter the definition of "validLongEntry" and "validShortEntry"
// Credit ChrisFraser05
// C1 and/or C2 Type
// Inputs which C1 and C2 confirmation indicators to use as the tigger based on the user's selection.
// and (not Volume_Entry_Block) is included for when the user has selected to require the volume confirmation to enter a trade. It returns true if the user didn't select to use the volume confirmation.
// "and not na(atr)" is used to prevent entries at very beginning of the backtest before ATR can render over its 14 period lookback. Stops and targets cannot calcualte in this period resulting in a broken strategy. Its recommended to keep that with your own criteria.
C1_L = (SSL1_L and (C1_Type == "SSL1")) or (QQE_Long and (C1_Type == "QQE")) and not na(atr)
C1_S = (SSL1_S and (C1_Type == "SSL1")) or (QQE_Short and (C1_Type == "QQE")) and not na(atr)
C2_L = (DPO2_L and (C2_Type == "DPO")) or (ASI2_L and (C2_Type == "Abs_Str_Histo")) and not na(atr)
C2_S = (DPO2_S and (C2_Type == "DPO")) or (ASI2_S and (C2_Type == "Abs_Str_Histo")) and not na(atr)
//Volume Indicator
V_L = (WAE_L and (Vol_Type == "WAE")) or (DV_L and (Vol_Type == "DV")) and (not Volume_Entry_Block)
V_S = (WAE_S and (Vol_Type == "WAE")) or (DV_S and (Vol_Type == "DV")) and (not Volume_Entry_Block)
//Confirm whether or not there are valid entry confirmation signals taking into account whether or not the user selected to use both the C1 and C2. Assign a value of true if they are not using one of the indicators.
C1_Long = C1_L or (Use_C1 == false)
C1_Short = C1_S or (Use_C1 == false)
C2_Long = C2_L or (Use_C2 == false)
C2_Short = C2_S or (Use_C2 == false)
V_Long = V_L or (Use_Vol == false)
V_Short = V_S or (Use_Vol == false)
// Confirm valid long and short entry signals. Accounts for whether or not the user has selected to use all or some of the C1, C2, Vol indicators.
validLongEntry = C1_Long and C2_Long and V_Long
validShortEntry = C1_Short and C2_Short and V_Short
No_Confirm = validLongEntry or validShortEntry
//Plot the entries on the chart
plotshape (validLongEntry, color=color.lime, style=shape.arrowup, location = location.bottom, text="Buy")
plotshape (validShortEntry,, style=shape.arrowdown, location = location.bottom, text="Sell")
//Store ATR and Price upon entry of trade.--NNFX
entry_atr = float(0.0) //set float
entry_price = float(0.0) //set float
entry_atr := strategy.position_size == 0 or validLongEntry or validShortEntry ? atr : entry_atr[1]
entry_price := strategy.position_size == 0 or validLongEntry or validShortEntry ? close : entry_price[1]
// ================================== //
// ----- Risk Mitigation BJ <----- //
// ================================== //
// check what trail source was chosen, calcualte the trail price, check if its higher than last bar, assign new trail value
if LONG and trailStop and lookForExit and confirmed
trailSrcLong = (trailSource == "Close" ? close[1] : trailSource == "Open" ? open[1] : lowestLow)
trail = trailSrcLong - (atr * trailStopSize)
needsUpdate = trail > trailingStop
trailingStop := needsUpdate ? trail : trailingStop
// check what trail source was chosen, calcualte the trail price, check if its lower than last bar, assign new trail value
if SHORT and trailStop and lookForExit and confirmed
trailSrcShort = (trailSource == "Close" ? close[1] : trailSource == "Open" ? open[1] : highestHigh)
trail = trailSrcShort + (atr * trailStopSize)
needsUpdate = trail < trailingStop
trailingStop := needsUpdate ? trail : trailingStop
/// Calculate Stops ///
longStop = lowestLow - (atr*RiskM)
shortStop = highestHigh + (atr*RiskM)
longRisk = close - longStop
shortRisk = shortStop - close
longlimit = close + (RnR*longRisk)
shortlimit = close - (RnR*shortRisk)
longLimitDist = close - longlimit
shortLimitDist = shortlimit - close
// ================================== //
// ------ Logical Order <--------- //
// ================================== //
/// Save Stops and set entries ///
if validLongEntry and (FLAT or (SHORT and FLIP)) and confirmed and withinTime and longTrades
tradeStopPrice := longStop
tradeTargetPrice := useLimit ? longlimit : na
tradeExitTriggerPrice := close - (longLimitDist * rrExit)
lookForExit := false
trailingStop := tradeStopPrice
validLongEntry := false
if validShortEntry and (FLAT or (LONG and FLIP)) and confirmed and withinTime and shortTrades
tradeStopPrice := shortStop
tradeTargetPrice := useLimit ? shortlimit : na
tradeExitTriggerPrice := close + (shortLimitDist * rrExit)
lookForExit := false
trailingStop := tradeStopPrice
validShortEntry := false
// check to see if the rrExit level was exceeded to trigger the trail. If not set then begin trail on entry
if LONG and rrExit != 0.0 and (high >= tradeExitTriggerPrice and trailStop) or (rrExit == 0.0 and trailStop)
lookForExit := true
if SHORT and rrExit != 0.0 and (low <= tradeExitTriggerPrice and trailStop) or (rrExit == 0.0 and trailStop)
lookForExit := true
// ================================== //
// ---- Graphical Display <------- //
// ================================== //
// draw orders if in trade, draw targets or triggers if not exceeded, only draw exit if within RnR boundary. Use draw orders offset to plot one bar before entry to make plot levels visible on first bar of trade
drawOrders = (validLongEntry or validShortEntry) or not FLAT
stopPrice = trailStop ? trailingStop : tradeStopPrice
targetPrice = lookForExit and not useLimit ? na : tradeTargetPrice
drawExit = SHORT and tradeExitTriggerPrice > targetPrice and tradeExitTriggerPrice < entry or
LONG and tradeExitTriggerPrice < targetPrice and tradeExitTriggerPrice > entry
plotExitPrice = ((drawExit and trailStop) or (trailStop and not useLimit)) and (drawOrders or drawOrders[1]) and not lookForExit ? drawOrders ? tradeExitTriggerPrice : tradeExitTriggerPrice[1] : na
plotStopPrice = drawOrders or drawOrders[1] ? drawOrders ? stopPrice : stopPrice[1] : na
plotTarget = drawOrders or drawOrders[1] ? drawOrders ? targetPrice : targetPrice[1] : na
plot (drawEntry ? entry : na, "Entry Price", #9598a1, style=plot.style_linebr)
plot (exitLvl ? plotExitPrice : na, "Trigger Exit",, style=plot.style_linebr)
plot (plotStopPrice, "Stop Price",, style=plot.style_linebr)
plot (plotTarget, "Target Price",, style=plot.style_linebr)
// color background if the bars are outside of time filter
bgcolor (color=(useTimeFilter and isInSession(timeSession)) or not dateFilter ?,80) : na, title="Filter Color")
// ================================== //
// ------ 3-Commas Keys <--------- //
// ================================== //
// Paste your bot messages here. Make sure you keep single quotes ' on either side of your paste. example: ' paste ' //
// ** SPECIAL NOTE ** Notice that for long and short entries ONLY there is a delay of 1 second. I noticed that flip trades can cause problems at 3commas causing it to miss orders, so a small delay allows things to run smoothly.
// This is up to you, but be aware of it that it is an option to put in a delay to stagger the alerts slightly //
Long = ' { "message_type": "bot", "bot_id": 4635591, "email_token": "25byourtefcodeuufyd2-43314-ab98-bjorg224", "delay_seconds": 1} ' //start long deal
ExitLong = ' { "message_type": "bot", "bot_id": 4635591, "email_token": "25byourtefcodeuufyd2-43314-ab98-bjorg224", "delay_seconds": 0, "action": "close_at_market_price"} ' // close long deal market
Goshort = ' { "message_type": "bot", "bot_id": 4635690, "email_token": "25byourtefcodeuufyd2-43314-ab98-bjorg224", "delay_seconds": 1} ' // start short deal
ExitShort = ' { "message_type": "bot", "bot_id": 4635690, "email_token": "25byourtefcodeuufyd2-43314-ab98-bjorg224", "delay_seconds": 0, "action": "close_at_market_price"} ' // close short deal market
// ================================== //
// ---- Strategy Execution <------ //
// ================================== //
strategy.risk.max_drawdown (value=condmaxdrawdown, type=strategy.percent_of_equity)
// LONG Entry and Exit:
strategy.entry ("Long", strategy.long, when=validLongEntry, comment="Long", alert_message=Long)
strategy.exit ("Long Exit", from_entry="Long", stop=trailStop ? trailingStop : tradeStopPrice, limit=tradeTargetPrice, when=LONG, comment="L Exit", alert_message=ExitLong)
// SHORT Entry and Exit:
strategy.entry ("Short", strategy.short, when=validShortEntry, comment="Short", alert_message=Goshort)
strategy.exit ("Short Exit", from_entry="Short", stop=trailStop ? trailingStop : tradeStopPrice, limit=tradeTargetPrice, when=SHORT, comment="S Exit", alert_message=ExitShort)
// end deal if already in pos. This gives an extra alert to end a deal if reversal trades are allowed. Once per bar is fine because 'confirmed' used in entry criteria
if validLongEntry and SHORT and FLIP
alert (ExitShort, alert.freq_once_per_bar)
if validShortEntry and LONG and FLIP
alert (ExitLong , alert.freq_once_per_bar)
// END'''
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Can anyone recommend a good Volume Indicator?

Does anyone use a trading volume indicator? I’ve been using the Waddah Attar Explosion but I’m sure there must be a better version out there somewhere. Can anyone recommend? Thanks!
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[Thu, Dec 01 2022] TL;DR — This is the top investing content you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit


Fed Chair Powell says smaller interest rate hikes could start in December
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BioPharma Generates over $163 Billion globally: Soligenix, Inc (NASDAQ-CM: $SNGX) DD (New Claims/Info)
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Barclays bank likely behind most recent JPY/USD exchange rate rigging

Hi Friends, reports have been circulating on social media that Barclays have been recently manipulating the USD/JPY rates despite being fined 3 years ago by US regulatory agencies for the same mistake. The manipulation is very simple, the bank simply under-reports self-reported Libor Rates using so called 'synthetic LIBOR rates' while going into the forex market and moving rates during low-volume sessions. Jump Trading LLC, Citadel Advisors LLC, and Barclays LLC are unusually active during these low volume market moving sessions.

Given that the Bank of Japan has not followed up on its currency intervention plans from August, the weak Yen is not due to weak macroeconomic conditions. This case of Barclay's manipulating the JPY/USD is separate from ongoing trials related to multiple banks rigging forex rates from 2007-2013.

The Swiss Central Bank has also recently tapped into swap lines with the Federal Reserve. They also have a history of forex manipulation. Reports during the beginning of September about Swiss banks like Credit Suisse possibly failing made people dazed. Many mistakenly thought that this swap line was providing liquidity to financially distressed banks.

Barclay's forex traders might not be formally charged with illegally moving the forex markets for the next 6-8 months, but reports of Barclay's moving the JPY/USD illegally are likely to hit news outlets in the next 3 weeks.

As a result, two sympathy plays will go into effect. The VXX, Barclay's flagship product, will experience very explosive upward action on the week of November 21-25. VIX as a result will also peak around this week.

Given that the VXX has previously costed Barclays hundreds of millions of dollars due to oversubscription and technical filing issues with the regulators, the VXX going up a lot is a way for the market to remind Barclays of the karma they deserve for their greediness.

This is the link to the article about Barclay's costly mistake:
The link to remove the paywall is below:
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I've been working on an algorithm of indicators to use for daily time frames, and back testing they all seem to work together really well, high win rate with some really big winners. Seems great, a little too great, and now im suspicious that one of more of them are repainters. Is there an effective way to test for this?

Im using cTrader and the indicators that concern me are:
SSL Channel
Waddah Attar Explosion
Absolute Strength
Relative Vigor Index

Im still very much a rookie so maybe Im making a fool of myself asking this but it does seem concerning that its just TOO effective. Not flawless, mind you.

As always thank you in advance!
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Today's forex news: Strong US retail sales likely to extend Fed rate hikes

Today's forex news: Strong US retail sales likely to extend Fed rate hikes
As Tuesday’s producer inflation rate slowed, yesterday saw US retail sales increasing by 1.3%, against a 1.0% projection. Signs of resilience in the US economy led investors to believe the Federal Reserve would remain steadfast on aggressive rate hikes. The stock market then traded lower in general, Dow Jones fell 39 points to 33,553, S&P 500 dropped 32 points to 3,958 and Nasdaq 100 fell 172 points (-1.45%) to 11,699.
NATO’s report has claimed the missile explosion was likely an accident caused by Ukrainian air defenses, thus easing fears of possible direct intervention from NATO. EUUSD rose to 1.0392, market estimates had tonight’s Eurozone inflation reading at 10.7% on the year - the same as last month. Meanwhile, UK inflation has reached a four-decade high of 11.1%, exceeding expectations of 10.7%.
AUD/USD suffered minor losses to 0.674, despite the labor market adding 32,200 jobs, far greater than what investors has anticipated. USD/CAD closed at 1.3327, and just rose to a week-high at 1.3350. USD/JPY retreated from a high of 140.22 to 139.55.
Spot gold slid to $1,773.88, currently at $1,769.87 an ounce. Although the latest US crude oil stockpiles have dropped by 5.4 million barrels, WTI oil futures traded lower at $85.25 a barrel.
📱 Get instant market news delivered to you in real-time→
Mitrade has appeared on Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, Nasdaq and more. For more details: Our awards:
Follow Mitrade's other social channels: Twitter: u/MitradeOfficial Instagram: u/mitrade_official *Not Personal Advice. All trading involves risks. This information is not intended for distribution where it is contrary to local regulations.
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A career in Trading: How to Become a Full-Time Trader in 2022

A career in Trading: How to Become a Full-Time Trader in 2022
The ultimate objective for practically all beginning traders is being financially independent and your own boss are two benefits of becoming a full-time trader with steady profits.
But what are the necessary conditions—financially, socially, and physically—to consistently outperform the markets and earn a respectable living from trading?

What is trading?

The voluntary exchange of commodities or services between various economic actors is known as trading. A transaction will only take place if both parties believe it will advance their interests, as there is no obligation on the part of the parties to trade.
In certain circumstances, the trade might have more precise connotations. Trading in the financial markets refers to the buying and selling of derivatives, commodities, and securities. Free trade refers to cross-border exchanges of goods and services that are unhindered by tariffs or other trade restrictions.
Trading is more difficult than many internet instructors would have made you believe. Making a career out of trading requires time spent in front of a screen, skill, and patience.
However, the game can be rewarding once you've mastered it.
So, here is our guide on how to work as a trader full-time in the upcoming year.

Zylo Trade

Making a living by trading

Although trading is the most difficult technique to generate quick money, a large number of new traders are drawn to it every day. Around the world, there are millions of active traders. Many of them trade full-time and make a fortune in the markets, while some of them do this as a side gig.

What therefore makes trading so alluring?

First, trading has become considerably more accessible as a result of recent technological advancements. A trading account can now be opened in a matter of minutes by nearly anyone, but in the previous century, the game was just for the big guys. Online or retail trading is experiencing a boom phase and expanding yearly.
The first financial markets existed long before trading as a profession. Government securities were first traded by bankers in Florence and Verona in the fourteenth century. Since the dawn of humankind, people have traded everything from commodities, to gold, and food. Wall Street opened in 1792 with 24 supply brokers.
The world as we know it today wouldn't exist without traders. In reality, one may contend that the lowering of trade barriers between nations, globalisation, and unrestricted capital flows have contributed to the explosive economic expansion seen in the 20th and early 21st centuries.
We'll define a trading career for the purposes of this article as being a full-time trader who seeks to profit from short-term price changes in well-known asset classes like stocks, currencies, bonds, commodities, precious metals, cryptocurrencies, and derivative contracts.
You can trade longer-term price swings using swing trading or position trading tactics, depending on your trading style. It's crucial to note that a profession in trading does not, however, refer to very long-term, buy-and-hold investments. Instead, full-time traders seek to profit from shorter-term volatility and fluctuations and then immediately search for additional lucrative trading opportunities across various asset classes.

How Does One Become a Professional Trader?

Being consistently profitable is the challenge that most traders face, despite the fact that being an independent full-time trader is relatively simple. Like any other profession, trading requires dedication, experience, and knowledge in order to succeed.
Before beginning their careers as full-time pilots, airline pilots complete years of formal instruction and practice. Before they can handle complex tasks, engineers and doctors must undergo years of study. Trading is just like any other job in terms of the amount of experience needed to become a successful trader.
Most retail traders need around two years to start making consistent profits in the markets. It appears that this time frame is ideal for learning the fundamentals of trading, obtaining enough screen time, developing experience and price movement intuition across many asset classes, experimenting with various trading styles and techniques to find the one that works best for you, etc.
Naturally, each trader's personal learning curve will vary. Some of you will start making money right away, while others won't for a while, possibly discovering they're not cut out for trading.
Some psychological characteristics will make it simpler for ambitious traders to succeed. The most important traits to have are devotion, emotional restraint, patience, and discipline. The trading opportunities in the markets are limitless, and you won't be able to increase your account if you don't know when to place a trade when to get out, when to lock in winnings, and when to minimise losses. Fortunately, reading and trading the markets will become a lot simpler if you establish a set of trading rules.

Trading independently versus proprietary trading

You can pursue one of two unique career paths as a full-time trader. You have two options: either you apply for a position at a proprietary trading firm or you can trade your own money from home in your personal trading account. You end up trading with someone else's money because prop trading firms supply the training, setting, and capital for new traders. In exchange, you agree to a contract that outlines how much of the company's income will be distributed among you.
There is intense competition to land a job with a reputable prop trading company. Additionally, you'll be required to follow their risk policies and trading strategies, which could limit your ability to profit.
On the other hand, when you trade for yourself, you are in charge. You decide which markets, which methods, which risk limits, and which trading hours you want to trade. The downsides of freedom include the fact that you are totally accountable for your success or failure and that you get to retain all of the money you make.

The Benefits of Trading Full-Time from Home

The following are the most significant benefits of working from home as a full-time trader.

You are the one in charge.

As a self-employed full-time trader, you set your own regulations. You choose the markets, trading times, methods, and other aspects of your trading. Full-time traders who work independently sometimes have more independence than full-time traders in proprietary trading businesses.
However, some traders find it more challenging to trade independently without a manager who controls their risk appetite and trading approach. Being an independent trader requires having the self-control and endurance to stick to your trading strategy.

You choose your level of risk.

While full-time hired traders must adhere to the risk levels set by their employers, independent traders can choose the risk levels they want to follow in their trading. However, one would contend that this benefit of working independently as a trader has a downside: If you take on too much risk, your losses may rise sharply.
Because of this, learning responsible risk management is a requirement before working as an independent trader full-time.
Sticking to a pre-specified risk-per-trade, or the total risk for any one trade is a smart way to manage your risks. Unless you've found an A++ setup, try not to risk more than 2% of your trading account on a single trade. You might want to take on more risk with those setups with high probabilities if you want to outperform the market.
Remember, though, that not every setup is a high-probability setup, and that finding those that require experience and market expertise.
Set the overall risk for the trading day as well. If you lose more than 5% or 10% of your trading account, for instance, you might choose to stop trading for the day. Incorporate the guidelines that are effective for you into your trading strategy.

You select the tactics you desire.

You are free to choose any trading strategy you like as an independent trader. You are free to trade however you want, whether that be with a trend-following strategy, a breakout strategy, a mean-reverting strategy, a short-term momentum strategy, or a combination of any of these.

No strict work hours

As a sole proprietor, there are no set working hours. You might want to be in front of your trading screen at those times because some market hours still provide better trading possibilities than others.
For instance, when trading equities, price changes can be large on days when earnings are disclosed as well as in the first few minutes after the market opens. When trading forex, the New York-London overlap between 13:30 and 15:30 GMT frequently offers excellent trading chances as well as crucial market reports.
At a prop firm, you typically sit in front of your trading desk from the start of the market until it closes.

Cons of Trading Full-Time from Home

There are drawbacks to trading full-time from home. Additionally, there are some disadvantages, which are covered below.

Information disadvantage

You might experience some information and technological disadvantages as a full-time retail trader when compared to traders at prop businesses.
Most retail traders lack the resources to invest in premium trading technologies, such as specialised trading platforms, or they are unable to pay for pricey real-time news feeds, like Bloomberg for instance. You can't really do much about this other than gradually expanding your account till you can afford those goods as a retail merchant.

Considering your social life

The quality of your social life is another drawback of trading from home. There are no coworkers nearby to talk with (unless you have an online trading buddy to chat with over Skype or WhatsApp).
Fortunately, since you control your trading hours, you might have more free time to interact with others outside of your home. Making the correct compromise between work and personal life is crucial in this situation. If you trade too much or too little, your social life will suffer and you won't succeed as a trader.

How Much Cash Will It Take to Become a Pro?

As a full-time professional trader working from home, trading will probably be your only source of income. This puts more pressure on one to generate consistent profits, which might result in trading errors. You'll still need to cover your payments and other costs, even in a losing month. This makes it even harder if you're married or have kids.
Therefore, you should wait to make the decision to work as a trader full-time until you are confident in your ability to succeed. Learn about the breakdown of trading expenses before opening a modest account and building it up gradually. Check your trading results to get a sense of your typical monthly results. Additionally, confirm that your account is expanding even after making certain withdrawals. Your long-term objective in trading is to grow your trading account. Trading is a long-term game.
You can figure out how much money you need to cover your daily expenses with the help of a track record and trade log. You will require a trading account of at least $100,000 if your annual growth rate was 5% on average and your monthly costs total $5,000. You can choose a smaller trading account if your profits are larger and your monthly expenses are lower.


It requires practice, market knowledge, perseverance, and discipline to become a full-time trader. While enrolling in a reputable trading course with live workshops might considerably accelerate your trading career, there aren't many instant success tales in the industry.
Take your time, develop and refine your trading strategies, establish a daily trading routine, and regularly review your previous trades to spot common trading blunders that could have been avoided. Like thousands of others, you too can become a full-time trader with the right attitude and work ethic.
For modern traders, online trading has opened up a lot of opportunities. It may be wise to start investing online now if you are a stock market enthusiast who wants to trade online.
The trading environment is getting improved for traders every day with the introduction of new technologies. Online trading is similar to online buying in many ways. A bank account, an internet connection, and internet banking capabilities are the only necessities. Last but not least, a gadget from which you can place the order, together with them. The same holds true for online trading. A trading platform on the internet, a bank account, a Demat account, and a trading platform, and you are sorted.
Zylo Trade | Finacial Solutions
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Kucoin is using Cloudflare to deny website access during big price movement to profit on liquidations

Kucoin is using Cloudflare to deny website access during big price movement to profit on liquidations
Edit** for all those who called this a conspiracy theory and witch hunt.

look at the text in the middle of this picture.
The owner of this site has temporarily banned you. HSTS protocols are set up and configurable in Cloudflare in the HSTS panel. You can throttle scale and even turn to throttling off.
They are at the control panel. I have so much shit ti say but this post is longer than most care for. This is screwed-up gang.
if you want to see the epic emotional cancer thats going on dig through kucoin no one ever mentions gains. ......
Report them to reddit! Help me save crypto noobs from being harvested like explosion for preproduction on a Michal Bay film

Here is a link to part 2. I responded to u/Johnny_KuCoin

***Edit ***
TLDR summary

The crux is they don't spend money on It and make money in doing so.

Ask the exchange(s):
While they may say "we dont make money indirectly off insurance funds" they absolutely do.
its your right as an investor to have this detail You have every right to know the details of an insurance fund you are paying into.
Since everyone accepts that a lot of exchanges do this, other exchanges do it to. I literally have screenshots of conversations that say this much.
You are being throttled out. They can indeed scale up at a cost.
If for some reason they can not they have a fiduciary duty the moment they take your funds to tell you the risk of their incapable IT architecture and settings. Moreover, they could just install a kill switch that ends trades without penalty if the web servers go down or they exceed band width.
As cost-effective as it is to build in a kill switch as a solution its not profitable to exchanges that are having a liquidity crisis. Assets on exchanges are becoming more scarce. (reference IEP 1559 and many other facets)
If an exchange restricts your access they should still not be placing higher priority orders via the OTC desk while you are locked out. This should also be disclosed.
While they may say we dont make money indirectly off insurance funds they absolutely do.
Cloudflare is the brand of edge network they are using as a server to facilitate HSTS protocol controls to throttle down access to their whim. I didn't want to get so deep as to dive into protocol-level details in this post as I was speaking to a very broad audience.
go here if you want details
read what is rate limiting.
Cloudflare Error 1015: “You are being rated limited” results from one of a few possible causes.
Most frequently, when a legitimate site visitor is being blocked by the rate-limiting error 1015 it’s due to issues with the rate-limiting configuration that only the site owner can fix.
for more tecchie peeps
check out the hsts panel
With rate limiting, Cloudflare can automatically block traffic from a suspicious site visitor or IP address so that hackers, spammers, and other online pests are can’t bog down your site’s performance with DDoS attacks and other illicit activities.
This is only one small part of a larger need to a very complex and detailed situation.
I hope this helps
for all the new critics of me, I hope you ask some questions of the exchanges you work with to know your risk.


Hey all,

I used to design data centers ( I became a full time crypto trader) and I got very concerned when i saw them using tech i am very familiar with to try and steal peoples money via liquidations.
Trading leverage is risky but to for a company to game the system with thier data center design is just not ok.

below is a screen shot of Kucoin denying access to the website on peak times using Cloudflare.
Cloudflare is used for 2 purposes. To stop a DDOS attack ( millions of bots refreshing a web browser to crash a server) and to defer traffic to redundant servers when server loads peak.
Essentially they are treating all their customers like a DDOS attack and saving money on not having a redundant webserver at AWS ( Amazon Data centers).

Notice*****I am being rate limited ( as in denied access) by cloud flare

![img](04cogvmv0av71 "
read this link so these are not my words
copy paste from link above
Most frequently, when a legitimate site visitor is being blocked by the rate-limiting error 1015 it’s due to issues with the rate-limiting configuration that ....................>>>>>>>>>"only the site owner can fix."")

When I asked about this on Kucoin i was insta banned
If I was wrong I figure someone would at least talk to me about it.
but when i add this server denail access stuff on top of little nuansces like them removing the liquidation price on margin to increase customer risk I got more concerned.

Their servers are going down way too often as well
Essentially by not spending more on IT they make more money.
When the servers go down they are still processing institutional orders via the OTC desk
The link below is not spam its to the Cloudflare's website ( kucoins vendor)
They are treating their own customer base as a threatening attack like DDOS
Kucoin is assigned a Cloudflare Ray ID, an identifier like a phone #. Kucoin ray id 69fc3e2db9e762eB
Kucoin uses Amazon Data centers or AWS, they could recitify this whole issue by using geo load balancers aka a gateway load balancer
Instead they let the servers go down and get laggie to make extra money. They save money on IT and make money off liquidations
Roughly 5% of their revenue comes from liquidations.
Helpdesk wont even acknowledge this; I designed data centers, I know how this works for anyone who has questions
I posted this on the Kucoin subreddit and "no surprise" I was banned.
It legitimizes what I am saying as if I was wrong their help desk could have asked me for my support ticket

Edit update********
I went and grabbed the following off their moderator list
This is thier executive team and one developer
after tagging these guys on my Kucoin post they changed the moderator list to private

I was in error, the mod list goes private when you are banned. I feel its important for me to correct inaccuracies
For this, I would like to apologize to Kucoin as I wasn't aware mod lists went auto-hidden when you are banned. I have never been banned before. Secondly apologies to the Crypto community for the same reason. *********
The moderator list wasnt private until my post. The one where they banned me.


*****edit update*
I am getting alot of questions and a TON mof messages with horror stories and people asking for help
The big question is do they know about this
I personally PM'd the CEO u/johnny_kucoin and he responded
How else do they know ( they are knowingly doing this)

How this works is Amazon data centers charges you by the cumulative resources you consume. ( cpu, gpu, data storage, ram etc)
In these settings you can throttle the virtual machine/ cloud servers resources forcing it to go down. I am not implying that they are doing this.
I am saying they are knowingly using settings that let the server go down repeatedly. There are formulas to calculate loads on concurrent users. They are clearly not using settings or intentionally using settings that trip the server to go down.
If you dig through this archive you can see when outages are being reported. They get a system notice that they hit a threshold of resource utilization.
Now in the event, you have a crazy anomaly Cloudflare and Amazon have the ability to redirect to a redundant location with a technology called geo load balancing
Notice in my screenshot that it says there is a gateway issue
that link talks about load balancing the gateway ( offloading the processing power)

Infact I let the CEO know via PM
the date on that PM is Sept 29th
They had another outage this past weekend and even today
and email

Essentially thier help desk team does nothing and they keep passing you back and forth until you give up.
In professional management the term for this is "being managed out"

**I share these communications just to show THEY DAMN WELL KNOW AND NEVER DISPUTE WHAT I SAY****
They are getting system notices via email from amazon (e.g. You are at 89% cpu utilization you need to scale or you may face faliure)
Their Amazon (AWS) sales guy is calling them every day trying to sell them more services.

e.g. Hey i am your hypothetical Amazon Sales Guy " I noticed you guys are throttling cpu load on webservers, can I offer you a bigger package and maybe we should tal;k about fail over locations incase your server goes down under load.

frankly, I would bet my life on it that they know this is an issue and why

There isnt a data center architect (what I did) on the planet that couldn't answer why their servers are going down. This is 101 level stuff

They also have the ability to kill the back end server ( where trades happen) this is done on all major exchanges like the HK ex

and Chicago CME

Essentially the webserver sends a hearth beat signal ( its literally called that) if the heartbeat is not heard all trades pause ( a kill switch),parts%20of%20a%20computer%20system#:~:text=In%20computer%20science%2C%20a%20heartbeat,parts%20of%20a%20computer%20system).

This is VERY common design work, like windows to a house level ... for lack of better comparrison
In Kucoins instance they let the webserver go down but the back end server was still moving. All the whales use OTC desks and have dedicated access. So they processed the whale orders and let all of us burn alive and took our money
Its safe to say they have ZERO plausible deniability

I can share screen shots with thier help desk if its hellp ful

I went so far as to volunteer to fix the issue for free,
The CEO went so far as to acknowledge the outage happened and they would do the right thing but it was all BULL SH!t
IT was a PR stunt and no one go money anywhere close to thier losses. Here is his reddit post
I want to bring attention to Omgno001 who inspired me to speak up. He has a video you all need to check out
here is the kucoin thread
here is a direct link to the video for those who dont want to read the thread

Most of us are doing crypto to better our lives, it's a little hopium in a dark f**king world. We all need to stand together and speak up
We tagged their executive team in the comments
I want to give them the benefit of the doubt even now. So far thier only response was to ban me from kucoin and hide the moderator list after i tagged them on the kucoin subreddit.
Should they not comment or address the issue, I will have all the answers I need.
If they do show up we have a chance to ask questions.
If they have nothing to hide, they won't be hiding.

If they do show up, I implore all of you to come forward on this very thread and step up to the mic and ask them about your issues.

Thank you for all the love guys. I am mostly a lurker

There are people asking if this is possible an honest IT mistake. Like they messed up and don't know any better
Well I hope not
Would you run a business solely on the web that handles over $1 billion dollars of transactions daily without a single redundancy fail-over site for high availability which is a ubiquitous industry standard?
If you had issues with web server outages more than all of your competitors and relied on transaction fees for income... there would be an obvious question of "doesn't downtime hurt your income from transaction fees if your customer cant process transactions?
If they are honest... they are so grossly incompetent they are still just as big of a threat.
Occam's razor is a principle of theory construction or evaluation according to which, other things equal, explanations that posit fewer entities, or fewer kinds of entities, are to be preferred to explanations that posit more.
So what is more plausible is" a company rose to #3 by market cap and is processing over 1 billion a day in transactions but yet never heard of the industry-standard redundancies.
They cant figure out how to stop the loss of income from amissing transaction fees
They also never address that they have more outages during periods of high liquidity transfer ( not volume) than all of their competitors.

Yet still, appease their institutional customers moving $35 million in assets or more?

That they are pulling an industry-standard broker tactic of pulling out the proverbial buy/ sell button of securities when they may have a liquidity crisis. * Like Robinhood did with GMC, AMC, and Dogecoin. While still catering to whales

I hope they show up to answer these questions.
Because of the derivative funding fees, the constant issues with withdrawals (often you can't withdraw), deleting stop losses, not triggering stop losses and removing the liquidation price on margin contracts increasing the risk of liquidation makes me want to ask a lot of questions

When I started to ask these questions I got instantly banned.

When I looked up there moderators and saw they were teh executives of the comapny and tagged them, they made the mod list private.

Through this all, I am still willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, but your don't get to lock me out of my house and then burn it to the ground.. subsequently blame me for it.
They tried to silence me when I asked questions.
There is something off here!

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[Thu, Oct 13 2022] TL;DR — This is the top investing content you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit


Fed officials expect higher rates to stay in place, meeting minutes show
Comments || Link
CPI 8.2% for the month of September (vs 8.1% expected)
Comments || Link
Consumer inflation expected to have run hot in September, boosted by rent Industry News
Comments || Link


Yikes. Semiconductor stocks are in for a world of hurt. News
Comments || Link
Probably users were sleeping Meme
Comments || Link
What do you Think? The bottom is near? Discussion
Comments || Link


Fed officials expect higher rates to stay in place, meeting minutes show
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The next I Bond rate is estimated to be at 6.47%
Comments || Link
October 13, 2022 CPI Release Discussion News
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Biotricity Btcy low volume. Any buying pressure and we are off to the races. Q over Q growth Y over Y growth and fda approved devices selling now. CPT codes in place and then this Thoughts?
Comments || Link



Friendly reminder to all you bulls out there. On an inflation-adjusted basis, it took the S&P500 almost 30 years to match its 1929 peak, 25 years to match its 1968 peak, and 15 years to match its 2000 peak. Good luck. Chart
Comments || Link
If your “financial advisor” dresses like this, you’re 100% getting robbed of your money. Meme
Comments || Link
Just to let you guys know Meme
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Putin: All Energy Infrastructure “Under Threat” Following Pipeline Explosion
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Stock Market recap for 10-12-2022
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Europe’s Fuel Supply Fears Worsen As Major Refinery Malfunctions $CL_F
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Who is shorting SPY?
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Delta is NOT Probability
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Tour the CBOE trading floor
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Ammo, Inc (NASDAQ: $POWW) {DD} :DDNerd: DD :DD:
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10/12 recap (+15%) & 10/13 plays :TheTruth: Small Update :TheTruth:
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Recap on Cytta Corp $CYCA :DDNerd: DD :DD:
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Intel fires up internal foundry model to make its own chips News
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CVC’s Biggest Bet Yet: The Fiercely Private Buyout Firm Set To Go Public Commentary
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AquaBounty Technology is raising GE salmon on land & was recently featured on PBS! Discussion
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How do you stop windows from restarting/updating by itself ? OtheMeta
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Pricing a successful algo trading system OtheMeta
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Does your crypto trading bot still make money in the current market? Strategy
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Should I go become funded or just flip my personal account ? Prop Firms
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Market Structure Shift + FVG ( is that right)? Questions
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Anyone actually set trades through TradingView? Questions
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Stock Market recap for 10-12-2022 Shitpost
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Daily Discussion Thread - October 13th, 2022
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I don’t hate NFTs being involved in games, I just hate how these games became focused solely on profit instead of entertainment DISCUSSION
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Explained: The Transit Swap Hack (October 2022) Security
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Telos Community Approves Aspirational 54 Million TLOS Incentivization Plan EXCHANGE
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The Daily Dogelon - Tuesday, May 31st, 2022

The Daily Dogelon - Tuesday, May 31st, 2022
It's the end of an era, Martians. 🚀🚀🚀
Well, at least it's the end of May and the end of Spring 2022! 🌱
Jump into the Summer with The Daily Dogelon. 📰

As great as it ever was.

📡 Get in the right frequency:

Our ears are ready!

The warriors are back in town! ⚔️
Granted, they never left, but any time they make an announcement we still get a rush. 💪
And if that announcement happens to be a new DogelonSpace, all the better... ✨
What's that? We're also joined by a special guest tonight?? 👀
The Warriors are ticking every checkbox for your listening pleasure, and that's not all! 🎉

🧗 Don't leave us hanging!

Has the dust settled?? Has Astra survived?

The new issue of the Warriors comic has been released and we won't spoil it here. 🦸
As you recall, last time we were left to agonize over Astra's fate! ❤️
A huge explosion went off and... here we are. Moment of truth. 👁️
If you scroll down to the gallery, you'll find the outcome in its full color glory. 🎨🖌️
Rest assured, we get a definitive resolution to last week's bombshell... You have been warned! 👋

On that note. 👇 Let's take this puppy to the stars:

✔️ CoinMarketCap - Vote Up
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Don't you worry, we're getting right back to...

⚜️ The Daily Dogelon Gallery ⚜️

Blast off!

Your heart's greatest desire.

A true underdog!

Flying right past ya

Have I got good news for you...

\"Y- You're like me!\"

Switching to the offensive!

Here are some ELON exchanges 📊 for your convenience:

ZT Global

Make sure you WATCH OUT FOR SCAMS and verify with our legit channels:
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👉 Pinterest:

It's all coming together, again! 🙌
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Top MoneyGram Forex Brokers In Malaysia

Top MoneyGram Forex Brokers In Malaysia

Top MoneyGram Forex Brokers In Malaysia
MoneyGram Forex Brokers Use MoneyGram Which Is A Trusted International Payment Services Provider Which Enables Not Only Money Transfers, But Also An Impressive Array Of Other Financial Services. Moneygram Boast Approximately 350,000 Agent Locations And Operates In More Than 200 Countries Worldwide.

MoneyGram Forex Brokers In Malaysia Detailed Guide.

Forex Has Been Around For A Long Time, But Only Recently Has It Been So Popular Among The Average Investor. With This Increased Popularity Has Come More Competition, And There Are Now A Wide Variety Of Forex Brokers. In This Article, We’ll Be Looking At The Top Ten Best Moneygram Forex Brokers In Malaysia. With The Explosive Growth In Forex Trading, The Pressure Is On The Brokers To Make Sure Their Customers Are Satisfied. This Means That Good Customer Support And The Ability To Meet Or Exceed Customer Expectations Is A Crucial Factor In Choosing A Broker.

1. XM - Trusted Forex Broker In Malaysia

About XM

XM Provides Access To The Financial Markets In Over 1000 Financial Instruments Including Forex, Equity Indices, Precious Metals, And Energies.

Is XM A Good Broker ?

XM Is One Of The Best Forex Service Providers. XM Group Has A Low Minimum Deposit, Good Customer Service, An Excellent Web & Mobile Trading Platform, Low Fees, Great Educational Tools, And An Easy Account Opening Process. So Based On These Features, We Can Say That Xm Is Suitable For Beginners.

Is My Money Safe With XM ?

XM Is A Legit Broker And Is Currently Regulated By Three Securities Commissions Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission , Australian Securities And Investments Commission , And International Financial Services Commission.

What Is The Minimum Deposit For XM ?

The Minimum Deposit Amount Required To Register An XM Live Trading Account Ranges From $5 USD — $10'000 USD.

Is XM Safe ?

XM Is A Broker With Great Reputation And Numerous Regulations. The Offering Is User Friendly And Xm Has One Of The Lowest Deposit Requirements Among Industry, CFD Costs Are Low And Platforms Are Very Friendly To All Types Of Traders.
Read Review

2. IQ Option - Trusted Forex Broker In Malaysia

About IQ Option

IQ Option Is An Award-Winning Mobile Trading Platform. It Has Clean And Intuitive Interface, Created To Meet The Needs Of The Most Demanding Traders. IQ Option Platform Provides Clients With An Opportunity To Trade 500+ Assets: Including Currencies, Indices, Commodities And Stocks.

Is IQ Option A Good Broker ?

IQ Option Has Over 71,014,795 Registered Users With 1,800,000+ Active Investors Daily. The Monthly Investing Volume Of This Trading Is $380,000,000. During Our Review, We Analyzed The Data Of The Past 5 Years, There Are No Signs Of Declining (Neither Traders Nor Active Investors). Trading With An IQ Option Is Legal All Around The World. IQ Option Is A Reliable Broker. The Number Of Active Traders Is Growing Every Year. Iq Option Is Safe.

Is My Money Safe With IQ Option ?

It Is Safe To Deposit With IQ Option. Withdrawals Can Be Made Using The Same List Of Methods. Verification Is Often Required Before A Withdrawal Method Can Be Used, And Withdrawal Proof Remains In The User Area For The Lifetime Of The Account For Auditing Etc.

What Is The Minimum Deposit For IQ Option ?

The Minimum Deposit At Iq Option Is $10.

Is IQ Option Safe ?

IQ Option Trading Platform Is Legit. This Broker Offers Services To Traders From 213 Countries And Has Over 40 Million Clients. They Process Over 1 Million Transactions Per Day. Iq Options Is A Trustworthy And Reputable Broker Known For Their Great Platform.
Read Review

3. Forex.Com - Trusted Forex Broker In Malaysia

About Forex.Com

Forex.Com Offers Forex And Cfd Trading With Award Winning Trading Platforms, Tight Spreads, Quality Executions And 24 Hour Live Support.

Is Forex.Com Good Broker?

Forex.Com Is The #1 Fx Broker In The U.s In Terms Of Customer Funds. Is A Good Fit For High-volume Traders. Is Registered With The Cftc (U.S.), NFA (U.S.), Fca (U.K.), IIROC, ASIC, MAS, FSA, And CIMA.

Is My Money Safe With Forex.Com ?

Forex.Com Is Considered Low-risk, With An Overall Trust Score Of 99 Out Of 99. Forex.Com’s Ultimate Parent Company, Stonex, Is Publicly Traded, Does Not Operate A Bank, And Is Authorised By Four Tier-1 Regulators (High Trust), One Tier-2 Regulator (Average Trust), And One Tier-3 Regulator (Low Trust).

What is the Minimum Deposit For Forex.Com ?

The Minimum Deposit At Forex.Com Is $100.

Is Forex.Com Safe ?

For The Standard And Commission Accounts, The Minimum Deposit At Is Generally $100 (Or The Equivalent In Your Local Base Currency) When Funding With Neteller, Skrill, Or A Credit Or Debit Card, While The Dma Account Requires $25,000. There Is No Minimum Per Transaction When Funding Via Wire, Though, Recommends At Least $1,000 For All Accounts Besides The Dma Account.
Read Review

4. RoboForex - Trusted Forex Broker In Malaysia

About RoboForex

Roboforex Is Recognized As A Reliable Partner By The Most Respected Financial Market Experts. The Company Has Won Numerous Prestigious Awards. The Roboforex Group Of Companies Has An International License To Provide Services From FSC Belize, And A European License From CySEC.

Is RoboForex A Good Broker ?

RoboForex Is An Established Online Broker Offering A Wide Range Of Assets On Reliable Trading Platforms, Including Mt4 And R Stockstrader. The Broker Is Also Regulated And Provides Negative Balance Protection, Adding An Extra Layer Of Trust And Security For Traders. Overall Roboforex Is A Good Broker For All Levels

Is My Money Safe With RoboForex ?

RoboForex Makes That Traders Should Focus On Trading, Therefore It Take Responsibility For Ensuring The Safety Of Clients’ Funds. RoboForex Has Always Strived To Provide Clients With The Best Conditions, Therefore, During Trading, It Is Very Careful With Clients’ Funds. The Funds’ Security S Is Guaranteed By Several Important Factors.

What Is The Minimum Deposit For RoboForex ?

The Minimum Deposit For RoboForex Is $100.

Is RoboForex Safe ?

Roboforex Is Considered A Safe Broker To Trade Through Cyprus Entity. The Broker Has Long History Of Operation And Numerous Traders Served, There Is Good Range Of Account Types, Trading Platforms, Free Exclusive Trading Signals And Research Tools, Also Powerful Trading Capabilities Suitable Also For Advanced Traders.
Read Review

5. IG - Trusted Forex Broker In Malaysia

About IG

IG Offers An Excellent Fit For Both Small Traders And Market Professionals, With Competitive Spreads, Thousands Of Trading Instruments, And A State-Of-The-Art News, Research, And Educational Portal. Clients Can Choose From A Variety Of Platform Options And Easily Upgrade As Their Accounts Build Equity.

Is IG Good Broker ?

IG Is An Excellent Broker That Ranks At The Top In Nearly All Key Categories Of Importance To Traders. As An Online Broker, IG Goes Above And Beyond To Offer A Rich Experience With Many Options For Investing In Financial Markets.

Is My Money Safe With IG ?

Any Payments Funded To Ig Accounts By Traders Are Held In A Segregated Bank Account. For Added Security Ig Uses Tier-1 Banks For This. Tier 1 Is The Official Measure Of A Banks Financial Health And Strength.

What is the Minimum Deposit For IG ?

IG Trading Does Not Require A Minimum Deposit. You May Be Required To Make A US$300 Minimum Deposit If You Are Funding Your Account Via Credit, Debit Card, Or Paypal.

Is IG Safe ?

IG Is Considered Low-Risk, With An Overall Trust Score Of 99 Out Of 99. IG Is Publicly Traded, Does Operate A Regulated Bank, And Is Authorised By Seven Tier-1 Regulators (High Trust), Two Tier-2 Regulators (Average Trust), And One Tier-3 Regulator (Low Trust).
Read Review

6. Pepperstone - Trusted Forex Broker In Malaysia

About Pepperstone

Pepperstone Is A Melbourne-based Broker Specializing In Providing Markets Access To Financial Instruments, Including Forex, Index, Share, Commodities, And Cryptocurrencies CFDs.

Is Pepperstone A Good Broker ?

Pepperstone Is A Good Broker As It Offers A Good Selection Of Third-party Trading Platforms With Great Pricing. And Pepperstone Is Excellent For High-Volume Traders.

Is My Money Safe With Pepperstone ?

Pepperstone Is A Trusted Broker Thanks To Its Many Years Of Operation, And Its Regulatory Status In Tier 1 Jurisdictions Including In The U.K., EU, And Australia, In Addition To Tier 2 And Tier 3 Licenses.
These Factors Make Pepperstone A Safe Broker To Hold Your Money, As It Reliably Processes More Than $9.2 Billion In Daily Trading Volume And Is Trusted By More Than 110,000 Retail Traders Globally.

What Is The Minimum Deposit For Pepperstone ?

The Minimum Deposit For A Standard Account Is $0. This Is Better Than The Industry Average, Where Minimum Deposits Range From $10-$10,000.

Is Pepperstone Safe ?

Pepperstone Is Considered Safe Because It’s Regulated By 7 National Regulators, Including Three Top-Tier Financial Authorities: The Uk’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Germany’s Bafin And The Australian Securities And Investments Commission (ASIC).
Read Review

7. HYCM - Trusted Forex Broker In Malaysia

About HYCM

HYCM Is A Forex And CFD Broker With Multi-Body Regulation That Offers MT4 And MT5 Integration Alongside Competitive Spreads And A Deposit Bonus Scheme.

Is HYCM a Good Broker ?

HYCM Is A Good Broker And A Genuine Firm, Not A Scam. This Broker Attracts Positive Online Reviews And Clients Can Access Customer Support 24/5 For Any Issues.

Is My Money Safe With HYCM ?

HYCM’s Operation Is Considered Safe Because It Has A Long Track Record And It Is Regulated By The Top-tier FCA.

What is the Minimum Deposit For HYCM ?

The Minimum Deposit At Hycm Is $100.

Is HYCM Safe ?

HYCM Is Part Of A Global Company With a High Trust and Solid Track Record And Is Regulated By Several Authorities Fca, Cysec And Dfsa. Therefore, Hycm Is Considered Low Risk And Secure Broker To Trade Forex.
Read Review

8. OctaFx - Trusted Forex Broker In Malaysia

About OctaFx

Founded in 2011, OctaFX is part of a group of global entities, which include Octa Markets Incorporated (based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) and Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd (based in Cyprus).

Is OctaFx A Good Broker ?

OctaFX is an up-and-coming broker that has been in operation for nearly 10 years. Its growth has enabled OctaFX to continue to expand its products and services. Adding additional regulatory licenses in tier-1 jurisdictions would be a step toward winning more client trust.

Is My Money Safe With OctaFx ?

As OctaFX is only regulated in Cyprus, we consider the broker to be a higher risk than those firms that are regulated in numerous tier-1 jurisdictions.
Founded in 2011, OctaFX holds regulatory licenses primarily in Europe through its Cyprus-based entity — Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd — which is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

What Is The Minimum Deposit For OctaFx ?

Minimum deposits at OctaFX will vary depending on your country of residence and your chosen payment method. They can go as low as $25 (USD) when funding with Visa/Mastercard, to 50 euros (EUR) when using Skrill/Neteller to as much as 500,000 Indian rupees (INR).OctaFX has over 50 different payment options, such as Visa, Neteller, Fasapay and bitcoin, as well as a large variety of local bank transfers.

Is OctaFx Safe ?

OctaFX is not publicly traded and does not operate a bank. OctaFX is authorised by zero tier-1 regulators (high trust), one tier-2 regulator (average trust), and zero tier-3 regulators (low trust).
Read Review

9. BlackBull Markets - Trusted Forex Broker In Malaysia

About BlackBull Markets

BlackBull Markets Is An Award-winning New Zealand Broker. We Were Founded In 2014 With The Goal Of Becoming The Leading Online Financial Technology And Foreign Exchange Broker.

Is BlackBull Markets Good Broker ?

BlackBull Markets Is A Global Forex Broker Founded In 2014. The Company Is Regulated By The Financial Markets Authority Of New Zealand (FMA) And The Financial Services Authority Of Seychelles (FSA). Blackbull Markets Is Considered Safe Because It’s Regulated By The Top-tier Fma Of New Zealand.

BlackBull Markets Security ?

All Transmitted Data On The Platforms At BlackBull Markets Is Encrypted Via A Secure SSL Connection. All Client Transactions Are Also Managed Within The Secure Client Portal.

What is the Minimum Deposit For BlackBull Markets ?

The Minimum Deposit At BlackBull Markets Is $2,000

Is BlackBull Markets Safe ?

BlackBull Markets Are Considered Safe As They Are Regulated By And Checked For Conduct By The Financial Services Providers Register (FSPR). Any Payments Funded To BlackBull Markets Accounts By Traders Are Held In A Segregated Bank Account. For Added Security BlackBull Markets Use Tier-1 Banks For This. Tier 1 Is The Official Measure Of A Banks Financial Health And Strength.

Read Review

10. ForTrade - Trusted Forex Broker In Malaysia

About ForTrade

ForTrade Is An International Forex Broker Offering Online CFD Trading Across Multiple Asset Classes And Two Platforms. This Review Of The Website Looks At Demo Accounts, Minimum Deposits, The Login Process, And More. Find Out If You Should Start Trading With Fortrade.

Is ForTrade Good Broker ?

ForTrade Is Overseen By The Top Tier Financial Regulators Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Cyprus Securities And Exchange Commission (CySEC), Investment Industry Regulatory Organization Of Canada (IIROC), National Bank Of The Republic Of Belarus (NBRB) So Can Be Considered A Good Broker. Fortrade Allows Forex Trading, And Cfds Trading.

Is My Money Safe With ForTrade ?

Fortrade Is Regulated By The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Cyprus Securities And Exchange Commission (CySEC), Investment Industry Regulatory Organization Of Canada (IIROC), National Bank Of The Republic Of Belarus (NBRB). One Of The Most Important Criteria For Traders When Choosing A Broker Like ForTrade Is The Regulatory Body And Regulatory Status Of The Broker. Brokers Who Conduct Business Without Regulation Do So At Their Own Discretion And Pose A Direct Risk To The Security Of Their Clients Money.

What is the Minimum Deposit For ForTrade ?

The Minimum Deposit To Trade With ForTrade Is 100.

Is ForTrade Safe ?

ForTrade Are Considered Safe As They Are Regulated By And Checked For Conduct By The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Cyprus Securities And Exchange Commission (CySEC), Investment Industry Regulatory Organization Of Canada (IIROC), National Bank Of The Republic Of Belarus (NBRB). Any Payments Funded To ForTrade Accounts By Traders Are Held In A Segregated Bank Account. For Added Security Fortrade Use Tier-1 Banks For This. Tier 1 Is The Official Measure Of A Banks Financial Health And Strength.

Read Review

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The Daily Dogelon - Tuesday, June 14th, 2022

The Daily Dogelon - Tuesday, June 14th, 2022
We're back in action, Martians! 🚀🚀🚀
Gather round and let your spirits blossom with the community. 🌱
It's never a dull day if you're reading The Daily Dogelon! 📰

All in a day's work...

✨ The things that matter most:


Keep standing by, dear Martians. 🦸
Dogelon recognises our strife and takes pride in our unity. 🎖️
Looking back doesn't help much at times like these. Supporting each other, does. 🏋️
Market shakeups are as old as finance itself. We've been through this time and time again. ⏰
When the dust settles, the victors are those who are still standing. Yet again, that's gonna be us. 💪

👀 Don't take our word for it...

Coinbase is making moves!

It's a humble little gesture... but it speaks volumes. ☄️
No less because of the strenuous time the cryptoworld is experiencing. 🌐
When times get rough, decisions become more calculating and deliberate. 🤔
For Coinbase to welcome Dogelon in its Custody platform, at the very least it shows confidence. 🙌
As markets rise and fall, Coinbase needs to protect its value. Now, $ELON is part of it! 🐕

🔥 And finally, treat yourselves to an explosive sequence!

An impressive display of slashing.

Oh yes, the action is ongoing! We could use this excitement right about now. 🎉
The thrills are neverending in the Dogelon Warriors comic. 😲
Picking up immediately were we left him in the last issue, Dogelon continues his counterattack! 🔁
The Annihilators did not see this comic, but we're sure glad to be watching it! 😎
Find the gorgeous, dynamic and brand new instalment in its full glory below... 🖼️

On that note. 👇 Let's take this puppy to the stars:

✔️ CoinMarketCap - Vote Up
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Back in time for...

⚜️ The Daily Dogelon Gallery ⚜️

Try and dodge that, you mean machine!

I wish you guys wouldn't fight so often...

Galaxy brain take.

They're so easy to catch now!

Wait and you'll see.

En route to Mars!

Here are some ELON exchanges 📊 for your convenience:

ZT Global

Make sure you WATCH OUT FOR SCAMS and verify with our legit channels:
Follow our official accounts 📱 for all the latest updates and announcements along with breaking news 🚨 for #DOGELON!

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👉 TikTok:
👉 Telegram:
👉 Pinterest:

This is going to be one for the history books. 📕
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cTrader Waddah Attar Explosion Indicator - YouTube Forex Volume Indicator - The Waddah Attar Explosion - YouTube Waddah Attar Explosion – indicator for MetaTrader 4 - YouTube Waddah Attar Explosion indicator - Forex Indicator - YouTube Optimized Waddah Attar Explosion Indicator FREE DOWNLOAD Waddah Attar Explosion – indicator for MetaTrader 5 Trading Crypto 101: Waddah Attar Explosion - A Powerful ...

The Force Index is part of the oscillator family of technical indicators. It uses price movement and volume to determine the strength of certain price movements and capture potential turning points in the market. Forex de scalping nedir sunnet / Waddah attar explosion Forex peace; Fineco Forex levaquin; Magnum services investment limited partners; Great canadian stocks to invest in / Entropia universe investment company; Hormann hor 1; www binary option ru ; Video tutorial de Forex news / Andy tanner Forex; Divetrend / Pro signal binary; Bond unit investment trusts vanguard; Trade box; Trade box ... Bjk integral Forex; Punnan hurssi Forex exchange / Binomo tradingview; Investment for beginners 2020 nfl / Best binary options broker forum; Forex trade show london / Ecpulse Forex charts; Almida invest / Forex broker news trading strategy; Minute binary option; Forex binary option strategy; Investment opportunities toronto / Hdfc Forex card rates ; Fbs Forex pantip chalermthai / Forex tips ... In mt4 mt5 the server time is displayed on the chart. Set mt4 local time.I am trying to change my mt 4 platform time to my local time. Timezone indicator indicator for metatrader 4 provides for an opportunity to detect various peculiarities and patterns in price dynamics which are invisible to the naked eye.

[index] [29542] [25475] [9199] [26686] [27247] [26571] [17789] [9695] [23860] [3681]

cTrader Waddah Attar Explosion Indicator - YouTube

Buy here : Buy here : Web Store : ... is a compilation of free download of forex strategies, forex systems, forex mt4 indicators, forex mt5 indicators, technical analysis and fundamental analysis in forex trading. This version of the Waddah Attar explosion indicator has been converted for use with the cTrader trading platform and includes instant Telegram alerts. It is... The Waddah Attar Explosion is hands down one of the best forex volume indicators and in this video I explain why. A volume indicator is a necessary tool for ... Sneak Peek Into A New Indicator - Dec. 23, 2019 - Volatility Box ... Trading the Redknight Levels using the the Waddah Attar Explosion Indicator-Forex Trading - Duration: 6:44 . RedKnighttrading ... Cracking Cryptocurrency Waddah Attar Explosion Indicator: A big s... Download Waddah Attar Explosion – indicator for MetaTrader 4 - -----...